Как улучшить свой сон. Светлица Релакс.
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Как улучшить свой сон. Светлица Релакс.

There is still a new structure,
here we have a structure we called her Relax, I
Sleep used to call her, and right now she is Relax. Why again, huh? Again to the person
could relieve stress, tension, which is formed here
this life that his begins to push,
until finally it breaks yes that is, how to remove
this is tension so man could be built up. And what to influence in the first
turn? To sleep. Because many people
sleep is disturbed because of this, that is, this voltage
leads to the fact that man anxious all the time
is located and this anxiety knocks him out, that is,
This is a closed loop. It doesn’t let you sleep,
sleep reinforces this anxiety that is, a person does not rest,
does not get enough sleep and so this vicious circle is everything
grows and grows to until it breaks
finally man, well some sore won’t go away
or something will happen there disaster with him, that is
maybe some kind of trouble somewhere, yes. That is, well, something can
to happen to this this card did not happen
these stresses will help to shoot, yes, on the one hand
it is an improvement in sleep and on the other parties actually it
even more effective interaction with sleepy reality because
what’s in sleepy reality we can do something too
and change something, therefore can I take this card,
put under the pillow and set her a task, here
I want to solve my problem so that she
has been resolved. And fall asleep calmly, you
do not remember what happened there in a dream or even dreamed
you are completely different, but in the power of what you set
this task, she begins to be worked out in sleepy reality
like a structure. How one structure worked
she may begin to manifest already in real life, and
it can be observed suddenly some are appearing
unexpected changes pleasant, but before that
it turned out for some reason, there plug, plug here, no way
no way, that’s like everything already here, op and nothing,
and no way

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