4 Deadly Uses For Video – How To Share A Video On Twitter
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4 Deadly Uses For Video – How To Share A Video On Twitter

So, how do you share a video to Twitter? And how do you share a YouTube video to Twitter? I’m gonna show how to do this. Coming up! Hi, this is Des from DesDreckett.com and on this channel, we teach you how to start and grow your “Side Hustle.” Now, in this video, we’re gonna show you how to upload a video to Twitter and we’re also gonna show you how to upload a YouTube video to Twitter. Now, if you haven’t been here before, consider subscribing and ringing the bell. And, if at any point you wanna check out what I’m talking about in this video. Have a look in the YouTube description down below for the show notes and I show you exactly what we’re talking about and I’ll place links to whatever I’m talking about in this video as well. That’s it! Let’s have a look at the video. Ok, to upload a video to Twitter is really easy. All you need to do is click the tweet button. Then, you’ve got a few options at the bottom here. What you’re interested is this one here. “Add photos or video.” So, just click on that button just there. And then choose whichever one of these videos you wanna upload to Twitter So, obviously wherever you’ve saved it on your desktop. You need to find that and then find the video file that you want to upload to Twitter. And, I’m gonna choose this one here. Click “open.” So, what it does, it then starts uploading the video to Twitter’s server. And, you’ve got a choice really. you can either use the whole video which is 2 minutes. Or, let me just pause this. Or, you can use a snippet of this video. So, what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna use the whole video. Now, if you wanted to just use a snippet. You can actually drag the start tab just tab just there or you can drag the finish tab. To wherever you want it. I’m going to use the whole one, so I’m gonna drag it all the way to the very end and then drag that tab all the way to the very end as well and then click done. So, then what it’s going to do then, it’s gonna upload this video to Twitter. So, what I’ll do is I’ll add just a bit of text. Say, “I am testing.” and then I’m gonna click “tweet.” So, that’s gonna take a few seconds, maybe even minutes it depends on the speed of your internet. That’s gonna take a few seconds or a few minutes to upload. So, we’ll come back to it. Ok, so if we just refresh this page. And if we scroll down. We should be able to see our tweet. There you go. So, obviously you would write whatever description you wanna write in here and obviously place a link there as well. What’s great as well about uploading a video, erm, file that you’ve actually produced to Twitter is the fact that it auto plays as well. which is not the same as if you upload a YouTube video. or you link to a YouTube video in a tweet. Whenever somebody is scrolling through their feed and you’ve uploaded the video the way I’ve showed you it all will auto play in their feed. The only difference is, it won’t play any sound. It will only play the video without sound and they have to click on the little sound icon here. I’ll just show you. to actually get some volume on that video. So, I’m gonna delete that. because , I don’t want it on the feed at this time. and that’s it. That’s how you upload a video to Twitter. One of the questions I get asked is: “Des, how? you use videos in YouTube that aren’t your own. and they look like YouTube videos. How do you download those?” Now, it’s quite easy and I use a piece of software. But, because YouTube’s terms and conditions I’m not gonna show you it in this video. if you go into the description of this erm of this video it’ll take you to my blog posts And in that blog post I will show you how to download a YouTube video and then convert it for Twitter. but obviously because of the YouTube terms of conditions I probably can do it. but I’m not going to because I don’t want to infringe on any of their terms conditions at all. I’m going to record a separate video In my blog post where I show you exactly how to do that and exact software are used so if you’re interested in that. I will leave a link in the description below of the blog post that accompanies this video. And then I can show you how to use a YouTube video file and upload that to Twitter. OK, so if you want to share a YouTube video to Twitter really easy all you need to do is click the share button. options so there’s a various different places you can share this video to, but I’m going to choose the Twitter option. so click on that the Twitter icon just there. What does it opens up in new window and it already inserts the main title of the video. the actual YouTube URL, the web address and then via @ YouTube, it does it does that automatically. So what you can do you can change this text if you want to or you can add on some bits as well if you want to as well Just add on my business and then i’m going to put who the actual video is From me and then tweeted by XenMediaM and then I can add some hashtags to it as well so “what’s the video talking about” it’s talking about how to get more twitter followers. So I’ll just add Twitter marketing, if I spell right marketing and then marketing tips. i don’t really go to crazy on hashtags To be honest you don’t really need to and it’s not something I really recommend. three is probably the maximum of hashtags you wanna add to a tweet and then that’s it so we need to do is click on the “tweet” button. so that was that we share it to wherever you’re logged in. So, if you’ve got several Twitter accounts it will share it to whatever account that you’re logged into at the moment so if you go to my XenMedia Twitter account. it’s not there at the moment but it’s showing “See one new tweet.” It’s basically saying There’s a new tweet. If we click on that. There you go, there’s a YouTube video there. Now, the main difference between this and the one that I showed you earlier where I Uploaded a video is a YouTube video doesn’t auto play it was show this icon In somebody’s feed, so if they’re scrolling all the way down it won’t auto play it will literally just show representation of a video and if they want to play it they need to click on that button just there the little play button and then it’ll play the video. the main difference between the two is on the one that you upload it won’t have any of this text here because it’s not a YouTube video If somebody wants to Listen to the video bit more and they wanted to go onto the YouTube platform they can do. all they do it just click on this YouTube link here and it takes them to the YouTube platform to that specific video as well. and that’s basically it. That’s how you embed a YouTube video on to Twitter and if somebody wants to share it they can do the can click on this button here. you can also embed this in your website as well. All you need to do click on the more Arrow just here and then you can embed this into your web sites and click “embed.” so what is doing its doing. It’s showing you some code that you can actually place in your website. Now, you can even include the media which is this image with the text or you can click this checkbox and all it will do is it just show the text it won’t show this image at all. but because I want to show the preview I wanna include the media. Copy this to a my clipboard and then go over to my website and I’m going to place this in in a WordPress website which is my own you can do this with whichever website you have. As long as you have you got access to the back end of the website So all I need to do to embed this into a WordPress post. click on the text button there and then just paste the code in. and then if I go to visual it shows it like that. Click on the “save draft.” then if i click on “preview.” So, I preview this WordPress post. It should show the YouTube video embedded. There you go. So, if you ever want to embed a YouTube video from Twitter. or embed anything from Twitter. You just go through that process and again you can play it just there. and that’s it, that’s how you place a YouTube video onto Twitter. So, if you want to know the specs for a video for Twitter. I’ve got the written down here. So, The duration of the video should be no longer than 140 seconds. and the size of the video should be no larger than 512 meg. Now, if I’m honest, they say 512 meg This smaller you can make that video file the better. if it’s 512 meg It’s gonna take a long time to load and in my experience it’s probably not going to load up at all on any platform whether you’re uploading it directly through Twitter or whether you’re using a third party like a scheduler like Hootsuite or Buffer if it’s that large 512m is probably a bit too large and it won’t upload. The dimensions should be between 1280p and 1024p. and the aspect ratio should be between 1:3 and 3:1. the frame rate should be 40 frames per second or less. Alright? So why do they put the notes in the description of the video of all those Twitter specs for the video. Guys! Thank you so much for watching and if you haven’t done already subscribe or ring the bell. If you want to watch more videos like this one. click on the links on the left hand side. Don’t forget this channel teaches you how to start and grow your “Side Hustle.” So, that’s it for now. I’ll see you next time!

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    I shared my YouTube video on twitter, but I didn't see the preview button or any representation of the video. How can I share a YouTube video with a preview button? My tweet of the shared YouTube video is only a link.

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