16 Ways to Use a Notebook
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16 Ways to Use a Notebook

Hey Mistral Spirit! If you’re like me, you’ve got dozens of empty notebooks lying around. Whether they were gifts because everyone knows you love stationary, or impulse buys, there’s a lot of them. So today, I’ve put together sixteen creative and productivity-boosting ways to store a teensy bit of yourself into an empty notebook. Keep in mind, if you’re big on technology, you can totally use these ideas too. Just open up a document and get writing. First of all, if you’re not already using a bullet journal, I highly reccomend one. They help you get your life together by acting as a place to store all of your tasks, lists, sticky notes, plans, and goals. Plus, they can double up as a journal, and a sketchbook, and a doodle notebook, if you so please. Check out my post on setting up your very first bullet journal in the description box below. All you need is any kind of notebook and a pen. And then you might want a cover page for 2018, with your goals and your accomplishments to fill in throughout the year. Next, you might want to set up some monthly spreads that work for you. I use a monthly planner, a memories spread, and a meal tracker. And, in fact, if you want to grab a free printable of my style of monthly spreads, you can find that on my blog too.


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