5 Social Media Campaign Examples From Big Brands You Want to Be In 2018
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5 Social Media Campaign Examples From Big Brands You Want to Be In 2018

– Social media. It seems like everyone
wants to find success on social media or go viral these days, but what does that even
mean and how do you do it? That’s what we’re gonna talk about today. (exciting music) – [Woman] So what are
we learning about today? – Hey guys, it’s Ramona from Impact, and simply put, an effective
social media campaign is one that promotes
your product or service, builds brand awareness, and really creates a sense of community. But how do you do that? By being sharable. Social media is all about
sharing what’s going on in our lives, our thoughts,
and what’s important to us. If you can get people to do
that with your branded content, than you’ll be sure that
people will take notice. Here are five brands that got it right. Number one, #MyInstragramLogo. So this one started a little
bit by accident in 2013 when artist Palo Devali
encourged fellow artists and photographers to reimagine the logo and then share it to the platform. Then in 2016 when Instagram
actually redid their logo, everyone hated it, so it
started to catch on again and users from all backgrounds started to share their
own interpretations, and it really gave them the opportunity to show their love of the
platform and get creative. Number two, #KnowYourLemons. So this was a campaign
created by Worldwide Breast Cancer for Facebook to encourage survivors to really share their personal stories and also build awareness by sharing lesser known symptoms and facts
about breast cancer. The campaign really worked
because it took a serious topic and made it light hearted
using a playful hashtag. It also created comfort by
using humor to encourage people to discuss the topic more. Number three, Baskets. So this one’s a little weird,
it was created by the FX Network to promote a dark
comedy about a man who really dreams of being
a professional clown, I know it’s really weird
but the campaign is great. Basically what they did is
they set up a fake profile for Chip Baskets on
LinkedIn and this campaign was really great because
it felt totally natural. If you weren’t familiar with
the show or Zach Galifianakis, you probably would think it was real. It was funny, it was
unexpected, it was great. Number four, #WeAreHere. So this was a campaign on Facebook by Airbnb to promote their new app. Basically what they did
is they have six people livestream their travels via
helmet cam on the platform. It really worked because
it tapped into their users love of adventure and
then got a ton of live engagement via likes,
shares, and comments. So number five, Avoracle. This was a campaign for both Twitter and Facebook by the British company Lidl. Basically what they did is
they tap into the relatable experience of slicing into
an avocado and not knowing which side the pit was
gonna be on to predict the winner of soccer
matches and people loved it. They were betting on the
outcome and sharing on social. It really worked because it
tapped into an experience everyone’s had and a new current event. So there you have it, those are our five social media campaigns. If you like them, we have
22 more in the article in the description below and if you really liked what you saw here,
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