A Crime You Admit To… Is Still a Crime – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show
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A Crime You Admit To… Is Still a Crime – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– I will say, this is probably
one of the more interesting aspects of every single Trump scandal is that unlike most politician’s scandals, Trump’s scandals play out both in like a clandestine way
and in a very open way. And that confuses journalists
and media I’ve noticed because a lot of people fall into the trap of being like, “Yeah,
but he said it in public, “so does that mean it’s wrong?” It’s like, “Yeah.” Just because you say your crime in public doesn’t mean that it’s no longer a crime. That’s not how it works, it’s
just we’re used to people who have levels of shame and so we’re used to busting a politician. Did you secretly do
this, “Oh, you got me.” And then like Rudy Guiliani’s
just telling people the game, it’s like, “Yeah, doesn’t mean “that you didn’t do something wrong.” And that’s what people are
literally using as a defense. What’s also interesting is I think people are also losing track of what the focus is or how this started. This is about Donald Trump
using the power of his office, an American president, forget Trump, an American president now,
using the power of his office to specifically target
a person he perceived as a threat in an election. All right, ’cause he didn’t
do this with Joe Biden a long time, it’s like no,
Joe Biden’s in the race now. In the call he was like, “Yo, I need to, “can you just check this out. “I need you to figure what’s
going on with Joe Biden.” That’s like, the timing also
has to count for something. You know what he was
doing here, all right. It’s a US president doing that. But now they’re bringing up like, oh he also called
Australia’s prime minister and asked about the Mueller investigation and he called, I’m like, “Yeah,
even if he did those things, “whatever,” but don’t forget
what the main story is. Because now sometimes I
feel like the press also, you know what I mean,
they’re like a little kid where there’s a shiny
thing and they’re like, “That one, and that one, and that one.” Then it’s like yeah, but what’s the thing, what did you want for Christmas? “I want him to get impeached.” “Okay, and now, why are you
focusing on other things?” Focus on Ukraine and just
tell the story properly. It’s like on random thing, Australia also, also Italy, yeah yeah yeah. Yeah, but that doesn’t have to do with him abusing the power of the office, like the office is the main thing, so. We’ll see how it goes. But these two are just
like, they hilarious, just telling the people half
of the story in the streets. And Guiliani’s my
favorite ’cause he says it and then denies it blatantly. In the same interview, “I didn’t do it.” “So what did you do?” “It, I did it.” “So you’re confessing?” “No, I’m not.” (upbeat music)


  • Lovbeinamom

    Bernie Sanders is the most consistently honest politician ever, he just is! Get well senator Sanders, your family and country need and love you…

  • joris suffuhrt

    BLUE IS THE NEW BLACK. For are red, if you are blue, you are considered to be a lesser human being a filthy sub human only worthy of being denied anything. It is that bad. The reds can do anything to hurt the blue. For the reds that is justified. The problem is that there is no arguing against that, as no red will ever listen to a blue, no matter if it is light blue or dark blue. So blues stop arguing and start the fight to defeat politicism which is the new racism

  • shortylickens69

    Republicans are good at everything except solving problems. They know how to lie, cheat, steal, misdirect, deflect, confuse, obfuscate, blame, and cover up.
    They just cant solve a problem.

  • Ana Maldonado

    I used to cheat, actually I didn't copy but I used to tell the answers to my friend in moments of confusion in the test in high loud voice, because I read the teacher realices less about the cheating as oppose when you whisper. Very similar, it doesn't matter even though it was almost open, I still was helping with the cheating.
    And Trevor is right, focus now, Ukrania for now, not Australia.

  • bc azur

    A lot of people post without having any legal background or don’t know what executive privilege mean and spin anything just as this clown show is doing to spread propaganda

  • D truthing

    Go engage the uninformed and comment on fox news videos. That's in a way your duty as an American. Half of the country is ready to support trump into full dictatorship. Country is in deep trouble and needs educating. Trump is only a dumb self serving symptom. Go talk to your brothers and sisters, your countrymen instead of hanging with your half only. They are all over there and most of you are far more capable then they are in arguing your case. They might be uneducated but they are not all dumb. They are just isolated. Go see what Hannity or Carlson is telling them and help them out. Deviding and concurring is what Putin is doing to us and we are all complicit by playing for him. Their videos dislikes are in double or triple digits only because we have stopped talking and caring. Don't be afraid of the ones who curse and name call. If you you turn 10% of them and you can do more, America is saved. Let fox get more views, that's a small price to pay.

  • Mondo Shredder

    Of all of the potential nicks #45 could get tagged with, Don "The Master Of Distraction" Trump could very well end up being the winner.
    My personal favorites so far:
    Our Commander In Tweet
    The Con Man Dare In Thief

    I'm sure dozens more are in the running as well…

  • Mondo Shredder

    In the end, Trump, Giuliani, and many other members will try resorting to pleading innocent by reasons of dementia.

  • Douglas Miles

    And the stupidest part is that he did it before he even knew if Biden would become the democratic candidate for 2020. Is he doing the same type of thing on Bernie or Warren?

  • Tragoudistros.MPH

    Ordinarily, showing a pattern of misbehavior is damning, but this Republican administration has used that as a defense…
    "It's fake, because no single person could or would commit so many crimes."


  • kodoxlucu

    Most world leader should collude to keep trump in WH. This guy is too funny to leave 😂. He made jokes on daily basis.
    And he make a diversion for the real problem faced by real people.

  • Lilian Olike

    Trump is not getting impeached, they are not done with him yet. The corporations need a puppet for economic control and someone to put the blame on when all is done. He is being used, unfortunately his big mouth will not allow
    him be alive when out of office and he doesn't look like someone who wants to go down alone so he might be assassinated or will end up like his friend Jeffrey Epstein. Was it really suicide?

  • Debra Chase

    Can t. use Guiliani's blatant incompetence to call for a mistrial, later? Is Guiliani's suuuuuper public bufoonery an insurance policy? Can he claim incompetent legal representation to get a mistrial? Are they doing this on purpose?

  • Etienne Calleja

    They aren't distracted Trevor. What they are doing is that they're building a case with more evidence. Impeachment occurs on the proof of high crimes and/or misdemeanours. It doesn't have to be one crime, and if one can show a pattern of behaviour….

  • Naimul Islam Mihad

    I started watching Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Late Late Show with James Corden just to improve my English Language listening skill. But I ended up falling in love with all the shows.

    Anyone who came here like me?

  • Don Ghidoni

    Trump wasn't stable in 2016, but now he's gone certifiable insane day after day. He's a lunatic, get him the F from my country Congress.

  • Jolene Plourde

    Trump follows Putins tactics when it comes to targeting opponents. Impeach the idiot before he has someone killed!

  • Chr. Eck.

    No American is above the law. Get rid of that stupid DOJ memo preventing a sitting president from being charged with a crime. It's an affront to the idea and justice/fairness in our society.

  • Yolanda Denny

    That's right! Stay on point! He confessed; Guiiiani affirmed it. End of story. Guilty. Take it to vote. He'll probably stay in, but people will finally see he is a self-indulgent child not interested in serving our country but only himself. All his crying and whining is that of a petulant child NOT A MAN. Only reason he wants back as president is that the New York state courts are waiting to indict him. Wants to wait them out–figures they'll forget and won't prosecute him while in office.

  • Wizard Tim

    Honestly, it's an accidental stroke of genius.

    I'm betting I'm not the 9nly person who's thought "it can't be this easy, something's wrong here…".

    We gotta get over that and take advantage of everything they say on national television as evidence.

  • Oliver Berner

    So… Anybody who thinks the office… Let's just be honest for moment, when do public servants or special interest organisations, not use their position or affiliation to do favors to each other, gosh likeminded agencies and representatives have "allegedly" been doing it since before the inception of modern society and before "democracy" even became thing, a sure thing thing just like how rights are guaranteed (Wink) maybe its encrypted texts or generalised so they can choose to interpret things differently as they go along (Maker v. Asin, 1989 or Anderson v. FORD, 1876 oh they were made up but hey-hey-hey….). Most of you (as far as I know) weren't born in the ages before monarchs but did everyone sleep during the police brutality cases, c'mon guys… They bailed out the banks but took poor peoples homes, you know… But studentdebt, interest-payments, foodstamps, soupkitchens and so on aren't all bad, but in perspective, trillions were spent on defense, skyskrapers and foreign investing on the other hand the money, manpower and resources could go to building a wall. And maybe that is "the smartest" and/or best thing a leader/think tank advisory board could come up with given the circumstances. "I" have not made the calculations.

    Even if "I" was allowed to enter/visit/stay in "the country" (of the brave & the free), "tha-I"… "I" would be cautious given the high cost and expensive health care cost, if god forbid, something were to happen. But given the competition which Universal free health care seemingly lacks, perhaps quality of care, expertise and so on is higher, and equipment/medicines/employees better. "I" thought most Mexicans and others would think the simillarly given that often refugees and immigrants are stated to have a bad financial situation. Who rushes over a border, with children without health care insurance…

    Were you awake when the power of lobbying showed its hands. Is the "little guy" really gonna act up over this, Biden "bagatell…" They've been chanting impeachment and who knows what since 2016, it's almost 2020… Did not Mueller and the others already conclude that regardless if, it was or wasnt a crime a sitting president cannot be charged with a felony. "I" dont think it seems as if The President has freakishly small hands and the hair, looks like hair.

  • Chill H

    Everybody would know clue is picking on the president saying he's racist when he's not obviously the left is racist they actually say racist things

  • Chill H

    Anybody else find it funny here in a black guy talk about crime he will never address the issue that his people commit more crimes than anybody The Sweep that under the rug

  • Optimus Phoenix Prime

    Everything is subjective
    You are just as responsible for climate change
    Be the 1st to cast the stone

  • Vbat 421

    We are living in a strange world. We have a president tweeting daily, all day and saying the nastiest things about countries and people. Yet in the business worlds, everything is sexual harassment and bullying and offensive. It seems like people are trying too hard to overcompensating and over-correcting on how we should communicate to each other. We are getting judgemental and offended to the smallest details.

  • sdfkjgh

    This all reminds me of that line from Absolutely Sweet Marie, by Bob Dylan: "To live outside the law, you must be honest."

    Also, this line from Molly's Game: "Don't break the law when you're breaking the law."

  • KJ Lynch

    I predict that in about 10 years, other countries are going to start using "the US can't get by without asking for favors" or similar things as an insult, much like how people joke about how France surrenders easily or how the UK lost a bunch of countries.


    Just because you say your crime in public doesn’t mean it isn’t a crime …….. whhhhaaaaaaaaaa?! 🧐🤭👇😱

  • burningwp

    This is really dangerous. The power of normalizing his actions and outrage fatigue. He is literally overloading our ability to sense how bad his actions are. Since he has now moved to publicly inciting foreign powers against his political opponents, people start to view it as just "another Trump thing."

    This is extremely extremely bad. The whole point of the impeachment process is to show the American people just how bad Trump is and show how each of the Republicans are bad for supporting him. He will not get removed; McConnell will make sure of that.

    So the only power of impeachment is publication of his crimes. If he normalizes his actions by publicly acknowledging his crimes, then people start to wonder what the point of impeachment is since it's just "another Trump thing."

  • Jerry VanNuys

    trump is selling our national sovereignty for his personal advantage.
    It is a violation of his oath of office and treason by ANY definition.

  • Valerie Lindley

    It’s so ironic that trumps kids are guilty of doing what he claims needs to be investigated Hypocrisy at it’s finest

  • Stephanie James

    The extortion of Ukraine's president, not to mention withholding funds we promised to give them to fight against the Russian invaders and protect their sovereignty and democracy, is a crime. Forcing Ukraine to surrender to Russia's terms so that Russia not only gets to keep the parts of Ukraine they annexed but Russian sanctions can be dropped is a crime.

  • Natasha Clark

    Keep in mind like #45 supporters… #45 have a severely low IQ. That's scarier than any horror movie, tv show, video game, haunted house & costume. 🤨

  • Daniel Schroedinger

    Trump and Giuliani somehow manage to be so dumb so openly that people just naturally give them the benefit of the doubt. People would rather question their own understanding of the situation than accepting this level of idiocy. Simply because people with so much power being really this stupid is an incredibly scary thought that exposes how broken our world really is.

  • Roman Carreon

    The worst, shut it Trevor. You’ve ruined the daily show. You aren’t funny, your dumb political rants show an extreme lack of research and overview of what you’re talking about. You follow every wrong negative narrative instead of showcasing the positive, and there are plenty. For the rest of the comment section, do you own research, stop listening to ill informed tv hosts

  • Boeregaa 007

    To me, the mix of sincerity and goofiness in the 'between the scenes' pieces, is by far the most on point in all of the Daily Show and they are always smart and meaningful. I just love those and whish they would come more frequently!

  • Crusty Cobs

    Unbelievable that Trump made the Ukraine call ONE DAY AFTER the collsuion investigation was over.
    And then he did exactly what was charged AGAIN, and even expanded on it on live TV. Duhhhh

  • ZarlanTheGreen

    There is NO reason to just focus on Trump's requests regarding Ukraine. Looking at his other dealings, only serves to STRENGTHEN the case for impeachment …and there are tons of other crimes, most of them worse, that he has committed whilst president (including obstruction as Mueller showed), some of which he has publicly admitted to, which should also be included.

  • deborah chinn

    No one is losing focus. The POTUS is an illegitimate placement in the Oval Office who happens to be a wannabe crime boss who is guilty of every possible kind of fraud, graft and corruption to the degree the world has never seen. He needs to be in Rivers Island, not the WH.

  • Summaiya Nazneen

    Finally someone said this. Not just politicians but this applies to everyone like celebrities or anyone else. Just because you admit in public doesn’t mean you are right or innocent.

  • Sirei Shirosenshi

    why does no one takes responsibility for their actions? You do something wrong, you get consequences. If not, smthing is srsly wrong.

  • J. Nitro

    A mental illness is a condition that affects a person's thinking, feeling or mood. Such conditions may affect someone's ability to relate to others and function each day. Each person will have different experiences, even people with the same diagnosis. Hate is a mental disorder. Hate is a mental illness.

  • Killsocialmedia

    In this corner we have globalists who offer free shit to illegals, dead babies and more racism and sexism. In this corner we have a man that says lots of dumb crap that pisses off the other side..Who will win? My bet is on the saying dumb crap guy. The democrats are so terrible at these election things

  • The Cold Poet

    Do all the little kid voices in Trevor’s head sound like his little 9 year old brother at the hospital when his mom got shot in the head?

  • Ara Gregorian

    After noticing the latest poll results, Trump orders Ukraine and the Kurds to look into the fraudulent activities of Elizabeth Warren and her offspring.

  • Toby Bartels

    But all of that stuff about the Mueller investigation is also impeachable. It's what Trump should have been impeached for three months earlier: the obstruction of justice that Mueller laid out for us.

  • Bullettube

    Trump has always been a con-artist, lying to promote himself, not taking blame for his mistakes, denying that he is not a billionaire, taking credit for things he didn't do etc. Why are people in the media and GOP not aware of his past? It's because in the real world everything is local. The people living in small towns and big cities west of New York never paid any attention to what Trump was doing for the last 50 years. They worried about local problems and taking care of their families, not what some buffoon in New York city was doing. Middle America's view of Trump is based on his dumb TV show, which was scripted BTW; the winners were picked ahead of time, like all reality shows. Small town America doesn't have the time to really understand what goes on In New York, or Washington DC, or San Francisco, or any city more then 50 miles away. I put some of the blame on the mass media, which is based on the coasts, but also on Americans themselves for being ignorant. Ignorance is not a permanent condition, it's cure is education, but first you have to want to be educated. And most Americans are too lazy to take the time to look for themselves.

  • Ģogul Pathmanabhan

    I wish there is a bit on a drug dealer or any other criminal using "Trump" tactics to get out of arrest. I would totally watch that!

  • Campfiresong

    But Trevor, if we're going to impeach we're going to need to use all the cards in our deck. If we focus on just one thing it's not going to work

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