hey everyone welcome back to my channel I'm so happy you're here and so excited to talk to you all today about five things that I didn't expect from full-time blogging so if you've been following along for a long time you know I just launched its YouTube channel but I've actually been blogging for four years so doing videos is definitely something that has been on my mind for a long time which is why I'm so excited to go I'm here you're watching this but the transition to plug you full time pipes definitely throws me a lot of curveballs it's been absolutely amazing but it's definitely been challenging as well and I always want to be really honest and authentic and just really truthful about everything that I'm going through it I also know that blogging is just like such a different career than what people are still even used to it even my friends will still ask me like wait how I can make money and like what are you gonna do all day like you take photos like I don't want to understand so I'm super excited just to talk to you a little bit more about what I've learned what I'm feeling and definitely in a video in the future curators that I can talk about those questions and just kind of go through the nitty gritty details of it but today is all about five lessons and things that I didn't expect when I went full-time with my walk number one is just a different kind of pressure to perform and to produce content and so that is something that I know I definitely put on myself but now that I'm full turn with it I feel like I have all this time to do everything and seeing what everyone else is creating definitely puts this pressure on me to keep doing more and keep evolving which I can go second help the amount of pressure that should be on me but it can be unhealthy too when I start to get so in my head about all of that I think it kind of shifts when you go from having it as a hobby to full-time yeah just knowing that you have more time to produce the type of content that people want to see in people visit your blog for so that's definitely been something that I'm learning and trying to figure out number two and I think this is the most beautiful one to me it's just seeing how my think has really increased especially during the times of all the disappointments and the unknowns I'm just really learning to lean on God as my one provider and no matter what like falls through I know that he's the one that's really gonna satisfy me at the end of the day so I mean the amount of light comments like analytics can never do any of that for me and it's just been so much joy and that journey that he has set before me and there's also just been that's really beautiful sense of peace knowing that he has called me to this and this is where I'm supposed to be and no matter how long I'm supposed to be here I trust him and I just think that's been really really cool to see number three is that I am busier than ever and that is going to come as no surprise to any of my friends and family who are watching this but let me say I have always been a very busy person in college I could my schedule is packed right when I graduated by any schedule still like boom-boom-boom but I am so busy now and that's something that I'm struggling with too is just how to manage my time again and how to manage all the different relationships that I have and I'm going to grab a coffee with people I can't for have like three coffees a day every single day of the week and all these things like this but there's also just again going back to the pressure just to create and to perform there's just so much more to do now that I have time but now that I have that time I've been taking on still much more and so that's just filling up my schedule more than ever I also do a lot of outside blogging as well that takes a lot of time so I'm still just trying to figure everything out and sometimes I'm really part of myself and some like Molly like you've been doing this for five months like you should figure out you should have figured out your schedule by now and all these different things but I know there's so much grace in that and yeah it is definitely a process but I stay up way later the next should be staying up is to get things done I'm still waking up really early so it is definitely a ha so like don't permit it be cool only by the beautiful photos and everything else you've seen from all bloggers and the content creators and influencers like there's seriously so much happening behind the scenes just to make everything happen okay my next one number four is kind of weird but when I was thinking about everything that I've learned and things that I really stood out to me this one really stood out to me and that is my increased attention to timeliness so if someone's like running late to a meeting because I am so busy I sometimes like to stock a bunch of things it kind of is a ripple effect and might throw off my entire day and with email I noticed now when someone takes way longer than they show it to respond and not even like the mixture but honestly then like what is polite in my opinion and what's respectful so I've had brands that we've been going back and forth and back and forth and then they start to take like two weeks to respond they take three weeks to respond there's just such a big holdup on my end for being able to produce the content that they want me to produce just because I'm waiting on their response so I think that has definitely changed the way that I respond to other people and how quickly I'm trying to response people still try to get that under control because I know I respond to texts and phone calls like days after I get them but just seeing how it can disrupt a little bit of my schedule it makes my flow and like what I've been trying to do because someone else isn't like probably promptly responding it has definitely influenced me and in my last one is that your support system in your community are key because seriously I would not be able to do this if it wasn't for everyone around me just encouraging me on literally a daily basis just because the amount of like life that you're gonna start to hear and the feelings of like not being good enough to do it or even just like the comparison game because you I just put so much time with social media because that's your job it can just be really difficult to remind yourself that you aren't technically so speeding that you're doing a great job at it and sometimes when your numbers don't reflect that or upgrade leverage from fall through or when you just really stressed about money because money is so inconsistent now how can you anot do this if it weren't for them especially in this season I have just been so reminded that who you surround yourself with is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your entire life so those are some of the biggest things that I didn't expect about blogging overall it has been such an amazing five months I seriously I can't believe that I get to do this for my job I can't believe I get to wake up every single day I get to talk to y'all I get to write for y'all I get to take photos for y'all it's just such a joy to to be able to give joy to y'all be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe if you want to see more videos every single week


  • Amélie Boucher

    This was so interesting to watch, Molly! I thought about being a full-time blogger for a while before deciding to go a different route, so I'm always curious to see what goes on behind the scenes for full-time bloggers!

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