Adrian Finkelstein News Stories

Adrian Finkelstein News Stories

Marilyn Monroe has been reincarnated and living in Toronto that is the remarkable claim by a doctor who has just written a book about it called Marilyn Monroe returns the healing of a soul friend Marilyn Monroe is a Hollywood legend and more than 40 years after her death she's still one of the most imitated stars in the world it seems Marilyn Monroe may actually be alive again Hurst was a different twist she said she had lived as many more wrong if you ask psychiatrist dr. Adrienne Finkelstein he'll tell you Marilyn Monroe has been reincarnated as a nightclub singer from Toronto named sherry lair I don't understand why I feel like I am this person sherry Laird tell showbiz tonight' she always knew she lived another life before but it wasn't until she connected with dr. Finklestein that she became convinced that she has been reincarnated as Marilyn Monroe Finkelstein says he questioned Laird under hypnosis for eight years and is convinced that Laird is the real deal I've been trained as a psychiatrist to assess human behavior and to recognize somebody that's a fake from something that's genuine and the way sherry came across to me the first time when she approached me in 1998 it was like a troubled psyche seeking relief not a righty sherry Laird even claims she remembers details about Marilyn Monroe's rumoured affairs with John F Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy I seen the political things and I seen who talked more about political things I seen who was better in bed sounds hard to believe decide for yourself check out some of the recorded sessions when Laird is under here Knossos and when did you first meet John Kennedy where to whoever lovers and if so when did you first sex with it doesn't happen in 1954 or later when was the last time you saw John Kennedy No Laird says she was even surprised by her emotional outburst I felt like I was going going to die and I that helped me help be that I was screaming jerem Gresham was help me save me cuz she's gonna kill me you know what I mean like I felt like save Sheree because I'm gonna die here that the doctor says is just more proof that Laird really is Marilyn Monroe reincarnated in that particular situation she really really was so convincing with her pain it was her crying accident neither Laird nor the doctor says they're out to prove their story they say it's all about healing broken Souls reincarnated well it sounds crazy we're gonna be meeting the woman who says she's a former Miss Monroe and the doctor who says he can prove it the ultimate sex goddess of the 20th century I of course the ultimate sex goddess in the 21st century but in the 20th century Marilyn Monroe was the icon of Hollywood glamour until her shocking death in the early age of 36 but now Marilyn's making headlines again here's the twist a Canadian singer thinks she's literally Marilyn Monroe reincarnated and newspapers like the LA Times are writing about it with me now is that singer Sherri Lee Laird also her psychiatrist we have dr. Adrian Finkelstein he says a research that he's done proves Jerry Lee really was Marilyn Monroe in another life city cuckoo cuckoo sniffing a – wall is the house that the body of Marilyn Monroe was discovered back in 1962 dimming one of the brightest stars that Hollywood has ever known but is she back well one Malibu psychiatrist seems to think so he says that Marilyn Monroe has been reincarnated into the body of a 43 year old Canadian singer maybe Naomi met I was in the beginning of September 1998 when I get an email that was quite bizarre and I didn't know what to make out of it but then I called her and fall and I listened with an open mind to her very sad story she was haunted at a time by frightening nightmares and flashbacks of having lived as many Moreau before I met the doctor I was in and out of thinking okay that's crazy it can't happen it was a relief to find someone I said you know past life suicide and stuff like that I wanted help for it and when I found my doctor was so relieved in Y Maryland I don't know I I think it's something that happened to me you know she had to go somewhere it was eventually gonna click and hit somebody it's just my karma that it hit me Oh but while I was in Canada I'd heard about a psychiatrist who turned medical opinion on its head he believed in reincarnation yeah I was heading to Niagara Falls with dr. Adrien Finkelstein and his patient Cheri Lila since childhood sharee had a feeling she'd lived before as a 1950s film star diamonds are best friend I'm sitting on my hands knee we were talking about the beauty mark above my lip and I said I don't like it and I would like to take it off and she's my aunt said to me oh that's just like Marilyn Monroe and I was like who's that she started singing a kiss on the hand and that's when I said it was like an echo well I like her just like kids that hit would forever and I was like and I really felt like he was singing about me Rowe had starred in the film Niagara in the 50s I wondered if bringing Cherie to the Falls would jog any memories of Marilyn's time about it that makes me feel like it's not a big deal holiday-ish the thought of being the tragic star haunted Cherie for many years she even tried to commit suicide out of desperation she contacted dr. Finkelstein who specializes in treating people who believe their reincarnated really a 1/3 of the world and she knows that and that was what started all this process about eight years ago and I'm so so happy to say that now she is pursuing in her musical career she no longer has the idea so she'd say just come in later that night I met up with Sheree and the doctor he was going to hypnotize her looking nervous I'm not sure I believed in reincarnation but as dr. Finkelstein placed Sheree in a trance I felt excited about meeting Marilyn your eyes and eyelids are getting tired in droopy drowsy and sleepy they cause sleep beautiful soft to lose completely relax from head to toe are you or are you not Mary Moore or Norma Jean yes you're after a few minutes Cherie started talking about Marilyn Monroe's lover Jack Kennedy it brought back painful memories you mentioned Jack and Bobby man cry Jack hmm weird makes you angry with him and what's happening you don't want to talk about it halfway through the regression dr. Finkelstein shocked me by suggesting I talk to Marilyn any questions from Richard Wright was he okay sure I was stuck for words what do you say to the world's most famous sex symbol urn there's a rumor that I've heard and I didn't know whether you would be able to tell me whether it's true or not which is that you had a fling with Elvis Presley no bring your soul back to your crochet dr. Finkelstein brought Sheree out of her trance want you to think about nothing now what I'd witnessed had been very impressive but I didn't know what to make of it gently open your eyes and feel good as Sheree came round it occurred to me finding out she was Marilyn had saved her life how a nice trip maybe everybody I'd met while making this film was simply finding a way to deal with being alive so if you imagine a lady that lady who stinks but she's now a Monro reincarnated we're joined from Cleveland by that lady show you Lila she claims to have been the blonde bombshell in another life maybe in this life I'm real confused I feel reincarnated your flashback I welcome you though and they also welcome the the doctor who was interviewing you Adrian thing Kristine a psychiatrist specializing in past life regression okay but let me ask you sherry maybe you honestly believe that you are Marilyn reincarnated sure it's just a really simple thing to me I really convinced myself a bit I was trying to get rid of it it was something that happened exposure so I said we did this all my life and I just wanted to get rid of it and that's why I talked to my doctor I actually was looking for somebody in Toronto just to hypnotize her out of me and dr. Finkelstein did you first treat her in that was you in the tape and you were the treating psychiatrist do you believe her as a psychiatrist and with 30 years of experience in past life regression therapy she came across to me as a trouble to psyche seeking relief that notoriety many telephone calls and email exchanges it appeared to me that if she's genuine and I was open to this story we had a different twist okay and I don't want to be a you know a killjoy here but dr. Finklestein your MD psychiatrist do you believe that this young lady is she didn't believe it so we ended up hundreds of proofs scientifically meticulously done research first seemed perfect at first I felt very rapidly according to my regressions really love now you're kind of cute this life you can read the whole story in dr. Finkelstein's book Marilyn Monroe returns the healing of a soul


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