a productive day in my life | bullet journal, sriracha oatmeal, daiso haul
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a productive day in my life | bullet journal, sriracha oatmeal, daiso haul

hello my friends it’s nina and welcome to a productive day in my life i still don’t know if it’s going to be productive but i’m going to try to be productive this is a vlog style kind of day in my life just because i want you guys to actually come with me i wanna be able to talk, i just wanna have a chill casual time today’s supposed to be like 100 degrees F i don’t really have a lot of summer clothing so i’m just wearing a v neck t shirt and my mom jeans i don’t really think i should be wearing pants but i also don’t like wearing shorts so hopefully it’s not too hot i already got ready, brushed my teeth did my makeup and all that because if i don’t do that first thing in the morning i’m gonna get lazy so i just finished that i have to go walk my dogs, i have to go eat because i’m getting lightheaded anyway i’ll have my morning routine in another video this is just going to be a casual day in my life let’s get into it! i know i should be drinking probably warm water and it’s probably easier to drink warm water i don’t have the patience for that hello hello hello hello helloooo what are you doing why are you following me so cute polo! take your time, take your sweet time polo come polo whatcha smelling polo marco always walks really far away from me and then polo’s always next to me polo’s a real one marco doesn’t care vlogging and walking two dogs is harder than i thought i think today is going to be just mostly me cleaning up, going out real quick to get some stuff and then getting myself together i guess i recommend everyone should get a dog or a cat go adopt dogs and cats make your life a little bit better wow why’s it so hot climate change it is so hot marco has a habit of walking up to every single frickin front yard she literally goes back and forth i don’t know why she does that and then polo’s here just being chill marco why are you so chaotic look there she goes again you’re a chill one polo ok so the dishes are finally done i kinda cleaned the kitchen i’m gonna eat now i’m just gonna have oatmeal and fruits i was gonna have an egg but i’m not really feeling like cleaning the pans right now i don’t have the muscle strength for that another run bts episode has been up since like 4 am or 5 am for me i can’t wait to watch it i’ll watch it when i eat because that’s usually my ritual fruit! i’m gonna make my oatmeal now i just finally wanted to introduce to you guys how i make oatmeal so we just start with old fashioned oats these are the generic brand from safeway and then i just get a bowl ok now personally i don’t cook my oatmeal in a pot that’s just a lot of work so i just go in and i microwave my oatmeal i’ve done it for the past maybe 4 years or something that i’ve eaten oatmeal so if it’s unhealthy oh well then my body’s super damaged but it still gets the job done so i microwave my oatmeal i put about a half cup i’ve eaten so much oatmeal that i kind of just estimate at this point i don’t use an actual measuring cup so i put, you can’t see but there’s a bowl right here i just pour my amount of oatmeal oatmeal’s great for digestion for your heart, for your skin so i have my oatmeal as you can see right there i don’t put brown sugar or maple syrup in my oatmeal i just put a little bit of salt i kind of just estimate how much salt i put i just put in a little bit of salt then i put in a cup of water because that’s the instructions on the oatmeal box after you put your water in you can put it in the microwave usually i’ll have an egg with my oatmeal but today i’m just not feeling it so in she goes to the microwave i usually cook it for 3 minutes just because i don’t want it to overflow and then i’ll add 30 more seconds or whatever honestly you just gotta cook it til it’s cooked ok i’m gonna go over there now now we’re back here’s my oatmeal and here’s my fruit i put just a little cold water into the oatmeal just to loosen it up and also to kind of cool it down because it’s gonna be super hot ok now next thing i do you guys might get mad at me but if you know me i put sriracha in my oatmeal i’m going to explain myself basically you can see that there’s a little salt in the oatmeal so it’s already kind of a salty flavor so i would think that putting in a little sriracha is not disgusting i also cook my oatmeal with water, not milk so i think it’s like a really lazy porridge i’m asian so i just put in a little sriracha making sure it doesn’t splatter on my white shirt and then i put a nice drizzle i wouldn’t recommend this to someone who has high sodium i probably have high sodium by now but honestly you only live once so live your best life every time i eat i have to watch something it’s kinda like i have to do it i don’t eat until i have something to watch here’s my sriracha oatmeal y’all wanna try some? sometimes i have my oatmeal without sriracha but other times i like the flavor of it i like a little spice in my life but i wouldn’t recommend eating it every single day omg also sometimes i get comments about like why are you eating the spoon or chomping on the spoon i do it mostly to avoid putting my lips on the spoon because i am wearing lip tint so i tend to kind of bite my spoon sorry about it it’s currently 12:30 pm and i’m going to get some organizing done i don’t know when i’m going to go out but for now i like to take some time to write in my bullet journal and get myself organized get some stuff done currently i am just taking care of some things on youtube and then i’m going to plan my day out this kind of reminds me of a not really studying with nina y’all i’ve been so good about my caffeine i haven’t had caffeine in like a week i think no that’s not true, i had caffeine like 5 days ago but it’s been 5 days also i did want to talk about my bullet journal for a second i’m going to play some clips of me doing my bullet journal for june i usually go for more of a minimal style anyway but this time i actually added a habit tracker spending my weekly layout kind of changed a little bit my month kind of looks the same but then at the end i did add some favorites some finds a page for reflections so i’m really trying to make my journal more useful habit tracker’s going well so far spending, i’m not really keeping track because it’s all in my bank account anyway this is the method i use, it’s pretty minimal but it’s very effective for me so if you wanted some inspiration here it is but i will go more in depth about my bullet journal in another video if you wanna see that, let me know but bullet journaling is definitely a big part of my life it’s already 1 pm i’m gonna go out eventually i need to go grocery shopping and then i need to go to daiso because i need to pick up a few things for my room and also i need a nail clipper and some other tools maybe some stationery if i can find some and then after that i’ll come home i’m going to finish up doing some tasks and then i’m gonna pack my backpack and then we’ll go out eventually i am currently- ok i am currently packing so i can go out i have a banana i’m gonna eat it i can already feel my energy depleting literally just gonna pack everything right now got my debit card, got my reusable straws and then i finally got a reusable cup it’s not a typical cup that you see it might not even go inside a cup holder but that’s fine i don’t really use a cup holder anyway in a car but basically i drink a lot of boba and so i use a boba straw a lot i have a reusable boba straw but i couldn’t really use a typical cup because it only has an opening for a skinny straw this system, i’ll explain i’m using a 16 oz mason jar, i have a lot of mason jars at home try to use a cup that you already have the whole point is to be using stuff you already have or stuff that’s already around but a starbuck’s grande size is 16 oz a lot of drinks are usually 16 oz boba drinks are usually 16 oz like the regular size i know about venti cups and bigger boba cups but usually they’re around 16 oz i just don’t wanna be drinking too much there’s also a 24 oz available but i’m not about to drink 24 oz of drinks all the time so i thought a 16 oz is perfect enough if you can find a 20 oz 24 oz go for it this is what i’m using and then i got this top i got a flip cap kind of top thing i just got it on amazon i’ll link all of this also not sponsored i just found this flip cap thing that has this cap that snaps closed it’s kind of like those vitamin drink lids and then i got one for a regular sized mouth there’s regular mouths, wide mouths this is the regular mouth make sure you get a lid that’s the proper size and then i got this because the hole’s bigger so i can stick a boba straw if i want to and also i like that you can shake it and drink it like this if you want of course mason jars come with those screw lids but it doesn’t have an opening so i got this you don’t have to get this you can also drink the drink like this perfectly fine, they serve it like this at restaurants but just in case i wanna put my drink away if i ever just wanna keep boba in my backpack it’s like this you can keep it closed take the straw out and then hold it upside down, shake it around and then you put it in your backpack like that i’ll show you all my other backpack stuff in another video, i just don’t wanna spoil too much but i think that’s it oh i’m gonna put my water bottle in too i’m gonna head out in 5 to 10 minutes i’ll see you in the next clip ok i am finally home there was a lot of stuff that i didn’t film but after i went to daiso i actually did a whole bunch of stuff and a whole lot of talking just personal life matters nothing dramatic i just had to do a lot of thinking and whatever so that’s what i’ve been dealing with literally til now it’s 11:30 pm i don’t sleep this late i sleep at like 11 now but anyway i just wanna show you what i got at daiso so first i got this microfiber towel it has a pocket so you can stick your hand in it and clean surfaces next i got a pair of scissors i just wanted scissors for my desk i got nail clippers i got a cutlery set it’s just a spoon and chopsticks there’s always times when i need chopsticks especially if i’m at my friend’s house and i want hot cheetos i have chopsticks now so i can pick them up so it has chopsticks and it also has a nice spoon and then lastly i just got a bunch of plates but i just wanted plates because i wanted to put my earrings on these little plates there’s this one with mountains there’s this one with green birds there’s this one with yellow rabbits my baby brother was born in the year of the rabbit and his favorite color is yellow i’m pretty sure and this plate is for me because i love red currently i have this mirror thing it doesn’t really go with my room all that much so i wanted this cute little plate with red flowers and so i put my earrings on here just like that these are my go to earrings i just like having them near me so i can not forget to put them on as i’m running out the door here it is, you can’t really see it i’ll do a b-roll but now i have this little plate, i can put anything i want on this cute, ugh that is so cute i’m so happy and then finally i got this plate just because i do have accents of pink in my room so i thought that this would be kind of cute too i think i’m gonna keep this as well anyways that is the haul, i think so i just got very practical things but that is the end of my day it is 11:45 pm i’m going to go wash up thank you for watching this video and i will see you in my next one! let’s bring it in for a hug! goodbye my friends 🙂


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