Пситеррор. Команда по Ганг Сталкингу и как это работает, незаконное преследование
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Пситеррор. Команда по Ганг Сталкингу и как это работает, незаконное преследование

hello everyone with you eugene adams south carolina usa I do reviews on the topic targeted individual target person in Russia they call these people who are under military medical experiments whom it means they torture with electronic weapons a remote sign neurobiological studies and I mean I am doing reviews on this subject. I take information from the American blogger websites American on this subject Today I will have a gangsta king theme I don’t seem to say often because it is an integral part of this targeted program individual is how they work like this targeted individual means in this program jack is present gong stocking it’s like in parallel with testing this Direct energy bp directed energy weapons, they conduct experiments I have already said in my videos that since the 90s they have been conducting experiments on people test and test in humans this weapon remote and 90 ready yes all over the world it’s world world testing goes for this weapon, I understand based on these all the videos that American whistleblowers well here I am doing this topic a night on this topic I now want to do means translation is such a brief review with the video Brian Th I will give a link below to this original to the original of this video, he victim of bti kerror he is targeted individual target person and he means he worked in the ministry contract defense mean and has become a whistle-blower of this system that what is actually happening and now he has a lot of videos how it all works and here is one of his videos I decided to make a brief review translation on the topic of how to 100 king and and on the topic of hive mayn’t but this team which as if leading this entire process of this matrix hive this hive am I the month this consciousness translated into Russian Now I’m just reading it out, I put this note on my classmates for a long time I had it, I decided to put it on youtube too, just now I’ll read it So Bryan is a bit of a former employee of the United States Department of Defense contract. Targeted by targeted these individual victims of piterror title video organized by egor stocking based on model the behavior of the person who is in the control program consciousness based on trauma in this video he explains how it works there is a team of three to six people who does research the victim’s thought process, this team consists of a psychologist and a psychiatrist neuro scientist and so on they communicate with each other synthetic telepathy therefore you will not see them talking to each other verbal in this park he shows there how he arrived and how this team is already high mayn’t means consisting of psychiatrists then scientists are new and so on out of 3 6 people the team stands as he said here it means to everyone the video and he speaks in this park in california he shows this command there is also a group of gangsters and special service operatives undercover not far away, or whatever police special services and but someone is covering up this team and gangsta kirov and here he is shows these in those who cover this team also in this video he just shows even the cars where they are sitting which covers this operation gangsters and this high point team so mean these people will be on an ongoing basis around the victim within sight of and and each other these gang stockers hive mayn’t be a team and these undercover they should be then the victim must be in sight of their visibility and also they should be in sight of each other, this is how it is how i mean sorry now distracted a little like a canadian the victim has such a powerful stocking gong in Canada he has so many videos then under the name of the channel he became an invasion invasion my profession engine of my profession stop stop invading my personal space in Russian translation and now he says this is how the bubble behind him always this bubble comes here this is this here mean operation in which gang stockers participate this bubble consists of gang stocker of hiv mayn’t teams and these people under which he covers this operation gangsters and this hyip might and he’ll call this Canadian victim, he calls them how soap bubble where he really didn’t show this bubble was always with him and he is inside this bubble who moves with him who wake up with him he year, I’m already falling asleep, but not quite there yet he shows him and they don’t quite stop there anyway they don’t make a move means machine kang stocking there toxic about the bar he has a whole night every five minutes they drive on some trajectories he simply made recorded a video of how they ride all night, but in principle he said that well, people who are on their feet berries go to bed and they go to bed i creed wake up this whole bubble this one here for the operation here of this operation means targeted individual means control consciousness manipulation of consciousness he also wakes up in the morning with me and so the whole day wherever I move this bubble goes with me this one is moving but I’m distracted for now I’ll continue what i read Well, as if for a bigger picture, I explain to you that other victims also speak on this subject in general they should be each other’s visibility and so that victim psiterror a the target and the individual was in their sight also a burst of sight this is in order to shoot frequency signals coming from target Kelly metric devices they do it they need constant response signal brain of the victim from this experiment to compare with previous signals and throw them again supercomputer they need to identify consistency of human brain impulses and a computer program and also to confirm their correct operation telemetry devices this cyclic process is such a cycle in their cycles the cycle is completed next everything on this subject but they check how their telemetry devices they are tested in a drop in human brain activity with impulses supercomputer means which which means and brain impulses human signals for laid in this computer and they must match previous action of the victim like a computer and human brain human must match previous action well, like that mean about this cyclic process of combining a person and a computer will not end until they receive a feedback signal this is the main reason why they constantly provoke provoke the victim street theaters staging conversations causing a person to emotions which are remotely measured and returned to the computer once the victim’s response is not enough it should be a continuous cycle staged theaters are based on your previous behavior or thoughts gang stockers will not stand built like on a parade behind you they will be scattered everywhere and look will be very ordinary people which not even which doesn’t even come under suspicion that this is a gang of stockers and what they do mean your work assigned by him they look like ordinary people they keep uniforms in cars for every event of the victim they will have clothes for the street travel backpacks if you suddenly decide on cannons travel forms for visiting sports facilities in general for all occasions the victim Targeted individual the stocker gun group will be seated near a standing vehicle for further guidance and respond to further actions of the victim they use picked the violence monitoring for placing the victim in the so-called floating box navy boxing and they use a lot of tactics for this one of them is a frog whose jump rain raging this observation called picket has a team this observation called picket means has a team that covers entrance and exit the victims it means psiterror and when he says when I go to the exit or I go in they will be put at different angles one stock for three and so on they keep me under constant control called a mode a frog jump with rolls from one group to another in two and three in four at each of these corners at the exit of the store at the entrance then the store will always be two three people some actions or do before to the victims of this persecution or just to stand talking as if they were ordinary people, but they should not attract attention of the population what are they these pursuers and what they perform means some kind of tasks set by him so this is a team under introduces any technique by the leadership of the special services it will be a car sedans 8 wheeled heavy vehicles motorcycles commercial vehicles minivans any type of machines and they want you to shoot them in order to discredit you so to shoot on photographed because the victim is a piterror, and yet he wants to prove that he is being persecuted by this person that his group is organized there is a group organized pursuit that needs to be captured and then go to court that he is a victim mean this persecution is organized organized they already need evidence therefore person makes this organized pursuit the video takes photos so that it’s here connect all the points and show this handwriting the same handwriting wherever the victim goes there is a permanent handwriting like this in two and three in corners of four there are certain mean operations that they do it’s just that they have their own training manual there so far at gangsta kirov and by the way it will be for me a separate topic, maybe even I’ll do a video on this subject because I have a lot of information just even documentary documents how it all works straight in the details then so they want to be removed to discredit you is chosen says to what victims of terror will to discredit themselves, but if they don’t shoot the victim, the piterror and this one street theater these are all the bases and these these are all handwriting which is handwriting one after another one after another it is constantly the same action it is already handwriting a what person will prove that he had this circle was like that for 4 cars gangs talking on their feet gangs talking street theater ha grains and also need to prove so people shoot make these videos gangsters and street theaters and gang machines are knocking, so there’s a double opinion, and it’s kind of like you don’t need to take pictures because people are discrediting themselves, but on the other hand, you need to remove it because it is necessary show the world that there is gang sucking and this not just some mental illness that the person there dined Well, what kind of imagination he has is not real actions around a person going on which needs to be shown to the world what it is exists and it is necessary to terminate this program must be completed and terminated once and for all there of course a lot of money for this program they and billionth business and but the fact is that they are it’s the same crime this is a violation of human rights this is a violation of human dignity no one has the right to do even these gang stockers who arrange gas latina and all other things who are asked there for small things something I’ll do this to a person in target otitis ot ege fished individual he pass before his eyes then pronounce some phrase here do it same illegal it’s the same crime it’s the same Well, you understand, this is the same underground; everything that the underground secretly and secretly means illegal and illegal they must understand this here these people who are involved in this because it illegally if it’s illegal, anyone can sue you when enough evidence has been collected he is being pursued and these are the people who got here on camera victim and in the video they can be prosecuted for prosecuting no one down protect because it is an illegal operation what they do our taxi of terror on targeted individual so I was distracted I apologize I kind of want again on the abyss that the whole picture of this whole situation convey to people and so in this pursuit pursues people of different calibers and types and types it means single family invalids and pensioners and more and more and more and even children are attracted children are also like stockers and moreover, children may even be already but babies and they without their consent of course mummies drag such children in wheelchairs in front of what kind of reason is it for the victims, but it can be seen it can be seen you understand a person when he understands this difficult exposure victim psiterror and targitai individual he knows what it is for him that it’s not just a piece of paper with a stroller with daily checks there, and it’s not just that kids go as if all this gang stockings talking is when did I read it somewhere as if during mean great patriotic war created Hitler-Hitler yungi team hands and children participated participated mean well, the war here in this one is also kind of like a war against civilians it’s just that they don’t understand what they are participating in mean well, how else children get involved here is what i want to say in gong stocking they don’t ask children, they’re just involved, maybe even once I’m all torn in general, as I said earlier in America, then it’s kind of their chip with 1986 it was an order secret and everything is already torn by the chip all the more so now more and more chips add, well, principle In Russia, in my opinion, since 2005, I spoke in one of my videos with an official saw, it types babies in their mouths, therefore all whose first babies may still not understand them there artificial intelligence can fit and they will without even realizing that they are doing gangs talking on in humans, their artificial intelligence can already customize what the bulk is already under artificial intelligence, it’s just not officially announced, but it’s true, but here targeted individual’s this is the last final stage, as I understand it, these experiments with artificial intelligence the next will be the entire population of the planet to artificial intelligence so here they are and they do it all I think they are conducting on the body in that they must be stopped, they do not have the right a person has the right to his personal life and no one has the right to invade his brain in his life this is protected by law even the law of any country, no one has the right to do this therefore this is a crime against humanity and again and before doing kong talking to participate in it all know that it is illegal it is illegal it is illegal and it must be stopped and laws must be adopted clear laws on ban intrusion into the brain of people without their consent and warning so I’m sorry again distracted well right now I’m finishing now here a little bit left a couple of lines on 4 people of different calibers and types are participating in this persecution single family invalids and pensioners and more and more and more all all that all around has a heartbeat all involved gang stairs and goat tenge and here in these street theaters but this is one and the same one it is this effect under the same name gong stocking organized group persecution a it’s already like an umbrella and underneath it is already going there gas lighting means street theater and there are intrusions into people’s homes victims of terror targeted individual doing there it is by and large it Stasi and East Germany and cantal about this is the principle of targeted individual tactics came from there I’m all ending up with this video and see you all goodbye


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