СУРОВЫЕ ЧЕЛЯБИНСКИЕ ПЛОЩАДКИ ДЛЯ ДЕТЕЙ. юмор. смешные фотографии. лютые приколы
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СУРОВЫЕ ЧЕЛЯБИНСКИЕ ПЛОЩАДКИ ДЛЯ ДЕТЕЙ. юмор. смешные фотографии. лютые приколы

Friends! Hello again! With you Serge on the breeze tv channel! Today I will present you creative pictures in an unusual format, I’m going to comment on them right here on this air. So, let’s begin. The first picture in the studio. Again Dmitry went with foil, the cook probably. What else could naive, good grandmothers think? Why else could Dmitry need foil? Of course then, to bake a pie! (laugh) If your girlfriend leaves you of her own free will, she must work with you for another two weeks. New law from parliament! I understood one wisdom. Clothes should be bought in the same color as my cat’s coat. Perhaps your whole life will have to be tuned to the interests of your animal. What to do if the comb is stuck in your hair? Do not worry about that. Leave it as it is. Someday everything will work out) In the harsh Russian game glades they put such monsters so that the children’s psyche grows stronger! ) Urgent sale house with bright prospects! (Alcohol on the shelves, and a little higher inscription: animal feed) Who is for a healthy lifestyle? Like, subscribe to the channel! After little Victor learned to count, dad had to share dumplings equally. It’s scary to imagine what will happen if little Victor learns to write! He will write to the police a statement about his father’s bad attitude. Will start calling the hotline. This is the place where they will accept me for who I am. It is written: we take dry skin from the population. Military ID, selling cheap. Late! (sends a photo from the army) People who make sure that their cat gives birth to kittens from the same breed as hers are the cutest Nazis in the world! Olya and Natasha remove Tanya from friends. The comments say: – no. They just added Tanya to the wall. Games used to be more fun. And the children did not disappear for several days at the computers. And here again that cute rabbit with joyful children. Children love bunnies! (laugh) Take your wife on vacation! Submissive wife is more expensive than diamonds! And I just couldn’t help but include this meme in our collection! I agree with this statement! It says: – A smart girl educates herself, and a stupid educates her boyfriend! And here is the cry of the soul of a Russian patriot: – only poor Russians who cannot keep a Russian car (which constantly breaks down) drive foreign cars That feeling, when he yawned without covering his mouth and noticed that others were looking at him +150 Undead Damage. That’s right. For the fatherland must stand firm. When I caught a mosquito. What a blessing! My mission in this life has been completed! Our experts are working on your problem. Thank you for contacting our service. But in my system unit lives a family of cockroaches. Are these specialists too? Oh! Here is my experimental video and came to an end. If you like it, subscribe to the channel! Well that’s all. I was glad to see you again. See you later!

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