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Today I want to show how to solve such an urgent issue like clicking a relay. Relay clicks a lot of people, naturally I have them
also clicked. It really bothers me. Today I want to show how this problem can be solved. Here we can say collective farm the corners are shorter for me anyway I
so I traveled about six months probably here nothing clicks me
everything works great today I’ll show you a mohair friend who
lowers showed cool she looks here so essentially it
concentrated phosphoric acid that is, here is a written concentrate
what will i use for me the moment the last accident passed the order
a whole year even more as I see I’m a little rusty
bent by his pliers with a marginal a little putty I could not finish here
with garage purchase now the opportunity of time
again a little missing something she’s about to lent acid very well
plays if I almost know will work she is in the cold and no we have
sadness with another grenade which standing in the garage now also show it
you have to try it on the street a good warmer manufacturer
I don’t know how to work in the cold it is accordingly non-toxic and nothing but
if you just smear comfortably now we straight just apply the solution boldly nothing
we are not afraid of a paint and varnish covering in any way not hurt you just need to apply and
give him time to get a reaction going the only thing that I don’t know
frost and it will work no let’s try the opportunity to drive the car
to the garage even for two hours to clean this rust is not here therefore we will
try this way reacts here you do super nothing this way
we burn the rust and we have this the solution creates a film on which you can
in principle, you don’t even need to paint slightly reduces the chances of appearance
rust re natural feat Of course, painting in the near future is
temporary measure here it is there alarm now it is snowing take this device
called control to take to steam pieces of wires go remove this one
cover your fingers? please do not pay attention to collective farms
the wires that stick here will be to cope in general I want to say the point in
what is the main point why rely click is it either a lack of mass on the block
management or lack of plus like me solved this problem first of all
before drawing the whole block i.e. you help him pluses for this we take
q control and look fuse that comes plus
through the ignition switch ignition
I’m a big fuse green at 30 operas see the pole is when you turn on
ignition when turned off it disappears next we need to pull out the fuse
and determine which leg comes plus cleaning bargaining on which foot in
you give a fuse for sure here me everything is wound for this we started
ignition and pumpkin legs respectively that is on
which plus is here that is, here plus comes to plus
leaves, that is, we need to put our foot so that is respectively me on here
wrong way stood for this plus well also through this fuse
was just a fireman and insert it until we insert this one just on
ignition to the side and finally in general the point is what we need to take any hand
you can take off the block you can find there take off any vein ear I made it us
driftwood that is, I didn’t think much here I just know for sure that I have a relay
turns here comes one on the turn relay
the mass contact is another plus contact and a third goes to the turn signals themselves
that is, you can take any relay you can do as you please
like with it is important that you need to additional plus from the ignition switch
an additional minus went to the blog because in the block naturally mass
everywhere common that is a plus from the castle ignition
only through fuses through different one extra poles
it’s just not to let the relics blink that’s enough for me
here it turns out I already in the morning I remember now I’ll look through the wires
me brown with black 31 leg this mass here is this leg this mass is this
leg plus that is, that’s how reluch is look where she is up and down there overall
the point is what we cling here to mass I her picked up just like that on collective farms through
fuse naturally everything will be redo until there is no time and picked up
from here 1 bolt this mass contact another the signal picked up which river is better
of course find the other hand because this method is a minus because
annual that is, I do not use emergency
alarm enjoys with on the go no problem but if you roughly speaking where
then stop with the emergency gang and you want to turn off the ignition. emergency gang
will give plus other devices which should work only from the castle
ignition this way you give to the block
additional plus from the lock clamp additional minus and
the relays stop clicking the rest I have done everything here is very obscene
very collective farm I just want to share the main idea is how you do it
will you do how would you not whether it really works helps
the only cant that now ignition off
there is no additional consumption but if turn on the emergency gang then it gives a weak
the ignition signal, i.e. the case and to attach either in another
I just tried that is experimented will fail
that’s why I didn’t bother much Now I wanted to shoot the indicator
we don’t have a grant, I’ll tell you a grant strong enough car who survived three somersaults do not smoke show route-map
i.e here we have a series of sorrows we are hushed up
wing we have
the mirror of integrity sat down and occupied driver’s door and here now
huge dent indentation but nonetheless this door opens and closes the park we had the same front wing
bumper lights of course kind from the hood even tore off the cake
hood naturally in the park too this couple did not represent Who at the threshold began to light now turns
we will fix it all here is part of the saddest freedom
words with this circle very much dented but I think so
trying to pull it out that’s what you want say this machine survived three quarks
I’m not in Kuwait the roof is almost a whole straight several
minor dents here glass all I’m safe, I’ve lowered 2 wheels and not even
understood the suspension is ok car arrived with an entrance here and I’ll tell you here
this car survived a collision on speeds matter 90 kilometers per hour here on
the rank of the minivan hyundai starex whether the old body was washed
very significant damage was only replaced TV and cladding
now you need somersaulted like this sad bone happened that’s what i
rented Now, if you have a desire, you can
leave comments under the video and we we will film the repair process with them
maybe someone will be interested here the truth is certainly not professional
depend and we have only what is here at hand
doom so some people wonder how do it yourself if you happen
such a sadness of course there is no money fret service to give without interesting to us
we do it all ourselves that’s not the way we will do everything
paint pull at
We consider how much we have taught this matter. and now we left the solution on
corrode a little rust so I don’t know again I will repeat
he work in the cold and not in the warm garage it works just amazing
it was painted right hood from nine very high quality and yes
it is from china Now we need to look at him
that we have them there

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