118. How to feel good with tapping (EFT) 🙌
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118. How to feel good with tapping (EFT) 🙌

Hello there! I’m Yvonne Decelis; it is
Saturday February 8th and it’s approximately 2:15 p.m. just here to
show you a cool things you do this is all from Donnie Eden energy medicine
masters Energy Medicine book one of the things in her book is called the three
thumps I’m not gonna do it exactly the way she does in the book but I just want
to show you a few of the pumps and by the word thumps I mean tapping as the
EFT or emotional freedom technique that’s what it stands for the way I
learned it I learned about tapping through Nick Gordon err well has the
tapping solution and since he named it EFT he said EFT stands for emotional
freedom technique and it means you literally vigorously tapping certain
areas there’s certain acupressure points that he teaches people to tap and again
vigorously when I say vigorously I mean just for example if you were sitting
somewhere and a total stranger came up and started doing this to you you’d
probably want to grab their wrists you find out what the heck they were doing
it for cuz it’s graveyard I saw Donna in the demonstration and she
will approach the woman and she started doing the taps to her and when she first
started doing it the woman physically jumped I think she was startled that how
hard tunnels to happen it’s not so the point of pain but it’s to the point
where you can definitely feel it on something my thymus right now but again
I just want to show you there’s something so something your cheek bones
is good because it can send energy to the back of your eyeballs as well as
being invigorating help alert you if you’re having fatigue problems another
thing this is really good for is if you have pts if you have stress anxiety
anything like that a lot of times tapping can be helpful for that as well
so one of the acupressure points for it is to cheek bones the next one’s the K
27 points this is a little harder to explain but the K 27 you can get to by
tracing your collarbones from the back to the front and I apologize in advance
if I make a noise my microphones right here on this headphone so I’m trying to
avoid tapping my phone but you trace the collarbone to the front and then just
drop your finger down about an inch and out
that hey just a little teeny bit just feel around for it you should feel too
little soft spots little indents at the base of your collarbone
most people have soft stops not everybody but most people have little
soft spots their little indentations based on the collarbone
those are your k-27 points you can do two fingers and you can do the
three-finger pinch index finger middle finger thumb whatever you think is the
best eye when i do it i do my index finger on my middle finger because
that’s what feels right to me but again with energy healing you want to do what
feels right so the k-27 s are good to do and then the last one I’m gonna show you
for today is the thymus thump so I’m gonna try to move this out of the way
because I don’t want to make too much noise here fine this is right at the
center of your chest so it just at the k-27 s which are up here now we’re going
down to the thymus when I sub my thymus I do it with this part of my hand right
here but you don’t have to do it that way like I said with energy healing and
do what feels right it shouldn’t feel like it’s getting owned in sorry for the
air quotes but it’s an expression that I hear all the time I just don’t want you
to feel like you’re phoning it in it shouldn’t feel like you’re faking it it
shouldn’t feel wrong to you it shouldn’t feel uncomfortable it should feel right
so again for the thymus don’t you just not thumb your thymus and one of the
things that’s really good about them here if I was an addition to being
invigorating is as you get older as well this happens to all of us as we get
older our thymus gland starts to get smaller which makes it more difficult to
get enough oxygen so if you find you’ve just like say run a flight of stairs and
you’re out of breath and you’re struggling to breathe dump
your finest because that can definitely help you out it can help you with
getting oxygen into your lungs and that’s the last tab I’m going to show
you for today I hope that was very helpful please let
me know in the comments down below as always thank you so much for coming to
this is my channel I appreciate it and I will be back soon
namaste peace of light take care

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