Разница мячей на блоке между гладкой YINHE Big Dipper IV и шипами Uranus EURO
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Разница мячей на блоке между гладкой YINHE Big Dipper IV и шипами Uranus EURO

What can I say about difference between pips-in
rubber Big Dipper IV, and any pips-in rubber, and short pips Uranus Euro 2.0 mm. When I turned on BH pips-in after pips-out, I’ve noticed that angle of ball’s throw is
quite higher, if to compare with pips-out rubber. First few match plays I played balls too
high and even served away from the table. You know how plays pips-in rubber, and if
to compare with pips Uranus Euro 2.0 mm, the ball flies on low trajectory,
and even lower with 1.5 mm. Denis, what can you say? How is it to
play against pips, comparing pips-in? It’s harder to play against pips, as the ball floats. It doesn’t jump off from the table,
with pips-in it jumps more. I saw firstly you missed, and then
started making pauses, playing accurately, not so heavy but more accurately. Against pips-in you mayn’t
think much about moves, but against pips-out you need
to make pauses to score. Because if to use the same technique as
with pips-in, you are more likely to lose. That’s the difference between trajectories
with pips-in and pips-out Uranus Euro 2.0 mm.

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