Если бы он мог вернуться в прошлое, убил бы Садгуру Малыша Гитлера
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Если бы он мог вернуться в прошлое, убил бы Садгуру Малыша Гитлера

Moderator: if Sadhguru could go back into the past, not because of yogic powers,
but if there was a time machine, and with foresight, with knowledge about
what happened during the World War II, “Would Sadhguru kill baby Hitler?” is the first question that cropped up (Laughter/Applause). Sadhguru: Would I kill the baby Hitler (Laughter)? Moderator: Knowing that six million Jews
could be saved from your actions (Sadhguru Laughs). Sadhguru: See, Adolf Hitler is a consequence,
he’s not the cause of World War II. In the sense, there has been centuries of
hatred about the Jewish people. Moderator: Okay… Sadhguru: It did not suddenly crop up
because of Adolf Hitler. Well, he used it politically to do all kinds of things,
that’s a different matter. But this hatred has been endemic in the population. Not for one or two years, for literally eighteen centuries. It’s been alive. Now, Adolf Hitler became a representative of that hatred,
and he consolidated that hatred, organized it in such a way that
it became a mega disaster. But the disaster has been unfolding for a long time. Forever, people have been accusing Jews
of being a Jesus killer and wanting to get them, in so many ways they’ve been persecuted,
not in one way. Every generation has small-scale persecutions
happening in various societies across the… that part of the world at least, not here. So, when Adolf Hitler came, he saw…
what you are accusing of Adolf Hitler is competence. Moderator: Exactly. Sadhguru: Everybody had the same hatred. He organized his hatred into a very competent
results-oriented thing. Any number of human beings have come who are
as much tyrannical as Adolf Hitler. Fortunately they were not as competent. Moderator: That’s why the question (Few laugh). Sadhguru: I don’t know if he studied in IIM (Laughter), because his organizing skills are extraordinary
(Few laugh). You have to look at that. If only if he had organized this
not against a particular community, but for the well-being of the world,
what a fantastic organizer he is. So his competence is what we are talking about. Hatred was there in the society. He organized it and made it into an
end result of a disastrous kind. See, in every generation there are tyrants,
fortunately they are impotent. Fortunately. They are everywhere – don’t think they are not there. Every day I am meeting thousands of people, you should see what kind of mindsets people have. How much endemic hatred they have for somebody
that they do not even know, including me (Laughter). People who have never met me,
people who have not had a word with me, they have so much hatred. Said, “What’s the problem,
you have not even seen me yet” (Laughter)! But no. So this endemic hatred is bred in the society,
in the form of religion, in our society in the form of caste, creed, ideologies. See, everybody is focused on Adolf Hitler. I am not trying to belittle what he did. He is one man –
so many people cause pain to each other – but he is one man who
organized human pain like nobody else. He made a machine out of it. In a real organized way, like an industry. He did not do killing just for killing sake,
he made a killing industry, you know? Proper industry, actually they set up factories of death. So never before, nobody organized it,
but don’t ever think nobody had those intentions, nobody had those same emotions. They had. But this man organized. So would you kill the baby Hitler? No, it wouldn’t help. Because another guy may be with competence
would have come up, you never know. So, what we need to work at is…
we need to work at, as I was telling you, a culture of peace, this is important. We never worked at culture of peace. Only when it explodes in our face, we want it solved, otherwise we are just going about our business. The way we are driving on the street is violent, all right? It’s not fast, it’s just violent. I wish they were driving fast. If they were skilled, they would be driving fast. They are unskilled and they are violent drivers
(Few laugh). Violence means you don’t mind
if somebody gets hurt, isn’t it? Hello? Violence need not necessarily mean
I am going to throw a projectile at you. I don’t know care if you get hurt –
this is violence, isn’t it? So this is all over the place. We need to… see, culture is not something
that you can build overnight. Slogans, you can build overnight. You can do anti-demonstrations overnight. You cannot build a culture overnight. It takes a lifetime of dedication to bring that about. Nobody has shown that dedication. Everybody wants immediate solution. When something explodes, everybody will scream. Once it’s over, they go about their business. So, it is very important, I want you to understand,
Adolf Hitlers can be born just about anywhere. Just about anywhere, because the culture of disliking and
hating other people who are not like you, is so rooted in the society,
it’s just a question of – he must do an MBA here (Laughter). Moderator : In essence, we are talking about Sadhguru: I am giving complements to the institution,
it’s not …(Laughter). Moderator : Completely get it, but the main issue over
here is so that you tackled the root causes, rather than manifestations of the root cause. Sadhguru: Yes. Moderator: Exactly so… Sadhguru: Consequences cannot be dealt with. It is the process we need to address.


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    почему их интересуют жизни только 6 млн евреев? Это специальная провокация? А остальные 60 млн не в счет?

  • Marina Samoylovich

    Он правильно говорит; зачем кого то убивать когда он маленький. Надо было воспитать ненависть к расизму. Он не стал художником, но хотел. И вот что вышло.

  • Dzen Dzen

    Это проверка на "вшивость " любого, кто станет известным и публичным….

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    Vopros lucshe tak zadat vibi buduchi v to vrema podderjalibi gitlera ili bili bi na storone soyuznikov ili na storone sovetov..a takto vse vsex ubivali no zaciklilis na gitlere kotoriy bil protiv prostituciyi,alkogolisma,narkoti i tabaka i evreyskix bankov..

  • Dzen Dzen

    "Сожжение змей".
    В прошлом надобно было сжечь змеевидных из-под Карнака и Луксора, прародителей и разносчиков "банковского дела"…

  • Zhazgul Khalilova

    Сейчас тоже убивают во имя "демократии" или под прикрытием, на самом деле для того чтобы обеспечить себе "хорошее и сытое" будущее… Нападая на менее слабые государства, забирая нефть и иные природные богатства, уничтожают экологию, промышленно выпуская массовые продукции химическим добавками, уничтожают живые леса и животных, думаете при этом люди заживут счастливо?! Так в чем же разница между тем что сделал Гитлер тогда, и тем что совершают сегодня правители, военные, бизнесмены, богатые и властьимущие, эгоистичные люди, равнодушные мира сего??

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    Послушайте, на фига переводить то, что уже переведено? На ру-сегменте. Я не уверен в том что вы этого не знали

  • Артур Кучербаев

    "Мне все равно, если кто-то пострадает – вот что такое насилие!

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    Лишний раз убеждаюсь, что университет прибавляет ума но никак не влеяет на глупость.

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