Как принять правильные решения | Садхгуру на русском
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Как принять правильные решения | Садхгуру на русском

Moderator (Abhijeet): Namaskaram, Sadhguruji. The first question that I want to
ask is actually related to me. I am in the last year of engineering, so now there is a very big decision that I have to make now and people have told me that if I take decisions from my heart I’ll be successful in life. So… but there lies a problem. The problem is that I am… I don’t know which thought is coming from my heart and which thought is coming from my brain. So how can I figure out like which thought is from my heart and which is coming from my brain (Cheers/Laughter/Applause)? Sadhguru: (Laughs) The heart makes only two sounds lub dub (Laughter). Unless the local girls are disturbing it and it’s going little (Laughter) crazy, otherwise it makes only two sounds. Rest of the noise is all coming from your head. This idea that something comes from the heart, something comes from the brain is a.. it’s metaphoric. But unfortunately a whole lot of people are taking it literally. There was a time in many parts of the world, particularly in Arabia, the medical science in Arabia believed the blood is pumped from the liver. You might have heard Urdu sayings about kaleja (Referring to Urdu word meaning liver), you know? Have you (Laughs)? Because they believed blood is being pumped from the liver because liver is a far more complicated organ, than the heart. Heart is a simple pump. So, do not give it anymore responsibilities other than continuously pumping the blood and keeping you alive. Unless somebody here breaks it (Laughter). So about the “last year of engineering”, tch, I want you to change that language because this happened… Can I tell you a joke? Okay? You are pretty serious about this, that’s why I’m asking. This happened, a very celebrated scientist was at a dinner and he was not grandly dressed or anything. He was looking very ordinary. So the lady who was, you know (Laughs), sitting next to him didn’t pay much attention to him. She doesn’t know who he is. But after sometime just to be polite, to make some conversation, “May I know what do you do?” He said, “I am studying science.” She said, “Oh, I finished that
in my tenth class” (Laughter). So you are not going to… you know, you are not in the last year of engineering, maybe the course. But not the last year of engineering, because for your entire life if you learn engineering, when you are dying after hundred years, okay? I am not preponing it. After…
Moderator (Abhijeet): I hope so Sadhguru: (Laughs) After hundred years when you are dying, you would still know… if you are a constant learning process, you would still know you know very little about engineering. With that little, many things happen, that’s different. So don’t be in the last year of engineering. I know the program may be closing. But not the last year of engineering, okay? So… And engineering, essentially engineering means to have things the way we want, yes? When we say this building is well engineered – I am not saying that (Laughter) – if we say this building is well engineered or an automobile is well engineered, what it means is its functioning the way we want, yes? Of all the pieces of engineering on this planet, of many pieces of engineering, a tree is a fantastic engineering. Even a mountain is fantastic engineering. Because it stood there for a million years, that means it must be a good engineering, isn’t it? Yes? Something that stands there for a million years must be well engineered. Of all this, the most sophisticated piece of engineering is
human mechanism, isn’t it so? Hello? Most sophisticated of all the pieces of engineering. Now because it’s a sophisticated piece of engineering, it needs a certain level of attention. Otherwise you don’t figure it. Now that we gave you such a highly… no, hi-tech piece of engineering, I am asking you, did you read the user’s manual? Moderator (Abhijeet): I think there is no user manual or no (Laughs)? Sadhguru: How can they make such a fantastic engineering without a user’s manual? Maybe it doesn’t come with a booklet attached to your neck
when you were born (Laughter). But indications must be there, isn’t it, how to use it, hmm? Is it true, somebody who is an athlete or a gymnast or someone else like that, learns to use their body than a whole lot of other people, yes? Obviously, at least one aspect of the physical engineering of the body, they seem to have read the user’s manual about the physical aspects. Is it true, certain people are able to use their mind better than others? Maybe they read another part of the user’s manual. So now, this heart manual and the brain manual… See the problem is, most people are prejudiced
against the brain. But this is a question that always comes to me, “Sadhguru, I want to meditate, but thoughts are coming.” The common question everywhere. I ask them, “See, I will make you meditate, we will stop the liver, we’ll stop the kidney, we’ll stop the heart. We will stop everything, okay?” “Hmm? No, Sadhguru” (Laughter). So you want the liver to function
when you are meditating, you want the kidneys to function, you want even the spleen to function, you want the heart to function, but you don’t want your brain to function
for some reason. This is simply because brain is a new equipment that you got in the evolutionary process. This level of cerebral development
happened more recently compared to the other systems. If you cut open any mammal, they all have all these parts, isn’t it? Every part that you have here, all of them have. Even if you open a frog, most of you are Biology department (Laughter)? Even if you open a frog, almost everything that you have he also has, isn’t it? It is only… the big difference is only the cerebral development which is a more recent happening. Because it’s a more recent happening, most people have not figured how to handle it. So user’s manual is very important. You don’t read a user’s manual just before you discard the machine. You read it in the first few days, isn’t it? Hello? If you buy a phone do you want to read the user’s manual in the first three days or after three years when you are throwing it away? First three days, isn’t it? So, knowing how this (Referring to oneself) functions
is very important. Never did ever heart generate any thought or intention. Tch, well, when you looked at the young girl heart beat more, that doesn’t mean it’s saying anything. It’s just trying to compensate for the other levels of excitement that’s happening (Laughter/Applause). The heart is not trying to say anything. It is only compensating, you need more blood so it’s pumping little harder (Laughs). That will happen even if you run up the staircase, yes? What happens to you, little panting, when you fall in love, also happens physiologically when you run up a staircase, yes or no? Fear also does that to a whole lot of people. So heart is not trying to say anything. It is just trying to make sure every part of the body gets the nourishment
of blood flow. So it’s your brain speaking in different tongues. What’s your native language? What’s your mother tongue? Moderator (Abhijeet): Assamese. Sadhguru: So, because when you know two, three languages, sometimes it gets confused, sometimes it speaks in English, sometimes in Assamese, sometimes in something else. So you are thinking different people are speaking, heart is speaking, mind is speaking, no. There is thought and there is emotion, people think these two things are saying different things. They are not saying different things, the way you think is the way you emote, isn’t it so? Right now if I think, “Oh, she is the most wonderful person on the planet,” I just have to think. Then my emotions become sweet towards her. Now I think “she is the most horrible creature on the planet,” now my emotions become nasty, yes or no? I cannot think she is horrible and have sweet emotions. I cannot think she is wonderful and have nasty emotions. Isn’t it so? But today I thought she is the most wonderful person and my sweetness was flowing, suddenly she did something tomorrow
that I don’t like, I think she is horrible. Thought is agile. It changes direction just like that. Emotion is little sappy, it takes time to turn around. So that period, you struggle as if there are two dimensions of thing happening. Because thought is saying one thing, emotion is still going sweet. Because it takes time to become nasty, tch. Everybody struggles, but it catches up or no after sometime, hello? Today you thought she is wonderful, sweetness was flowing. Tomorrow she did something you don’t like, you thought she is horrible. Mind… thought is clearly saying she’s horrible. But emotions are struggling because they can’t turn quickly. They take time to turn. But after a week or ten days or two months, depending on how deeply you are engaged (Laughs), after sometime, emotion catches up with the thought. Emotion also says, yes she is horrible, so we’ll… let’s be nasty to her.


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