Addict Turned Popular Mommy Blogger
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Addict Turned Popular Mommy Blogger

Tifany jenkins is a mother of three who blogs about the comedy and chaos of parenthood but it’s Not just the reality of a. Mom’s life that resonates with hundreds of thousands of followers Once you have children you’ll, no, longer be able to 18 years old i took, my first sip of alcohol the drinking turned into smoking weed turned in to cocaine By the time i was 27 i was shooting up painkillers on a, daily, basis and stealing, my boyfriend stuff to sell for drugs The turning point came when i got arrested for grand theft of a firearm I was charged with over 20 felonies and i spent a hundred and twenty days in jail i went to rehab i moved into a halfway House two months into living at the halfway house i found out that i was pregnant i started working really hard And saving up and i got a? Job and my son was born on my birthday and it’s the greatest gift i’ve ever seen, about a Year, ago i found, myself struggling i had no clue What i was doing and i found that writing was a really good outlet for me if being goofy? And speaking honestly on the subject of addiction is what it takes For people to realize that there’s hope then, i will do it until somebody, kicks me out Tiffani, welcome i gotta tell you i love? Your story and i love the sharing all this view Your blog it helps you it helps others tell us about that When i was on social media and i would look at all these other moms it seemed? Like they had it together in their lives were perfect so i would compare myself to that and feel like i was feeling and When i honestly started sharing, about the struggles that come Along, with being a mom and depression anxiety i was amazed at the amount of women that gravitated towards, me and thanked Me so when i started talking about my addiction i? Was receiving 30 messages a, day From people like thank you for being honest because all we ever see Is sad stories of people dying so to see somebody having fun in recovery has given me hope And that makes me feel so good combination of Being a mom and then Leading a sober lifestyle i mean what are the keys to making that work I just stay connected to People, who are, also recovering i have a sponsor who i talked to when i’m feeling down and i need help Also, i just i’m really in tune with Myself and so when i start to feel a little crazy or i start to get overwhelmed i take time for myself i demand Five minutes when my husband comes home i’m like i’m going for a ride in the van i will be back and What, was the turning point that led, to your sobriety it was when i was sitting in jail and i looked around? me and I i had nobody to call i had nowhere to go and i realized this is not what i want i was looking around at? The girls in jail and they all seemed Like they were so happy to be there it was like summer camp and i was like, oh i love my life Back so when i realized that i had dug myself a hole so deep that there was? nobody left In my life to help then i decided No, one was coming to save me i had to make a change myself and i chose to go to rehab Using humor is a huge huge key to your success yes Just lecture people and talk to them they’re, gonna tune you out but if you’re, goofy You can, reel them in and when they find out you’re an addict They’re, like wait a minute you’re, not living under a bridge you, don’t look, like, what i think an addict Is and so i love being able to change people’s Perspectives and show them that an awesome life, after addiction is possible you can get your Joy, back let, me, ask, you this before we go to break Tiffani, we profiled the series united states of addiction throughout this season on the doctors there are more sad stories Than happy stories yet you have turned it around What is your advice to someone out there, who might be struggling right now with the throes of addiction I would tell a struggling addict that It is possible to have an amazing life After addiction, that is not how. Your story has to end and? Regardless of the judgment or hatred you receive you have to reach out for help and you have to do What it takes to get your life, back because, we only have one shot? There’s no do-overs and there’s no such thing as a lost cause Good for ewing i would just say the great work both as a home as a blogger as an Inspire of people out there and i just say if you’re watching the show. You or someone you love is struggling with addiction we’re Gonna have resources on our website the doctors you


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