3 Jurassic World Brawlasaurs Dino Battles Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Stegasaurus  Unboxing,  WD Toys
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3 Jurassic World Brawlasaurs Dino Battles Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Stegasaurus Unboxing, WD Toys

welcome 2wd toys wow guys is great to see you again
rigging have New 3 Jurassic World Brawlasaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Carnoraptor & Stegasaurus 2015 Battle Set also show today today I have 3 the Jurassic world brawler sores we have tyrannosaurus rex we have a
carnal Raptr and we have a Stegosaurus let’s take a
closer look at these he’s also have this ski and and battle
ap you download the app and then use ski
and though I you take this sticker of the
dinosaur in use can hear and you could fight dinosaurs in ap the
Seaway says on the back and I just talks about the game in the
back okay this one’s kinda cool let’s go ahead and open these up before
reopen them let’s ask Barbie how much they cost transaction initial 0 well I Ellis all searle searle do it 0 searle it I know it K let’s go ahead and hit the cash out
button week cast get well cash or card for me Paul don’t let sixty knowing said caving she like Paul parent credit card I okay update for let’s go ahead and have some fun well we
did take a look at the other ones this is the car now Raptr here and then this says the Stegosaurus okay his it three and then his duty
racks she go ahead to remove that then you
could scan that once you download the app his head moves up and down its tail wind
that’s how you play the game you lying these up and you pack on the bottom there’s like there’s like
slash actually not this is bash the nose by in there slash and one will beat the others very
similar to rock paper scissors like if I pick paper you pick rock paper would win this works
in a very similar format and then here is the car Raptr his blue with orange stripes orange been on top you wind him up just like
the other one see they got a Magni here depending on which setting you pull
at depends if it’s gonna win or not and then you
have the scanner for the Apple now onto that you got this tag a source here wind
that one up to you pick one at the options there and then
we’re gonna go ahead embattled so let’s see this says 30 cookie you have cookies Deborah okay
cookie you welcome D me hungry long dinosaur
looks it could be meet rate dinosaur located highest her look the dinosaurs me want to eat
dinosaurs did look so yummy day look like cookie to go to this is my show okay me go SS slash Beach Bash so slash would be the calls then let’s set wanted these up to be
bash sheesh bashes like it almost looks like an explosion symbol
Negley wind a mop you left their heads up like that and
then you have to have the battle one by me he you could probably owes do
by hand because it’s the magnets to pull each other together and then they go ahead and
Justin battle and I’ll but without the %ah without the track I don’t think any and
these could really win let’s try that one more time I think
they have to be on the track okay so let’s see it looks almost like
the blue 11 with shoes bash in the blue one should
had lost let’s go ahead and get da place and I’ll here the battle set we’ll see who wins care according to his I get the battle set all set up here
you’ve got a gates you got the launching tubes at the
end according to the instructions slash Beach Bash so this green guy is slash see go ahead
and poem on their in and this guy is set
unabashed so once it while not you go ahead and
put him on there and then you push the I launch buttons
on both sides let’s see who wins the green one is supposed to do all that looks almost like a tide let’s
try that again up the Green Dot was supposed to win but
I did it and we didn’t even the magnets didn’t
grab each other so let’s so fire did up looks like they both lost move it right now with the team racks so let’s see this says bash beats by Sebastian is the symbol looks
almost like an explosion Sebastian is right there okay and then byee looks like a jagged line
so that would be by so the t-rex should win so let’s see that is correct left but their heads get them set for bad at all and you
lunch them ups website the ball beat each other again let’s try that one
more time make it said the treaty rack should win case set for battle and 1 yeah the t-rex widened okay that sounds kinda fun wet when I
originally I’m reviewed is set the two dinosaurs a
camera did didn’t really seem to battle each other
so now you know with the extra ones is seems to
work a lot better on I have like I have five these are battle
blocks slower you could set the mop they actually have and receiver shows
how many you could actually by I think there’s
like seven between seven and 10 a.m. saw it is kinda fun it is kinda find it is it is a little
bit on the expensive side so it’s kinda there is some better jurassic park set out there saw if you don’t have the
other sets I think some of the other set to be a
lot funner why they’re really fun dinosaurs that is the and ominous racks they have a
really big one is got rubber skin roaring action and their skin on the back lights up by did a full review on this
one it’s a big dinosaur I mean he could pretty much walla walla
these no problem huh so much fun denise is here fighting what it want to hi how by rope you okay says dinosaurs can’t do that well good if you had fun make sure you subscribe to my channel
and down below the video down Click Clack Skype leave a comment which were the dinosaurs with your favorite if you went to the
video NPR’s ina funny hey we have so much more fun
together there’s so much Peppa Pig in princess not done is our videos I hope to see my


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