4 Awesome Ways To Use Glitter You Probably Haven't Thought Of - Including Glitter Arches!

4 Awesome Ways To Use Glitter You Probably Haven't Thought Of – Including Glitter Arches!

hi everyone welcome to hedgehog hollow
today I'm back with our teaser and I'm going to be showing you some of my
favorite glitter techniques now I know some of you are not big glitter fans but
trust me you can have so much fun when crafting with glitter and their
ultrafine glitter comes in this grape hat with 54 glitters in it it's extra
fine so you can do some really fun techniques which is what we're going to
do today now I've done some prep work ready so I took some ultra smooth tonic
cardstock in white I added the tonic double-sided adhesive over the top
popped it through my Gemini machine with some dyes so I used the lawn fawn fancy
a lattice backdrop I used this fancy dye which is called a tree arch from hero
arts the paper rose blooming flowers and the Duggal dots cover die from alternate
I want to show you some fun cards that we can create you can see on your screen
the cards that we're going to be creating today so here they all are
ready done we did and everything one thing I find when I'm cutting the
adhesive is you do want to use the metal plate in your die-cutting machine so
first of all let's just start off with doing a plain background so let me show
you some my favorite tips now I have all of my gorgeous glitters in here and
we're just going to start with a solid color so I'm going to start with this
bright pink it's cording neon pink you know me and my pink I think by now and
I'm just working on a piece of scrap paper you could work in a coffee filter
there are lots and lots of different options here and I'm just using my craft
pick to take the top layer of my adhesive off you can see it just like
that I'm just going to unscrew the top and tip my glitter all over don't panic
I promise it's going to be absolutely gorgeous at the end and then all you want to do is just tip
it and dab your bottom in if you need to we're going to give it a slight tap and
we want to put any excess glitter back in so what I do is I just curved my
paper give it a pinch at the bottom pop your lid on give it a shake you'll find
it settles and then you can add in any extra and you can get rid of any excess
into our trash can now the top tip to stop this shedding is to burnish so I
just coat take this make sure I do a nice butt and you see
how that burnish also brings out all of that extra sparkle it goes from being a
flat pink to a super sparkly pink again I'm doing it on my scrap paper and you
can see there now look at that super pretty piece on that okay so that's how
we start off just doing a single color next up let's tackle something a little
bit more I'm going to take this one here I'm going to choose a couple of shades
of blue we struggle to get my blues in the order I want them or any shades
really maybe this one let's go with these these are perfect so for this one
we're going to do it as an ombre effect and I like to start with my lightest and
of course we're going to one quarters or fourths so I'm going to take my pick
again super easy I'm going to eyeball it you can measure if you wanted to I'm
gonna eyeball and I'm just going to fold back a quarter of the way this
I take my lightest color I'm gonna make sure it's reasonably straight tip it
over like this do my taps again surface sweep the best tool ever same that pinch
will help you create that nice little funnel I also love my little tiny trays
– they're perfect empty out my excess and we're ready to do our second color
so we'll do the same we'll take we'll go half way this time halfway ish we'll
fold press shake and I'll do the rest so for this one we're going to go for a
realistic effect kind of the same thing but I'm going to pick off my box first
so the deadness and again using my craft pick always try to leave an edge if you
had I always think of this afterwards so there's my top tip of something I didn't
do and now I wish I had done there is so I can do this side I had it so I'm just
going to fold it around here ish and I'm going to do the same on this side when
you create super cute cards – I'll show you my finished cards as well and how I
created them so again I'm just sprinkling the chocolate on I like to
kind of give it a nice person – whoops but I've got my surface sweep to clean
up and the surface wheat has these really fine bristles so it makes glitter
clear up really nice and easy I'm gonna give this a nice burnished quickly yep
and now I'm gonna pull off the rest turn my paper over so it's as clean as
it can be and this time I decided to go with fresh green and we're just gonna
pour it all over like so again I like to give it a little press if I can you
could go with full colors you could go ice dipped I think there's so many
options with this dye you can see give it a nice tap to remove your excess
again we'll pop our glitter back in and don't forget that burnishing step 2 so for my final one again I'm going to
just pick up a little bit let me say this is so easy there we go
craft pick is definitely the way to go like this and this one is a
glow-in-the-dark glitter so first of all I like it because it's the lighter color
it has a little sparkle but I always love a little bit of glow in the dark
because I always have this fan of his like visualization I'm gonna send
someone a card and then at night they kind of have this card go to bed and see
it on their mantle glowing away so I'm just adding just like a little bit in
here like so and then the rest of it I'm just gonna do this bright pop of orange
and just fancy something right and colorful this afternoon a nice summer
color again a quick burnish I love this paper rose dieting okay so now we can do
the rest this is called neon peach so there you have it four unique and
very different glitter cards using any dyes you have your stash don't forget
you can use background dyes word dies outline dyes at the details using the
glitter so many different options and here we've got the glow-in-the-dark here
we added just that little bit of a gatefold so I just kept a quarter inch
and glued my trees on to create that really fun gatefold element and I think
that's super cute you can write your message underneath your trees there
we've got our dots on here and this one we have that ombre effect on so lots a
lot of ideas do leave me a comment with your favorite card today I'd love to
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