A Review Of  Facebook’s Current Hate Speech And Community Standards | EP#24
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A Review Of Facebook’s Current Hate Speech And Community Standards | EP#24

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka
@scottcbusiness today I want to go over the Facebook community standards and
guidelines for hate speech as well as take a little quiz that sort of outlines
some examples to give you an idea as well as shows what people actually
thought of if it was actual hate speech or if it was not so let’s just dive
right into it because there’s been so much censorship and issues around
everything happening on Facebook and people need a better idea of what’s
going on I’ll link I’ll link these links so you can actually look through this
yourself I’m not sure how well it’s going to help you because they can
obviously overextend these plus they have little loopholes there’s a lot that
they can do for raising awareness about hate speech they’re allowed to they
could get away with hate speech of their own against other perceived versions of
hate speech so there’s a lot of there’s a lot of like loopholes more or less but
we’re we’re gonna go through this and and get the general idea so that you can
maybe at least have a general understanding and and I’d like to hear
what you guys think if you think that they’re actually adhering to this and
how well they’ve been doing according to what they’ve claimed that they should be
doing and I think the real major issue is that they’re just not being
transparent enough but anyways let’s dive in so they define hate speech as a
direct attack on people based on what they called protected characteristics
those protected characteristics are race ethnicity national origin religious
affiliation sexual orientation caste this is interesting sex gender gender
identity so there’s three there there’s the social construct and then the actual
biology it’s kind of interesting that there’s three sex gender and gender
identity and then we’ve got serious disease or
disability and then they have some protections against immigration status
they consider an attack as violent or dehumanizing speech violent speech what
is that they don’t mean incites to fight like incite inciting people to violence
they mean violent speech it is a very left-wing like it’s it’s it’s left-wing
rhetoric to call speech violent to escalate keep that in mind as we
progress so also statements of inferiority or calls for exclusion or
segregation ironically the majority of calls of segregation that I see today on
social media are like all white people are racist
don’t you know bye from white people kill all white people in a hashtag it’s
kind of ironic anyways continuing some people share content containing someone
else’s hate speech to raise awareness I already covered this actually so I’ll
just move move on they also say they claim that they allow humor and social
commentary related to these topics I’ve seen a lot of censorship of social
commentary and humor 100% so I’m not sure I think that’s probably where they
they’ve had the most the most issues I’ll also link this because in their
hard questions blog that they’ve connected to their their community
standards which is over a year and a half old mind you they they actually
outline that they’ve been deleting so many posts I’m just gonna quickly find a
little tidbit of information so per week they deleted around 66,000 posts per
week that’s around 288 thousand posts per month globally
and I think it’s more now cuz I see year and a half ago this was when censorship
was kind of an issue but it wasn’t a huge issue and they were doing like
several million posts a year so I’m very interested to see what it’s at and now
because they didn’t update this probably because they’re not trying to be very
transparent I I can then assume that this is probably a year and a half all –
so I don’t know if this is actually what they’re going off of today because I
don’t think it is they’re not transparent about the situation
regardless a Tier one attack is considered when they someone who shares
one of the above listed characteristics or immigration status and they’re being
attacked in a way that any violent speech or support in written or visual
forum that includes dehumanizing speech such as references or comparisons to
insects animals filth bacteria sexual predators sub you manatee violent sexual
criminals other types of criminals mocking the concepts of hate crimes or
victims in events that they’ve experienced whether it’s real or
depicted in an image and designated dehumanizing comparisons in both written
and visual form you know that makes a lot of sense that seems pretty
reasonable generally shouldn’t have that though though I think it’s pushing it a
little bit sometimes it’s like if I if I if I said someone’s like I don’t know
like stop being a dog or something like hey I just feel like that’s not hate
speech maybe that’s just me maybe you can find more offensive ways to
categorize people but I wouldn’t consider animals and insects hate speech
I just consider it offensive I mean for me offensive speech categorizes a lot
more of this than hate speech which should be punishable and one thing that
people always get mixed up with it’s like I don’t think that you shouldn’t
have social consequences if you go around referring to everyone is like
animals and like everyone is like shit like all these different like offensive
things you’re not gonna get a job and you’re not like you can’t you’re still
gonna have all the social consequences you don’t need to be thrown in jail
you’re already gonna have an awful time so you know I mean in this this isn’t
like a legal ramification this is just for Facebook but like in Canada like we
do have eight speech laws that are not far off from from these so it is it is
kind of unfortunate and if these ever made their way into law in the US I
think it would just be mayhem for conservatives because they there would
be a huge outcry tear to is where it starts to get a little more like out
there I guess it’s a little more ridiculous in terms of what they’re
actually considering to be hate speech and what is not considered to be hate
speech so they consider calling someone hideous or ugly a physical like attack
on their physicality so like I don’t think calling someone ugly is hate
speech maybe if you say you’re ugly because you’re this race like I can
understand how that could be hate speech but it’s like these these these these
boundaries and these examples are so broad and not that offensive that it’s
weird that they’re included in this and it just gives so much so much leeway for
them to decide what is that hate speech and what isn’t
calling someone an idiot calling someone stupid if you went back and looked at
every Facebook post there’s probably millions of posts where people have
casually called someone an idiot or stupid and now it’s considered hate
speech so something that’s interesting about this is they don’t say whether or
not if you say something hateful now or if you’ve ever said it people had
Facebook accounts when they were kids like calling someone stupid was just it
was pretty regular like oh you’re being stupid or you know like
casual insults but what they don’t tell you in this is it has nothing to do with
what you’ve actually said it has everything to do with who’s offended how
much are they gonna report you how far they gonna push how much are they gonna
escalate how much awareness are they gonna raise
for other people to then you know Trump only get on you and make sure that you
get reported and banned and everything it’s really how offended the offended
person is it it’s not so much as to what you’ve actually said because calling
someone like this is where it gets really ridiculous
moral calling out someone’s morality this could be an attack but it could be
a legitimate explanation of what someone is doing a free rider like if someone
came up to you and said give me a free ride in your uber and you said don’t be
a free rider like and you posted that on Facebook are you is that hate speech or
would it only be hate speech if you said like their race or their religion or if
you just included a word related to any of the protected classes in your
rebuttal would it then be hate speech I don’t know but I think putting morality
into it calling someone cheap it just seems so so exaggerated expressions of
contempt for a visual of their vision or their visual equivalent including but
not limited to saying something like I hate I don’t like something X are the
worst I kind of get it but it seems again so general that it’s like how does
that play into it and then expressions have discussed which I mean I assumed
would just go into physical but I guess it’s it’s different in some way and then
the last tier is attacks which call to exclude or segregate people
based on the above characteristics they do allow criticism for immigration
policies and arguments for restricting these policies but mind you this is kind
of outdated because a lot of like some of the things especially around
immigration policy I always see them getting censored and banned it maybe
because they’re using like trigger words within their criticisms that then get
triggered get considered hate speech and not the actual criticisms of the
immigration policies but for the most part I’ve seen I’ve seen criticisms of
immigration policy almost always smacked down so it’s pretty interesting that
they’ve included that and I’m interested to see what you guys think do you think
Facebook is actually adhering to these do you think this is actually up-to-date
is this what they’re actually doing there’s no transparency we don’t know
all we know is that they’re deleting close to 300,000 posts a month on the
basis of hate speech just hate speech there’s all this other objectionable
content cruel and insensitive content integrity and then thought in an
authenticity like there’s a lot to this you know major socials are all against
nudity and sexual activity so there’s there’s a lot integrity
yeah like false news misinterpretation there is so many different ways that
they can get you they could just say like you’re spamming you’re just talking
too much I’ve had um I’ve been flagged for spam just because I was inviting
people to a group so I mean there’s a lot of ways that you can get flagged
under different reasons just sharing links to minds.com
which is a great alternative of to Facebook they actually they warn you
they say whoa whoa whoa type in this caption that’s actually an unsecured
link and you know just for sake of I’d love
to show you guys actually just just see you just you can see what I’m talking
about here I’ll just do something simple I’ll be like hey hey everyone check out
my minds profile I’m not even gonna bother posting this because I’m not
trying to get banned look at this do you guys see this yeah
you do it looks like this link is unsecured to protect your account we
recommend we recommend not posting this link if you want to share it anyways
you’ll need to complete this security check so you have to go through a
security check in everything if you don’t think this goes against our
community standards let us know hey just so you know Maya’s calm isn’t a problem
and you know I would send this but I know people who have already been banned
for sharing too many minds links so I’m not trying to get my account banned
I need this account for my profession for my job and in a perfect world I
would be able to do all the criticize all the criticizing all all these
different things I can’t even post this video on Facebook
because I’m worried about the repercussions I’ll post it everywhere
else but I can’t not posting it on Facebook because I’m genuinely concerned
that there might be repercussions for having done so now before we end this
we’re going to go through this Facebook quiz which is ironically not as outdated
as their community standards even though it’s also a little over a year old but
this quiz gives us a really good idea of what the actual examples of hate speech
are considered by Facebook and this is in accordance with their training
document that they use for their own people and their spokesman comments on
it to give us a bit of an idea and there’s
two I’m gonna actually do the quiz and there’s two parts of this quiz that are
really really alarming to me and all and I’ll let you know when we get there so
I’m gonna kind of just like go through this quick to get to the really really
important parts that I thought were really important but let’s answer the
quiz so why do Indians always smell like curry they stink well that sounds kind
of offensive you know I wouldn’t consider in hate
speech I understand that it’s targeting a race but I just don’t think that’s
very offensive I think it’s somewhat offensive you probably shouldn’t say it
I don’t think it’s hate speech I don’t think it should be punishable it is
punishable because it’s a protected class that’s going against their
nationality kind of makes sense most people would consider this hate speech
that’s fair I mean I understand why it kind of it it makes sense along with
what they’ve lined out in their community standards this makes sense
poor black people should still sit at the back of the bus is this hate speech
of course it’s hate speech but according to Facebook if you use proper word
placement you can negate the offense against their race by using the social
class which is not protected see it’s very interesting and she even comments
and says what troubles me is that changing a word or a modifier doesn’t
take away the thrust of the message it’s splitting hairs for no good reason
so she doesn’t even think the guidelines are strict enough it’s almost as if
they’ve made it so that the guidelines are a little you know improper so that
they can continually make them more and more strict I feel like that’s why
they’re always gonna leave something that they need to improve so that when
they do improve it they can add in all these other you know add all these other
improvements in at the same time sorry I just hit the mic and again would you
consider this hate speech this was pretty obvious to most people this was
obviously hate speech right now this is where it gets really really interesting
white men are assholes so this is attacking race and gender or sex I guess
whichever they’re gonna go with so would this be considered hate speech and again
I would actually say no it under their protected classes it’s probably gonna
say it would say yes but I’m gonna say no because I don’t actually think it’s
offensive enough white men are assholes whatever whatever
it’s not that bad it’s offensive but it’s not like it’s not hateful but yes
they’re saying it is but where it gets so interesting is the people’s response
and the spokesman’s commentary now listen to this
Facebook rules take a cue from the constitutional doctrine providing equal
protection to all races genders and orientations
mrs. psytrance said but she said the policy can lead to in congruous results
because all groups are not equally vulnerable in the same context I’m sorry
she said not all groups are equally vulnerable in all contexts the same
thing I just flipped it around but she’s saying that this isn’t totally fair
because white men are not that vulnerable mmm interesting the the
sentence before you you were talking about how you’re trying to have equal
protection to all races genders and orientations and then you say but it
could be incongruous when we’re talking about white men they’re not as
vulnerable as everyone else if that wasn’t bad enough she then goes on to
say it forgets the point that most men have the upper hand and advantage in
society it’s really women whose discrimination and subordination we
worry about oh so you were trying to protect everyone but you’re only worried
about one one little subset of that okay it’s very interesting it seems extremely
biased and like hard wing leftist narrative and just such a damaging like
notion to put out there because basically what they’re saying is men
don’t really have issues only women have issues we only need to help women when
statistically we already know that the wage gap isn’t really real when you
compare apples-to-apples when you’re comparing
people working in the same job at the same hours it’s not real
men are making more money because they’re working more hours and you know
working in more dangerous conditions and various things like that on average oops
and and and and men are dying more because they have more drug addiction
more of them are incarcerated in prison more more men are being raped overall I
mean because of prison obviously but regardless like the stats show more men
are committing suicide more men are you know addicted to drugs more men are
dropping out of college more men are dropping out of university in high
school and not being able to graduate because they just couldn’t get through
and they have like there’s there’s so many things affecting men today and
there’s no programs to help just men most of the programs are just minorities
and or women so it’s very interesting to see how the patriarchy that is
apparently only helping men who are you know not they they’re not so vulnerable
and they have the upper hand and and yet statistically we’re seeing that it is
not the case at all but that’s what these these left-wing media outlets are
perpetuating and these platforms are perpetuating and really encouraging this
type of thinking and then those and the saddest part is it’s not just them who
thinks that it is the general public because of that and we know because when
we look at this and we say is this hate speech according to Facebook standards
yes according to my standards no but that’s because I consider most of this
not hate speech however a lot of people felt like this this wasn’t hate speech
according to you know in a line with all the other versions of hate speech that
we’ve already covered so it’s very interesting to see that people are kind
of like you know it’s very obvious to people that saying something offensive
to a black person it’s hate speech but it is not obvious
to people that it’s hate speech when you’re talking about a white man whether
it’s because he’s a man or because he’s white he does not at all obvious to
people that it’s hate speech it seems to be that the idea in people’s minds is
that it is only hate speech if someone is more offended and because white men
are like are you know have the upper hand an advantage that we keep being
told this narrative why bother feeling bad for them they’re
not vulnerable they’re not struggling it’s not hate speech if you’re not if
you’re not suffering and that’s just not the case hate speech is is by definition
what they’ve def defined in their in their speech in their terms and it’s
just not the case and people don’t even feel that way either and but it’s really
because they perpetuate that idea and it’s the leftist media that plays this
narrative and then everyone falls right into it and it seems like out of this
130,000 people only half really actually thought it was in half for like no
people have just as much confusion when it comes to trans trans gender issues
and debates around that I would sort of consider this as sort of not because you
know there’s trans exclusive feminism there’s transacts collusive feminism
there’s a lot of fighting going on in between like internal conflicts of these
different movements and groups and realistically the only reason they’re
allowing this to get away with it is because people within the left are
fighting the trans exclusive and trans exclusive feminists they’re both heavy
left and they’re fighting so it’s not hate speech because they’re allowed to
fight but if a Republican came in or a conservative person came in and they
started joining the debate they would be smacked down immediately but it’s very
interesting that you know it says here they’re allowing it and permitting it
because there there’s continued debates about
gender issues why is one issue allowed to be debated while others are put under
the rug and not allowed to be talked about and silenced it’s very scary very
dangerous when we can decide when one thing is allowed to be talked about even
though it’s controversial as much as the other things that are controversial
because we’re ok with it because we’re the ones talking about and we need to
figure this out ourselves but if other people come in and talk
about it then we need to get rid of them and there’s a huge discrepancy here
right people don’t know if this is hate speech there’s no there’s a lot of
confusion so it’s very interesting that when when it comes to like white men we
don’t know if that’s racist it’s racist we don’t know if it’s sexist it’s sexist
but and and and again with with trans men there’s there’s like we don’t know
if it’s sexist we don’t we were kind of confused we’re not really sure I’m sure
it’d be different if different if it said trans women but but we’re not sure
we’re not sure clearly female sports reporter need to female sports reporters
need to be hit in the head with hockey pucks that is a direct call for violence
it is actually not spate it is not hate speech and they clarify this because
they’re saying it’s really an attack on someone’s occupation not really females
in general and occupations are not protected so this would this would
violate other parts of their policy so I don’t think that’s really an issue
though she does sort of again outline that the wording shouldn’t be so
explicit where it’s like one word can negate another word and then it’s okay
kind of thing I wouldn’t even consider this hate speech I’ve just considered an
act of violence but most people consider that hate speech I’ll never trust a
Muslim immigrant they’re all thieves and robbers
obviously that’s hate speech but it’s not because they weren’t saying it was
because they’re Muslim they were saying it was because they were an immigrant
an immigrant status is not fully protected it is quasi protected and a
lot of people would consider this hate speech right you can see 90% do consider
this hate speech but Facebook doesn’t consider this hate speech but if you do
talk about immigration they’ll find some way to pin it on you know you being
racist or whatever it might be or you know like against their religion or
whatever it might be they’ll find a way to do it they just
need to use their loopholes that they’ve sort of created throughout this entire
thing and as we saw in community standards you know sometimes they can
they can really extend what is possible and we don’t really know that they’re
actually adhering to all this because they’ve never actually shared any
information or been transparent about any of the bans or censor ship that has
been performed millions and millions of posts we have no idea we have no idea if
they’re actually sticking to these community standards or if they’re like
what they’re actually doing out there we do not know we just have the standards
that we can refer to but even when you get banned they wouldn’t actually tell
you you just get banned there’s no way to know so everyone’s left in the dark
this is as good as it’s gonna get let me know what you guys think are they really
adhering to this are they going are they being way stricter than this are they
just completely off the books how can they improve do they just need to be
more transparent do they need to stick closer to this today I need to flesh
this out more and have a better outline for this let me know in the comments and
do your vet do your best to avoid getting censored and banned hopefully we
all make it through your best bet is to find something new. Cheers!


  • charlie brownau

    Gday Platforms that censor speech:-
    * Facebook
    * Twitter
    * Google
    * Youtube
    * TUMBLR
    * Pateron
    * Stripe
    * Paypal
    * Twitch
    * Spotify
    * Apple
    * pin interest
    * LinkedIn
    * Mailchimp
    * WordPress
    * mastodon
    * azure
    * Mastercard
    * Godaddy
    * MEDIUM
    * Shopify
    * Cloudflare
    * pusher
    * WIKI
    * Reddit

    Gday Platforms that DONT censor speech
    * Tutanota + Protonmail(email alt)
    * Minds +mewe (FB alt)
    * Gabai (Twitter alt)
    * Bitchute (Youtube alt)
    * Wire (skype alt)
    * Librepay (Donation alt)
    * subscribestar (Donation alt)(Warning they use STRIPE)
    * Startengine (Kickstarter alt)
    * peertube (DIY self host youtube stream style server)
    * Voat (Reddit alt)
    * Movim (Tumblr alt)
    * @GetTogether (meetup.com alt)

    Also look into:-
    * searX.me or Duckduckgo (search alt)
    * OpenStreetmap – instead of Google maps
    * imgtc or tineye – free image upload site
    * Linux – Win/MacOSX replacement
    * f-droid.org – Google Play Store ALT
    * Mumble – Discord ALT


  • D Snyder

    Actually they arent doing well at all. 2x in the week, my acct has been warned for saying "men are pigs" as a comment and a status update separately. It's a complete joke

  • Hank W

    I'm finishing up a dirty thirty for saying fucking white people on a meme. It was a joke. As a white guy, it should be pretty obvious that I don't hate white folks. Btw, the meme was a twenty year recreation photo of a man and his son in the tub. They were naked in both photos. It was obviously a joke

  • TheJonb007

    facebook is absolutely crap when it comes to this… one of my photos with my dog was flagged as pornographic and they didnt even review it! i'm becoming more of a twitter user every day!

  • Wayne Dale

    Please help. I posted my video on Facebook then after 13 hours, Facebook removed my video. It says there its against their community standards.. But I don't think it was. Need your benevolent help..


    I got ban for a fake street fight of a guy in a bunny suit. This is so stupid.
    There is nothing we can do because it's a computer

  • Unemployed Redneck Hillbilly Creations

    I just got blocked for posting a comment that illegals are criminals in a public post about giving them licenses. Facebook first blocked it and I asked for a review. The review banned me for 3 days. This is totally wrong. Canceled account, no more of that communist censorship for me.

  • Kenneth Harkin

    I got a ban for stating illegal aliens are criminals. That is a completely FACTUAL statement. It does not fit with the SJW mentality though so the FB Gestapo hit me with a ban.

  • Elemental Entity

    I commented on a post that transgender athletes have an unfair advantage due to there chromosomes, I was blocked on FB for 7 days, including messaging, causing me to loose a lot of business because I pointed out a scientific fact, they said I wasn't inclusive.
    What troubles me is that blocking my messages has nothing to do with there terms and services, simply posting 1 week, but they gave me the whole block. Why messenger?

    What the hell is happening to the western world???

    When I return to FB I will get my contacts info and leave FB for good. I am thinking of a small claims lawsuit at this point.

  • Will Dwyer

    I think they're using poorly coded AI algorithms to determine what is and is not hate speech. I've been censored for calling raccoons overpopulated disease-carrying vermin that should be exterminated.

  • Dana Bruss-Burns

    I got locked out for this post: "forgot to mention, if they come in the "RIGHT" way legally, then of course they are more than welcome. My problem with the illegal immigrants is they come over here rape, rob, kill, etc and for that THEY should have have to pay the price for it." It was actually about an illegal immigrant who is the 7th illegal immigrant accused of sex crimes in Maryland County since July 25th. For god's sake we know what is going on out there were not stupid. I do think it is ridiculous to LOCK us out like we are children!!!! There "Community Standards" are so vague that they can pick anything they want out and say it is "HATE SPEECH" or any other standard that they feel like we have abused. They need to STOP LOCKING us out!!! If we post something that is "AGAINST" there "Community Standards" Then delete it and let us know so we do not post it again, BUT DO NOT LOCK US OUT…….that is really CHILDISH.

  • Dana Bruss-Burns


    Our Mission

    Founded in 2004, Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. People use our products to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.

    This says "to discover what's going on in the world, and to "share" and "express" what matters to them.
    Then if you read their "Community Standards" It is total "DOUBLE STANDARDS".
    Some of their standards are ok and need to be there, BUT my problem is as with MANY USERS is that the Community Standards are so VAGUE that we have no idea what is wrong and right to post. We know that we have posted something wrong when BOOM we are locked out. They should DELETE it and let us know it is unacceptable so we do not post it again and we can get over it and move on.

  • PK Avenger

    Facebook community standards are a joke, a person post a comment on a Violence against Palestine that "God Bless Israel" So i said "ok then God bless Adolf Hitler" But he did not get hate speech but i got 30 days ban. This is so biased and ridiculous.

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