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Давайте сделаем рай на земле – Садхгуру

Just stay loyal to one thing, that your wonderfulness is not compromised
for any damn thing. I am committed that before I go, I’ll destroy all the heavens, is it ok ? The most significant thing about the generation, that is next, is the teachers. If you just keep your humanity on, I’ll step into your life every moment. “Lets Make a Heaven on Earth! ” There are millions of people following us, you think, there’s some sort of responsibility, towards us on like how to go about it ? All you have to do is just be loyal to that one thing, that you’re always wonderful, that’s all ! Rest of it will naturally happen according to your intelligence and capability. what has to happen, will happen, you just be absolute loyalty to your own wonderfulness. There was a man called Shankaran Pillai who was running a pet shop, and someone came and they wanted to
buy a dog. There was a reasonably grown-up dog, a golden retriever. He said, “I would like to take that dog, how much is it?” He said “25,000 rupees. ” He said “Come on for a full-grown dog 25,000? why?” He said “he’s too wonderful.” He said “yes, it’s a wonderful dog but
25,000?” that’s the price ..! So he paid the money. He took, petted the dog, the dog was very friendly. Then he was just about to leave, he asked, but is this dog loyal? Shankaran Pillai said “Absolutely loyal, I sold him 12 times, within hours he’s back” !!! (Laughter) So, no matter what is happening, just stay loyal to one thing, that your wonderfulness is not compromised for any damn thing. It’s important. Just this idea, that there is a better place than this to live
elsewhere, is a criminal idea. It’s because of that we’ve made a mess out of this world because, we think somewhere else we’re going to be okay. Those who are not ok here,
are not going to be okay anywhere. So, I am committed that before I go, I’ll destroy all the heavens. Is it okay? huh? The good food that is promised, the rivers of wine that flow, and the virgins, all that… is that okay? I’m asking you.. is it okay ? (Applause) This is the time to turn this world
into a paradise, hmm..? Not go to paradise, to turn this world into a paradise.
(Applause) If all of us are willing, we can make this the best time ever, in the history of humanity, we have all the
tools. If you make up your mind, we will turn even Siberia into paradise.
(Few Laugh) Summer paradise ! Usually we thought if you go to Siberia you don’t come back. (Laughter) We’ve been thinking of a kind of a road trip, through Central Asia. Tell me which are the countries to do, wild, no road kind of countries. No roads, no speed limits, that kind of country, tell me. (Laughs) National Principals Conference And I want all of you to remember the significance of the roles that you have taken. A nation is built by many people. We need engineers, we need doctors, we need politicians, we need various kinds of people. Among all these people, the most significant thing about the generation, that is next, is the teachers and… everything that you do, today, will blossom probably after your life is over and this is the significance of human nature that, we are not looking at
we did this today, this today, it has to come back to me. It’s not a business transaction, that you’re planting seeds which will blossom well after your time. But that is the greatest thing
about being a teacher. What’s the best part to spirituality? As students, what can we do to be spiritual ? See ah… The general unde rstanding is, spiritual means you have to go somewhere. In some other direction than the way you’re going right now. No. Spiritual process is not a direction. It is a certain aesthetic, it’s a certain quality. You can do the same things
in different ways, isn’t it so ? You want to eat food – you can eat
with both your hands, or you sit down and eat properly. There are many ways to eat. So spiritual process does not mean you have to do something different. Because changing the content of your life is very easy and it doesn’t make any difference. It is about changing the context of your life
that makes a difference. So, changing the context needs attention on all levels of life. If you do everything that you’re doing, with, let us say 10x level of attention, we can say you are definitely moving
towards spiritual process. Sadhana, prepares the system for a life which is profound and spectacular. If this is good, everything that comes is great. Whatever comes our way is fantastic,
because this is in a good place. This is what Sadhana means, that you make your body, mind and
energy into a powerful tool. And you’re human, that means, you have erased your boundaries. If you just keep your humanity on, I will step in, I’ll step into your life every moment. But, you must keep your humanity on. Humanity means, just this – If at all in your life, if you set some boundary temporally, that is because of the nature of the situation in which you are. But this boundary that you set outside
should never happen within you. Outside, sometimes we have to do it. If you do that one thing, my one foot is always in your life. That means the throttle is on (Laughs) and it’s heavy (Laughter) You okay ?


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    Друзья, много людей слушая лекции Садхгуру не всегда понимают самой сути этих лекций. Думаю будет проще донести всю информацию, до Вас коротко и по сути в комментарии в следующих роликах. Кто , что думает по этому поводу. Мне важно Ваше мнение. Нужно это или нет.

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    "Границы не должны проникать внутрь вас…"!
    В преодолении границ, сковывающих творческий дух человека, дух и взрастает, набирает силу, высоту, полётность!

  • Владимир Дергоусов

    На канале обучение гипнозу происходит грандиозное обучение. Интересно было бы знать мнение Садхгуру о том как и для чего учат на канале обучение гипнозу?

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