160114 [V] Sungjoo’s Chatroom
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160114 [V] Sungjoo’s Chatroom

Hello~ Hello For a while, people kept saying… that I don’t read the comments.
So this time… I’m here to have a conversation with everyone. Have you eaten yet? I want to see you guys too.
Hi, Yumi~ “Drivers exam”? Yeah, those are hard. Be careful, driving can be dangerous. “Weight”? How much do you think I weigh? 68 kg I like eating everything. Yes. Between blonde hair and dark hair… it’s all good. Me too.
I love you, too. I want to meet you, too! Thai fan? “Why are you alone?” I just wanted to talk with you all alone. “Say my name” “Blow us a kiss” Oh, the comments scroll by really fast! When we’re doing this as a group, we
can’t really read the comments. Lian, hi~ What should I sing? ♪ Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are” ♪ ♪ UNIQ “Luv Again” ♪ Whenever we do this as a group, the comments scroll by too fast and we can’t read them. “Show us a special skill” “Special Skill?” “Special Skill?” I can make like, a siren sound. Love you~ Study Korean! Study hard! “What kind of bread do you like? I like oppang”
(play on words) Everyone, be careful and don’t get sick.
I was sick just a few days ago. It was a bad case of the flu. It was really bad.
Make sure you wear a mask and everything. And take your vitamins. “Do you play lots of games on your phone?” I don’t really play games on my phone. I usually look at webtoons. “Oppa, give me Seungyoun.”
Sure, take him! He’s all yours. You want to get married to Seungyoun? Go right ahead.
He’s all yours! “When will you come to Taiwan?”
I don’t know for sure… “Which webtoons to you read?”
I read all of them… Lookism, God of Highschool, Et cetera~ Gamer.
Oh, no that’s enough. Aegyo? I don’t really have any aegyo. “Confession Song” ♪ GOT7 “Confession Song” ♪ What shows am I watching right now?
I’m watching “6 Dragons.” I really like historical dramas. And I really like Yoo Ahin’s acting. I’m only reading comments right now. Wink…
I winked for you. “Are you re-”
Yes, I am reading everything. “Can you see my heart?” Where? Where is it? Where? Something that I’ve been thinking about,
we’re supposed to dress like women, Yibo and I. But, I’m sure you know, if I dress up like a woman… It’s not going to look good. Next time we broadcast… it might not be all of us in here. Sometimes, I get worried. Nothing looks good, to be honest. I love you, too. Anna, study. Go study.
We’re reading all your letters. I love you. “That’s what I think of you” Oh, that’s too fast. I really want to visit Mexico some time. “Let’s get married” Should we? “Come to Japan” “You’ll look nice if you dress up like a girl” “Rap for us” I like that song. “How many languages can you speak?”
I can’t speak many. I can speak Korean, Chinese and Japanese,
but only a little. “Where are you?”
I’m at my company’s office. If you are born again, who
do you want to be born as? “Can you see my heart?” Show it to me. Show it to me. “Where can I go to see you guys” You can meet us on the V app. Dance? Dance.
Dance. “Yanghwa Bridge”? ♪ ZION.T “Yanghwa Bridge” ♪ “Are you drinking coffee?”
No, it is 100% water. I’m Christian. “Cheese in the Trap”? I want to see it but I haven’t seen it yet.
I usually wait and binge watch series. “Wing Wing”? I… don’t really know the lyrics. Wink, please. What celebrities are you close with? I’m pretty close with… Hyungwon from Monsta X. “Favorite food”
Favorite food… Chicken Boiled beef. “Would you date someone born in ’93?” I’m mature for my age so… Are you the one? I love you too.
There’s no one else here. “Happy New Year”? We just released a new song in China called,
“Happy New Year”. ♪ UNIQ “Happy New Year” ♪ I like it all, of course. “Is there someone next to you?”
No, no one. “What’s your ideal woman?” What do you think? What do you think my ideal woman is like? I don’t have an ideal woman, per say. I go off of feelings more, like someone’s… aura. Why don’t I rap? Because I can’t.
Because I tried, and it wasn’t for me. ♪ UNIQ “Luv Again” ♪ “Rap for us” I can’t~
I can’t do it~ Why do you think I sing? “Eyes, lips, nose” What does that mean?
“Do you do your own hair care?” No, I… Some times I do, some times
someone else does it. “Say something in Chinese” “Your voice is-”
My voice? I’m sick now so… my voice isn’t great right now. Yes, this is live.
Happy new year~ I hope everyone has a happy new year. It’s a new year now, there’s an even at Lotte World right now! Anyone with specific characters in their name, gets something. “Eyes, nose, lips” ♪ Taeyang “Eyes, Nose, Lips” ♪ “What do you want to eat right now?”
“Say something in Chinese” Show us your “eye smile.” Am I doing this right? Was that right?
I don’t really know how to do that. “I want to see you soon” Good luck on your tests! I saw “The Tiger” just yesterday. It was really good. I really like tigers, and animals… so it was really cool. “I love you” “I live in Singapore, I’m…” I think I’ve seen your ID before. “My birthday… the ‘Cute Song'”? ♪ “Cutie Song” ♪ I can’t go on… “Say hi to your fans in Brazil” ♪ NeYo “Be On You” ♪ I love you too. Since so many people are asking for winks. “Blow us a kiss” I don’t know who that is. Food?
I did eat. ♪ Bruno Mars “Moonshine” ♪ I forgot the lyrics… Thank you.
What did I do today? Came here. Ate food. And turned on V app.
And… Oh right! If we make it over 200k hearts today, I’ll make a pledge today. If we get to 200k, what do you want me to do? Kiss? Kiss? How about this everyone,
if we get to 200k hearts I’ll make a pledge. And you can decide what it is I should do. ♪ Bruno Mars “Young Girls” ♪ I really like that song.
It’s a really good song. So me dressing up as a girl, that’ll be next time. That’ll be when it’s all five of us. Sing John Legend’s “All of Me”? ♪ John Legend “All of Me” ♪ “Say my name”
Minsuh, hi~ Minsuk, hi~ Minsuk, hi~
Minsuk, hi~ Minsuk, hi~ “Hit me”?
Me? Myself? Hi Nuri~ Live broadcast with Yibo if we get 200k hearts? “Speak in English” And I studied English so hard… I’m sure we’ve all… we’ve all been to one English cram school or another. “My name is Sal”
Hi, Sal~ Everyone, you really,
really need to be careful not to get sick. Yuna, have you eaten? A Chinese song?
Which one should I sing? Sorry, I have a cold.
Next time, I’ll sing it better. Thai fans?
I love you guys~ “Where’s the rest of UNIQ?” Where do you think?
They’re somewhere else, probably practicing. Omo…!
I think I kissed too loudly. I already ate. China…. I’m thinking of going back. “I’m hungry”
If you’re hungry, you should go eat. Have a good meal. I love you too. No, no, no. What are you talking about?
“If you get 200k, you’ll shave your head?” When did I say I’d shave my head? When did I say that? WHEN!?
I said I’d do a live broadcast with Ybio! Can’ t do that, can’t do that. Love you too. You have to go out?
Dress warm before you do. Say, “I love you” in Korean with a country accent.
I’m not really good with country accents… What can I do in a country accent…? I love you. Call you noona? Noona? Noona? Yuri noona? I know you have to study.
I love you too Yumin. The audio isn’t working?
Of course I’m watching “Reply 1988”. [Quote from the show] “Confess your love” “Say hi to your fans in Brazil” Uwoon, goodnight~ Hello, Jinju~ What does it say…?
“Hello” It’s your birthday?
Happy birthday. “Say hi to your Korean fans” I want to see you guys. ♪ Adele “Hello” ♪ Well, today… when we broadcast with all five of us together… the only way we can all be in the frame is if we sit far away. So because there’ s really no other way,
I’m here with you guys one-on-one. I thought today, I’d focus on only reading the comments. And spend time with everyone this way. My face is too small?
I think it’s really big! Really big! “Confession Song”? Then how about as the last…
Wait, we’re not at 200k hearts yet. Then, I can’t sing for you guys. If we get to 200k hearts, then I’ll
sing “Confession Song.” Rap?
I keep on getting asked to rap… What should I do? I don’t think I’m a rapper.
Nope, not a rapper. Comeback?
Please wait just a little longer. We’re preparing for that right now. The day will come when we get to perform
new songs in front of you all. Justin-
What did you say? Justin Bieber? “You look like Park Sojoon” Thank you. I’ve heard that a few times, and I’m thankful. He’s one of my favorite actors.. I like hearing that. Sing a Japanese song? Wait… ♪ Crush “Sometimes” ♪ ??? I love you guys too. I’ll sing Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” before I go. Oh, wait a sec.
192k hearts. If we get to 200k, like I said before, I’ll do a live broadcast
with Yibo next time. “Sungjoo’s dad”
My dad? “Sungjoo dad, like strawberries?”
I don’t understand. What are you trying to say? Oh, it was mistranslated.
Scared me there. I love you too. You should study. But studying isn’t everything.
Nevermind, I don’t know. Lastly- Oh!
Everyone~ If we get 100 more then we’ll…
Oh, we got it. Well then everyone, next time… for the next live broadcast, I’ll get Yibo to join me. An iKon song? ♪ iKON “Apology” ♪ They sing really well. And their rap is good too.
They’re great. “Confession Song”? Now everyone, it’s time for me to go. I’ll see you guys next time~ I love you. Take care of your self. Don’t get sick. Do well on your tests.
And I’ll see you next time.

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