Adding Feedburner RSS Feeds to Your WordPress Website

Adding Feedburner RSS Feeds to Your WordPress Website

hi it's Stacey here from Stacey Meyers comm and today we're going to learn how to put a feed burner RSS feed onto our WordPress site so the first thing we're going to do is go to feed burner and feed burn has integrated with Google so you can use your Gmail account to sign into that and it takes you straight to the page where you're going to add in your feed so we put our website in here I'm not using my website as I already have a feed for it so using gooey girls comm you can if you're a podcaster you can tick this if you're not you just leave it and then if you'd like to go back later you can tick that and then make any changes to your feed that are necessary just click Next okay and then you can choose whether you want it to be the feed which is the blog feed or whether you'd like it to be their feed from the comments and I'm going to have the feed come from the blog post not the comments and so this just tells me my feed title is Gloria girls and the feed address now is feed stock feed burner comm /go your girls just click Next okay and so basically the feed burner feed is live so you can just click Next again and this just tells you that the stats that it will talk about for you how many people have subscribed what feeds the readers our people are using whether that's like Yahoo or blog lines or Google Reader you can also work out how many click throughs you have back to your website you can choose any of these yourself and that's it your feed is all up and running and then the next thing you're going to do is have a look where you want to place it and for today of course we're doing the wordpress self hosted website and so it gives you a comprehensive breakdown of what it is that you can do to put that on your website but I'm going to take you through that so the first thing we need to do is get our feed so it's this Feedburner dot-com gory girls so if we go back to a website so here we are in Goa girls we're going to add the feed burner plug-in to our site so we go plugins and we're going to add a new plugin and the it's feed burner that we're going to search for and search plugins and here it's the first one that comes up so you want to install that now yes we do want to install it activate your plug-in and then if you come down into settings you'll see down the bottom it says feed burner if you open that up then you need to come back and get your the feed burner feed so remember it's good girls comm feed actually we're going to use this one and then at the end you're just going to type the Goya girls and then press save and then so now this feed burner has been set up for your site now as I'm still building this site I don't have any blog posts on here so I'm just going to take you back to my site and then I have here the icon for my RSS feed so if you click on the RSS feed it takes you it will take people to this page now mind subscribe with Google comes up by itself because I have set that as my favorite reader but people can subscribe to all of these other various RSS feed readers that are out there so people would then say if they want Google then you can just click Add to Google Reader and so that the RSS feed for my blog has now been added to that reader for people and so then they can just go in at their own leisure and read any of the blog posts that we have there so that's how you set up an RSS feed for your website inside feedburner if you don't have the icon on your website if you want to go to publicise you can get a graphic from in here that says subscribe in a reader and if you scroll down it will give you the code down here to use which you can copy and paste and put into your website so if we were going to put that onto my website we go into the dashboard of your WordPress site into the widgets area and then we're going to just use a text widget so you take the text widget over wherever it is that you want that to appear on your website and just paste the code in there make sure you save it and then you'll see here that it links now people can click on that and it takes them back to exactly the same place as it would have with the icon that I have on my page if you have any questions how to do this please just put them on my Facebook page or in the comment section of my website and I will answer any questions that you have


  • Stacey Myers

    Do you have an RSS feed set up on your website? It is a great way for people to keep up with your content if they don't want to subscribe to your email updates.

  • Professor Heather Austin

    Stacey, thank you for sharing how to add feedburner RSS feeds to my WordPress Website. This is so useful.

  • Stacey Storino

    You know, I will admit…while I knew how to add an RSS feed setup to my WordPress website, I have to say, I didn't really think about why. I was saying to myself, "I have an opt-in form, let them subscribe to my email list)." Which is very important, nonetheless. However, you're RIGHT–if folks don't want to subscribe to my email list they can nonetheless still get a notification when more content is available. Nice!

  • Diana Palm

    Wow, that is really great information! I didn't even know what a feed was. I think I may use one my site now, so thank you!

  • Vittorio Guida

    Hi. I wolud like to know how is possible to create a feed from a wordpress category (posts) and after put this feed in a page of another web site based on wordpress.
    I know that my english in not very well. 
    thank's lot.

  • Stacey Myers

    It depends on your theme how you do it. If they are in the sidebar then you will want to go to Appearance and the Widgets, find it on the right and you should be able to add the url's you need there.

  • Stacey Myers

    You can use Networked Blogs for your blog to appear Facebook. If you do a search Networked Blogs it will take you through how to do that.

  • Kate Stokes

    Hello I have followed your video – very nice and clear thank you but I dont want people to follow the RSS feed I simply want my blog posts to appear on facebook. I was told I could do this by using an RSS feed. Is this true? If so do you know how I do this? THANKS XX

  • Joel Gregory Cook

    Great job! Thank you for your assistance with this. You made it very easy to understand. Much appreciated!

  • jina12330

    Hi, I had a web developer make a website for me, and the rss, facebook, twitter, google+, youtube icons are in the websites. However, i don't think any of these are connected to my websites. I clicked the RSS icon, and the Google FeedBurner sign up page or sign in page opens up. Same thing with the others. How do I connect the RSS or the facebook page to my website? Thank you for your assistance.

  • WeBuy Houses

    Thanks Stacey. I was able to install the rss feed on to my site. Now I can satisfy my readers who have been asking for one.

  • Alex Cohn

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