2014’s Top 10 News Stories
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2014’s Top 10 News Stories

These are the ten biggest, most important
news stories of 2014, according to me. Number 10, the deaths of Michael Brown and
Eric Garner. The police-caused deaths of two unarmed African
American men: Eric Garner in New York and Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, shows
that a lot of police departments in America need some significant reform, especially when
it comes to the area of race-relations. The heavily armed, extreme response of officers
to the protesters in Ferguson was especially disturbing. Mass protests were held throughout
the country when the officers responsible for both killings were not indicted by grand
juries, a year after George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder by a Florida jury for
killing Trayvon Martin. Number nine, 2014 was the year man first landed
on a comet hurtling through space at 84,000 miles per hour. The Rosetta space probe was
launched by the European Space Agency in March, successfully began orbiting comet 67P in August,
and set down its lander – Philae – on the surface of the 2 ½ mile wide rock on the
12th of November. Through its findings, scientists determined that Earth’s water is unlikely
to have originated from comets like 67P because the ratio of heavy water to normal water on
the comet is more than three times that on Earth. The eighth-biggest story of the year, in my
opinion, was Israel’s launching of operation Protective Edge against the Hamas-controlled
Gaza Strip with the stated aim of destroying the vast tunnel network and stopping rocket
attacks into Israel, which had increased after Israel cracked down on Hamas in the West Bank
following the kidnapping and murder of 3 Israeli teenagers. The operation included a ground
invasion by the Israeli military and lasted a total of 50 days during the summer and resulted
in the deaths of more than 2,200 people, most of them Gazans. Israel also destroyed more
than 17,000 Gazan homes. The biggest mystery of the year, maybe of
the decade, was the plane filled with 239 passengers that took off, but never landed–at
least not anywhere anyone could find it. The incident spawned all sorts of unofficial theories,
but in the end – after the most expensive search in aviation history – the Malaysian
government concluded that flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean, even though
the aircraft still hasn’t been found. Number six, this probably should be higher
on the list, but President Obama’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba is an incredibly
historic event. The punishing official US stance toward Cuba had long outgrown its usefulness–if
it was ever useful at all. While we don’t know the full effects of this news, what is
certain is that when the full embargo eventually ends – and despite what some in Congress say,
it will be ending soon – the Cuban market will be opened up to American business, finally
allowing the Cuban people opportunities that have been closed to them for nearly 60 years. Number five, on January first, 2014, millions
of Americans who had been without health insurance suddenly became insured, thanks to Obamacare.
Seven years after Senators Obama and Clinton made health care reform a central issue of
their heated presidential campaign; four years after the law was passed; a year and a half
after it survived the Supreme Court; and a few months after the completely botched rollout
of the website; the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act went into full effect,
providing 20 million Americans with health care coverage they wouldn’t have had without
the law, slashing the percentage of uninsured Americans from 18% to 13.4%. Number four, with a huge power vacuum in Iraq
after the US’ eight year misadventure there, and a chaotic civil war in neighboring Syria,
the conditions were perfect for the extremist group ISIS – or the Islamic State – to rise
from the flames and ashes. Throughout the year, the group violently took charge of wide
swaths of the area. Governments were helpless to stop them as they seized vehicles, weaponry
and resources like oil and energy producing dams. Their savagery knew no bounds as journalist
after journalist was publicly beheaded, the gruesome murders broadcast for the whole world
to see. After threatening to massacre tens of thousands of Yazidis whom they had trapped
up on the mountain, President Obama sprung into attention, ordering his forces to fight
ISIS from the sky, and take command of the poorly coordinated Iraq forces on the ground. Number three, for the first time, man made
significant progress in the fight against climate change in 2014. The United States
EPA issued its first ever rules for how much its biggest polluters – power plants that
burn coal – could pollute. The strong action by the American government motivated China
– the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions – to commit to peaking its CO2
emissions by 2030, or even earlier. The moves by the world’s two most powerful economies
– which are also its two biggest polluters – sends a firm message to the rest of the
world, and the energy investment market, that its time to get serious about solving the
biggest challenge facing the world today. Number two, in 2014, the extremely deadly
Ebola outbreak grabbed headlines around the world, especially when the virus made its
way to the United States and Europe several different times. But Africa is where the disease
continues to rage, with parts of West Africa completely overwhelmed by the outbreak. As
of December, around 300 people were dying from the virus each week and over 18,000 had
been infected worldwide. This story goes to show that even in these modern times we’re
liven’ in, we’re still very susceptible to the most basic threat to human life: disease. Number one.
After the Ukrainian people overthrew their corrupt government and chose leaders who were
friendlier to the West, Russia – and its President Vladimir Putin – sought to make its former
Soviet ally pay. Putin began a high-stakes game of smoke and mirrors, blasting pro-Russian
propaganda across the many television networks his government controlled in the region, while
not-so-secretly sending thousands of Russian soldiers – who the Russians said, but no one
actually believed, were Pro-Russian Ukrainian rebels – across the border to takeover the
Crimean peninsula and other parts of Eastern Ukraine. Putin’s move backfired when a passenger
jet with nearly 300 innocent – mainly Dutch – civilians on board was shot down in an area
where Russian-backed forces were present. It was the deadliest shootdown incident in
aviation history and it unified the Europeans, giving them the resolve to join President
Obama on tough sanctions targeting Russia that have succeeded in significantly weakening
its economy. Well, that’s my ranking of the top stories
of the year. What do you think the top story of 2014 was? You can click on the screen to check out our
playlist of videos on each of these stories, or on the right, to watch our most current
video. Thanks for watching. For TDC, I’m Bryce


  • MusicMixxer

    I think Ukraine should have been lower. I would think that Cuba should have been much higher. 
    But those are just my thoughts. 

  • Kevin Regalado

    Apparently I had safety mode on; random but i digress
    2014 has been an interesting year; be it media or progress or technology, I'm looking forward to the future

  • Abdullah Ahmad

    Honestly When you say that the European sanctions succeeded and backfired on Russia that is not true. The reason the Russian economy has been crippled is because Oil prices as i'm sure your aware of have dropped from roughly around $110 to $55 and since Russia's economy is oil based this has affected them. Personally i think this is a move by the United States to cripple their largest enemy but that is just my opinion.The sanctions were useless. If you look at the ruble you can see that Russia's economy is improving. it isn't gonna crash any time soon. the ruble lost 50%of it's value against the US dollar but is now rapidly recovering. 

  • aoggrta74

    The fact that you sound so happy about ObamaCare is enough for me to want to vote "thumbs down" on the video. Sure, it's helped many people. But it's also harmed many. I know of at least 10 people who were screwed over by it (and that's just 10 that I know personally; as well as the millions of other Americans screwed by it), and besides, it is completely anti-American to force people to buy something and then penalize them for not being able to afford it. I disagree with it, and I always will.

  • DarthVeers2

    Obama care helps give health insurance to people who can't afford it, but makes life a lot harder for the people who can

  • Ben Morgan

    Really like your videos. One of my best videos I have seen in a long time. U deserve 1000 times more subscribers and views. Keep it up :]

  • John Pawlikowski

    What happened to Eric Gardner is sad… Michael Brown, well, he had it coming. But Eric Gardner had proof that he surrendered, and he also had a breathing problem (if I believe). That was not fair at all in my opinion, and I am a white, conservative male.

  • Johann Schreuder

    10. you failed to mention that the mass protests was not only about Michael Brown, but for Americans RIGHTS as civilians that gets violated by the police every day….5. you failed to mention that Obamacare doubles every year, it will cripple Americas health care , and you thank Obama care in your vid? think you need more research there buddy , Obamacare is a fail 20 mil people that will be in debt for the rest of there lives…4.. you failed to mention that the CIA funded ISIS terrorists,, the American government created the terrorists the truth is out…3. you forget to mention that climate change is a very big topic earth has always got threw changes and always will, but now they blaming people for the climate change to politically gain power and also gain money of the taxes , the earth has always burned from inside and shoot ashes out volcanos and that's what makes the plants grow , the coal power stations does not pollute and change climate, it creates carbon dioxide that nature needs ,, ever wonder why the trees always grows so beautiful around power stations ?…2. you failed to mention that Ebola was weaponised in the 1980's in south Africa, the scientist documents and name is online and failed to mention that that documents ended up in US government's hands…1. you did not mention that sins JF. Kennedy, Russia's president Vladimir Putin is the one standing up to the Bankers that wanted to hi-Jack Ukraine, Russia has shares in Ukraine and have every right to move forces in the country to go protect there gas lines that Europe depends 50% of there energy on,, Russia is in the right and you failed to mention the Americans propaganda going on,, you clearly made it clear on witch side you are Bryce Plank ,, this video is what you call propaganda! www.infowars.com is the light in the darkness will open every ones eyes if you listen to the radio station.. , TDC is encoring valuable information to the public based on this one video I've watched.

  • wieke boiten

    I can say that ukraine has been a scary experience for me becouse im from the netherlands and i flew over ukraine that same week. Btw you have an awsome list this year.

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