• Terry Wilemon

    No one really knows what he actually invented, and what he re-invented or expanded upon given his access to ancient archives that we have don't know about.

  • Finance & Economics

    A great course on da Vinci, for anyone interested …


  • Lorraine E

    Leonardo Da Vinci didn't invent scissors. Spring scissor are thought to have been invented around 1500 BC in ancient Egypt. Cross-bladed scissors were invented by the Romans around AD 100.

  • Soteriologist

    4:36 The da Vincis of this world have now all sold out and only cement the system of death. They control Tesla technology, for instance. Nothing less than the ingression of the Divine itself can avert the darkness you mention.

  • G Chin

    You are one of few that truly inspires myself with your Love of Life, and pursuit of of truth of Genius. Thank you for the positive tears I shed. They are worth every breath. I Pray life allows your Vision and Truth. To be more than an external influence on Myself. Thank You……

  • Post posterous

    Bravo ! 《Please feel free 》 to speak about Whatever is currently on your Beautiful minds… for One or two hours… I Won't mind !! Daniel C.

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