Advanced Facebook Privacy Settings 2015
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Advanced Facebook Privacy Settings 2015

hello this is Leonie Smith The Cyber
Safety Lady with the latest “Advanced Facebook Privacy Settings” video. Through this video I’m going to
show you how to set your profile to the most private settings, including how to hide your
personal details from a complete stranger on
Facebook. The first thing you need to do, is to go
to your home page. Go to the top right hand corner of that
page, and click the download arrow there, next to
the padlock icon. Then scroll down to the settings menu item, and click that. That will bring up your settings page, and I want you to go over to the left
hand side and click the privacy menu item. The first setting that you need to set, is “Who can
see my stuff” So this is who it is that can see what
you post. You want to set that to friends. The
next setting down is “Review all your posts and things you are tagged in” If you click “use activity log” what it
will do is, it will show you all the things that you’ve
liked, shared and you’ve posted on Facebook. You could then scroll down through that activity log
and delete anything that you want to delete. Coming back to
the privacy settings, the next setting down is, “Limit past posts” when you click that, it brings up a pop-up that says “do you want to change all your posts back to friends only?” So that if at some point you have
posted something using the “Public” setting instead of to
your friends, clicking “Limit past posts” and then clicking on the pop up that
comes up next, will set all your past posts back to being able to be seen only by friends. The next setting down, is “Who can send
you friend requests?”. The most secure setting
for that is “friends of friends” and that way someone that isn’t connected to a friend
of yours, cannot send you a friend request, you would have to
contact them, in order to be friends with them. Click “Edit” and select “friends of friends” The next setting down is “Whose messages do I want filtered into my inbox?” The most secure setting is “strict filtering”. That won’t prevent all messages from coming through, people
CAN message you if they have other contact details of yours that are not hidden on Facebook, including a mobile phone number and an
email address. And as we go through this video I’ll
show you where you can hide those. “Who can look me up?” “Who can look you up using the email
address you provided?” The most secure setting that is available is friends. You have to have an email address on your Facebook account, you can’t really
delete your email from the account, the same applies to the one below, “Who
can look you up, using the phone number you provided?”. The most secure setting there is again “friends”. It may be worth your while also to remove your phone number
from Facebook, if you are finding that you are getting messages from people that have access to your
phone number through some other avenue, but are not friends of yours on Facebook. If you’d like to find out with weather
your mobile phone number is registered on Facebook, just
go over to the left column over there, and click “Mobile phone” which is under “Notifications” and that will take you to where your mobile phone
number is listed. You can delete it from there if you wish. “Do you want other search engines to link to your time-line?” the most secure
setting there is “No”, that means Bing, Yahoo and Google will not list your Facebook
profile in their search results, it doesn’t mean that
you are hidden from Facebook search results. If someone
puts your name in Facebook search results, your profile will come up. The next place that we’re
going to go to change settings is the “Timeline and Tagging page”. Which is right
underneath privacy there on the left hand side. Click that menu
item and the new page will come up titled
“Time-line and tagging settings”. “Who can add things to my time line?” is the first
setting that we will change. You can either set that to “Only me” or you can set to friends “Only me” is the most secure setting. The
next setting is to “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your
time-line” That needs to be switched to the “On”
position. That means that anybody that tags you
on facebook you need to prove it before it will
appear on their wall, if they tried to tag your
name on the post. That’s a very good idea to
do that so that people don’t associate a post with
you unless you approve it. This next setting “Who can see things on
my time line” when you click “View as” here it shows you what a complete stranger can see about your profile. Somebody that
is not connected to any of your friends in any way, and
you want them to see as little as possible. So you can click to the “view as” and test it
out, and see what it is that people can see
about you. A little bit more about that later in the video. “Who can see posts you’ve been taggged in on your time line?” The most secure setting is “Only me”. “Who can see what others post on your time-line?” The most secure setting is again “only me” “How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?” The most secure setting there for reviewing tags people
add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook you need that to be set to “On” so that you can review tags on your own posts before they appear on Facebook. It also protects other people from being tagged on your posts. “When you are tagged in a post who do you want add to the audience if
they aren’t already in it?” You need that set also to “Only me” for the most secure setting. This next one
“Who sees tag suggestions when photos that looked like you are uploaded?”. That’s
facial recognition, So Facebook has facial recognition enabled, if somebody
uploads a photo and they are a friend of yours, and you have this setting enabled it means that they will then get a suggestion that this particular picture looks like you,
and would they like to tag your name on that photo? The most secure setting for that is “No one”. I’m going to show you the blocking window here as well. Of course you can block through your usual time-line, you can
block comments, you can block people who are annoying you. If you needed to go to block someone
without going to their profile to do it you would click the blocking menu item here, and then you can add people via email, or via name, over here. You can add people to a “Restricted list” which
means that they don’t see any of your posts but you don’t have to defriend them. So you might have somebody who you don’t want to defriend because you are concerned that you’ll hurt their feelings, or you don’t want to be embroiled in any drama around that, but you don’t want them seeing your posts either, perhaps they are not making very nice comments on the posts, so you can add them to this list called
the “Restricted list” they won’t see your posts coming up on
their time-line in the future when they are added to that list, but then
they still see that they are friends of yours. This one here is where you can add them by name or via email, and they will be blocked
from contacting you. You can also unblock people from this page as well if
you’ve changed your mind about them. You can block “app invites” so
that if somebody keeps sending you invites to use a particular app, if you find one person in your friends list
it’s constantly doing that, you can add the name of that friend there, and they can’t send you any App invites anymore. Same with event invites if somebody
is continually inviting you to you events and you don’t
want to be notified if those anymore, type the name of your friend in there
and it will block those. You could also block apps so that the
app’s can’t contact you, with their advertising or their
notifications anymore. The next place we’re going to go is to the “Apps menu” item underneath the other privacy settings, it’s a good
idea to have a look at which apps you have enabled through Facebook too many apps have started to cause problems for people,
there might be some apps there that you added at one time, and you no longer use them anymore, so it’s a good idea to get rid of those
don’t let them build up too much, because there’s a bit of a security risk with
having to many apps connected to your
Facebook profile. The way to do that is to click “Edit” up there in the top right hand corner
and then you click the cross button, and that will delete that app from your Facebook. If you have a look over at the left hand
side menu there, under apps you’ll see there’s another menu item
there called “Ads’ if you click that it brings up Facebook
Ads window and here’s where you can turn off some
settings here, that include sharing your information your posts and your personal information with third party
sites in the future. The most secure setting there is to make
sure that that is set to “No one” if you also go over and
click “Edit” on “Ads and friends” this
particular window will bring up an example of how your “likes” on advertising might be
shared across with your friends, and if you prefer to keep that private make sure that “pair my social actions
with ads” is set to “No one” and then save your
changes. The next place we going is to “Security”. You go up there to the “Security” menu second from top left. The “Security” page when it opens there are a lot of different
options he to protect your account from being hacked. “Login notifications” means that you can get notified when it
looks like somebody else is trying to hack into your account. If they are trying to get into your account
and they are getting the password wrong several times Then what happens is, you can be sent a
message either by text or by email to let you know, and then of course you can contact
Facebook. If that happens, and let them know somebody’s trying to log into your account The other thing you can do is to enable login approvals, that DOES require a phone number, so what you do then is once you’ve
clicked “Edit” you tick that you require a security code access to
your account from unknown browses. How that works, is
if somebody’s trying to hack into your account they have your login details,
they have your password and your I.D, and they are trying to get in
to your account from another browser somewhere else in the
world, or in your country, what’ll happen is, you’ll get sent a
code a four digit code. Now if it was you and
you were logging in from a browser you haven’t used before, perhaps
your doing it from a library, or a friends computer, then a code would be seen to your mobile phone, and you would then put the code in to the browser interface and it would
allow you through The reason this works is that it’s very
unusual for hacker have your phone and your login approvals at the same time and your login
details at the same time. The other ways is to also enable “Code Generator”, so if for
some reason you are using perhaps an iPod or an iPad, that doesn’t have 3G then you can also get those codes through
your Facebook app. It says here, you can use the code
generator in your Facebook mobile app, to reset your password to
generate login approvals. So if you don’t want to add
your phone number to Facebook, if you enable code generator, then you don’t have to have
your mobile phone listed on Facebook. Having your mobile
phone listed on Facebook isn’t such a huge problem, except for the
fact that facebook Messenger are now using that phone number, so the
people that have that phone number who aren’t necessarily friends of yours on
Facebook can now call you via Facebook Messenger using your phone number, and there’s been a lot of complaints about people not want to get calls on their phone number through
Facebook Messenger App passwords, you can use special
passwords to log into It gives you an extra level of security
when you are using apps that connect to Facebook so you
could click that and edit that and ad that. Trusted contacts is a very good idea, it’s what it is, is
you add three people as your trusted contacts to your account, so should your account ever get hacked, the password changed, and your locked out any one of those three trusted people can get into your account, change the
password to something else and lock the person out that has hacked
into your account. “Trusted browsers” you can have a look and see which browsers you have trusted in the past, it may be that you’ve logged
in from a browser some where, and you decide to revoke the permission for that login browser It might have been that you were away somewhere, you logged in through a hotel and now you want to prevent that browser in the future. It’s an extra level of security. The same
thing here “Where you are logged in”, if you click that,
it reviews and tells you where you are currently logged in to Facebook, so you can log out if you need to log out from the device.
Down the bottom there you’ll see the “Deactivate your account” if you want to put your account offline for a while,
perhaps you are having a problem and you need to go offline, when you click “Deactivate
your account” your account and your time-line disappear
from Facebook People that are friends with you we’ll
see a profile picture of you, it’ll be the generic
picture it won’t actually show your real profile
picture anymore. If you want to delete your Facebook profile completely, and get rid of
everything that you’ve uploaded, everything that you’ve liked,
everything you’ve shared you need to go to completely
different place in Facebook to do that, deactivating
your account doesn’t delete everything it simply puts it in cold storage. It
does take 90 days to delete all the content in your profile and there is a link on the screen any to help you find out how to delete your account. I’m now going to show you how to hide all your personal details. It’s a really good
idea to make sure that your personal likes,
what movies you like, books you like, what school you go to, where you work how old you are, are all hidden from public Facebook search. There are a lot of hackers and scammers going through Facebook at the moment And the less they know about you the safer you are. Previously in the privacy settings I talked to you about the “View as” feature and this particular screen is going to
show you how that works. Another way to get to “View As” aside from the privacy settings is to go under your
cover picture, see where it says view activity log, next to that are three dots, click that and a drop down menu will come up, then you will go down to “View As” click that menu item, and what it does, is it flips your profile over to show you exactly what a complete
stranger can see about you. If you have the most secure privacy settings setup and you’ve gone through and hidden all
the personal details that you are able to hide, the only thing a complete stranger
should see about you, is your portrait picture, your cover
picture, and your name. There should be no posts, no information about where you go to school, where you live, or what books you like, what movies you like, or what groups you belong to, or any recent updates at all. The only
thing a person cans do is try to message you, And if they are not a friend of yours, that
message then goes into what is known as the “Other folder”. You will not get a
notification that there is a message waiting for you. Nut if you happen to look through your messages on Facebook, you can click on the other folder messages from complete strangers go
in there. So, how to get it looking like that. First of all you need to go to your “About” menu the “About” tab is where
you find all your personal and private information.
When you first setup a Facebook profile you may have
filled it out with details such as where you work, where you went to school, an address, mobile phone number, lots of personal and private information that could
potentially be used to steal your identity in the future or used by scammers to get to you. So it’s a good idea to hide most of that
information, or to delete it. So when you click on the
“About” it brings up this page, go through all
those menu items over the there on the left and have a look and see what is in your personal and private
information in your “About” setting, and delete anything you don’t need. The only things that you really can’t delete is the email address that you set your
account up with, because that’s how you login and your birth date, but you can
certainly hide it you can keep the day of your birth and the
month of your birth set to “friends only” so that they
can wish you Happy Birthday. The the most secure setting is to hide the year of your birth, so that
somebody doesn’t have all that information about you and potentially use it for
fraudulent reasons in the future. So make sure you set the year of your birth to “Only me” “Family and relationships” is another place it’s really important to make sure
that you have private, so that your children and your family protected if something happens to your profile. You
don’t really need to share that with anyone. If you want to share those things with
friends then make sure you set it to “Friends Only”, but the most secure setting
is to delete all that information all set to “Only me” Another important thing to do is to hide
your “Friends list” from public view. There
isn’t really any benefit to you to make your “Friends list” available to
your friends or to anyone else, so you need to hide
your “Friends list” this is one of the most important
settings, to protect you and your friends from. If
your “Friends list” is hidden from public view you
become far less of a target for a hacker or scammer. To do that click on the “Friends” tab and on
the top right hand corner of your list of
friends where they all come up you’ll see that there is a pencil icon, click
on that, and a drop down menu will come down, scroll down to where it says “Edit privacy” and click that. You have two
options there, your “Friends list” and “Following”. Make sure both of them say “Only me”. That is the most secure setting and that means if somebody looks at your profile your “Friends list” will not show up. In order to hide all your likes, maybe the movies you like, the sport you
like, from your profile as well because all that can be used by a
scammer or someone trying to figure out what your preferences are so that they
can get you to click on something that may send you to a website that has a virus on it. The way
to hide all that information on your public
Facebook profile is to again click on the “Friends tab” there is another section there “Manage sections” in the same place as the edit privacy was, just about that Click “Manage sections” and this comes up. You need to untick all those ones, that were ticked that means none of those will show up on
your profile. The only ones you can’t untick are the
“About” “Photos” and the “Friends” we’ve already hidden the friends list so that’s okay. In order to hide all your
photos you just need to make sure that all your
past posts have been set back to “Friends” again, and they won’t
show up on your public profile. It’s a good idea to
also to delete past profile pictures, because sometimes
those are not hidden from view. So go into your photos, find your profile folder and have a look at
the photos you have still got in there. The same goes for the cover pictures as
well. Thank you for watching the “Advanced Facebook Privacy Settings” video Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel
if you haven’t done already hope you found this video useful. If you did you might like to share it with family and friends who also want to stay safe online while they are using social media.


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