6 Easy HAIRSTYLE & FASHION Looks For Teenage/College Girls | #Partylook #Beauty #Anaysa
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6 Easy HAIRSTYLE & FASHION Looks For Teenage/College Girls | #Partylook #Beauty #Anaysa

one minute hairstyle for the girls who wear Suits take mid section Taking a strand towards back using your finger and secure that strand with another hand like this likewise do the same repeat it on the other side as well once done then secure it using bobbi pins do comment me if you like my hairstyle & outfit how’s about this colourful look taking the mid section slightly twist hair and then fix a bobbi pin now divide all hair in mid partition secure one side with sky blue rubber band below it use another pink colour rubber band now inside out your hair to give them a twist likewise repeat twice or thrice this look is perfect for picnic this hairstyle is perfect for everyday now will tell you how to make it first side partition your hair take a strand from front and divide it into three and start making a normal braid slightly pull the hair like this secure both the strands back side now remove the rubber bands how she makes this cute hair style in her long hair secure your front hair like this then gather all hair and then twisting it to make a messy bun like this then mid partition your front hair secure left strand toward right and vice versa keep securing in a criss cross way she completed her hairstyle first take mid section take a strand and start twist it take another strand merge it with the first one and again twist keep doing this till you reach towards your ear and then secure it using a bobbi pin do the same on other side too this hairstyle suited so well on this yellow top this hairstyle is best for birthday parties take front side hair toward back side and then secure take strands from either side and secure with rubber band and then twist it likewise take strands & repeat the same 3 to 4 times


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