AIB Podcast : feat. Shah Rukh Khan (Part 02)
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AIB Podcast : feat. Shah Rukh Khan (Part 02)

Okay Shah Rukh Three things that people believe to be true about movie stars but they are not true at all A Koffee with Karan question Yes, quite Koffee with Karan When I wake up I wake up as ugly as all of you guys I mean, really What they show about the mornings Sunlight I hate it That’s the one impression they give after love making After love making what they show in movies is a is a disgusting lie It should be banned I just want to point out that we have made love Like yeah… You don’t have to say it like you’re telling us a theoretical concept We have made love I… Yeah… Surprisingly We have, no, I’m just saying Good… Good for you, man! I know! And it feels their mouth smells good Yeah You know? Because they get up When they start eating each other’s mouth again Yeah… and they’re all good about it It doesn’t smell like chicken tikka It’s horrible The second thing is people believe that we make loads and loads of money and we are corrupted The money has gone to your head The assumption is rich person movie star are all jerks Yeah A cheating douche I’ll just tell you There was an article of me in a train So we were all sitting in the train By goodness of everybody they gave me Two of the seats on the birth 70 hour train journey So at one point in time your legs were on the seat I read this I’m sitting I won’t tell you I sit in my house like this My sofa My shoe I can do what I want And yeah I am very ill mannered I am very ill mannered How is this ill mannered? How is this ill mannered? I cleaned it after that And it’s just a leather seat It’s not even leather, I think Rexine It’s rexine and for a moment you know they were all taking pictures so Also there were pictures being taken I’m not justifying Even without the pictures I can sit like this It’s my birth right… Good pun
-Birthright Good one, sir You’re a poet, you didn’t even know it Wedding show will be fun I’m sitting like this and they say They are all ill mannered these stars What sort of arrogance is this? I mean Are you guys… You understand this? Yeah yeah! You’ve sat on a chair like this sometimes Yeah yeah Very… I mean, yeah… It’s another thing we have done just like making love Just another thing we’ve actually done You’re making it really big in life You’re a star Yeah yeah Evil and corrupt So people just assume that movie stars are arrogant Guarantee One day, I just want to and I’ll say this Amit ji taught me one thing A good lesson We were sitting backstage Just like that Amit ji, normally doesn’t talk You know he’s quite a quiet, reserved Yeah like He prefers to sit quietly while backstage So two things he taught me that night Which I have remembered all my life and I would say it to everyone because we guys are going to go on stage Correct, yes! One day together, you do live shows I asked him, I said Amit ji What is the thought and everybody asked him this and I would tell you what is my thought before going on stage My thought about 15-20 seconds I am one with God and I’ll be honest This sounds very serious but I go very spiritual just before going live And I said 10 seconds I need 10 seconds and I go and then I love you… starts and all Par I need that 10 seconds I asked Amit ji There was no conversation happening Amit ji, always quiet and… I just want to make some conversation because it was one of those shows When are we supposed to go? Like that So us? Your turn will come Don’t worry So both of us were sitting and we can’t leave that place I asked Amit ji Amit ji, what is the last thought? Before you enter stage What is in your head? What is in your heart? How do you feel? Because he’s amazing on stage and everywhere What is the last thing I do before I go on stage? I check my zippers And that’s my biggest biggest and I would tell all actors live stage You have to do this I still do it like Before going on stage This That’s the last thought I really have after the spiritual experience that I do this And the second thing he told me is suddenly while talking He said you know now that you’ve become a big star Whatever you do You’ll always be in the wrong So the first thing to do whenever you make a mistake Apologize immediately I was young and I was… But Amit ji, what if it’s not my fault? That’s what I am saying Apologize And wherever you go Bow and talk If somebody misbehaves with you punches you and if you punch him back Do you know what will happen? I said what? You were drunk Yeah! But I wasn’t drunk No, you were Money has reached your head You are an illegal sort of person Correct You’re corrupt I got so scared I didn’t want to be a star I was like really? All this will happen to me? So what can I do? Nothing And then he just went quiet and sat down Then somebody called us then I, he was so I was so scared to go on stage and say I love you What’s the point? So genuinely and I’m not being a victim here It’s great to be a star and it’s great to be arrogant You know the whole idea of being a star is to have some kind of freedom to do something And nobody’s corrupt and bad just because you got money It’s like anyone earning money will be happy with the money And yeah if you get If you get rich you want to buy a big car But… Look at him Big long cars That’s what he rides Sorry? It’s a big car I’ve always dreamed of buying this car I got the money I’ve paid for it and it’s not even on easy installments I paid full money This story reminds me of what happened with Dipa Karmakar after the after she Produnova, yeah After she did the Produnova BMW said Sponsors BMW gave her a car and she’s like I’m sorry There is no service center in the north east What do I do? She gave it back, yeah So they gave it back BMW gave her a cash amount Then she bought a Hyundai Elantra Cause she said Which is a good choice Hats off I think somewhere the brand manager jizzed Kudos to her That’s why mentally I was like oh yeah Brand endorsements also stick Kudos You know what happened right? Like That I’ll keep doing I have 24 brands Before the end of this show I promise to plug them all Shah Rukh I heard I saw this interview that you did with Recently you did one with Anupama where one of the first questions that she did was what are you tired of listening to And you mentioned one of the first things which is Are you choosing the kind of roles that you really like? Are you just sick of it? Or how sick are you of people saying do more like Chak De Do more like Swades You feel like getting up and saying You don’t think You don’t think I’m trying to do good stuff? What is this logic that you’re applying And just to follow up Do more like Chak De Just to fuck You know I cannot understand and I fully respect that you cannot please all the people all the time Everybody’s got a choice and I’m not expecting to make that universal film or work which everyone will like I know you’ll have a little It’s like cologne You know you’ll have a different choice It’s like a shirt, it’s like a t-shirt It’s like that But every time I do anything Okay first of all There are a couple of things like this that Now suppose I have done Raees It’s alright? I have to plug Raees also Yeah Just recently Released on 25th January It’s over sir 25 January’s gone I keep doing it Just in case this gets used later for something else So… I have done that film The first thing is reminded us of Don I’m like where? How? Which part? You know it is so saddening sometimes and I don’t know, maybe I really really have a I have this self You know, I’m in that day today That I really want to sit in front of the mirror Am I the most pathetic actor in the world? That am I the Am I that boyfriend who is last to know his girlfriend is second timing him Am I the guy who does not know that I can’t act to save my life Am I the same in every film Year after year This whole world You know, like that movie in which the television world was Truman Show Is everyone watching my films again and again and making me the biggest star just to fool me but I am not a good actor Am I in a part of a Truman Show? But genuinely people will tell me that since childhood they have been watching me on TV One day I’ll open a door and I’ll be out and I’ll say what happened? This was a lie? I can’t act? Just everyone Just your kids are just like we were a lie Was I just this? At the end of it all If I leave everyone will say Nah, we used to fake watching it You can’t act Where? You know everyone at it… Damn good! Reminded me of Don yaar Then somebody told me So happy to see you You know Exactly like Darr! Ammi jaan (My mother) kkkkk….Kehti thi (used to say) I’ve not done Darr like ki I love you Kiran Don don… What? How is it same? So I don’t even clarify Once the film released I just wanted to say one word which I was scared of before the release I didn’t want to say It’s a gangster genre I didn’t want to use the word Gang-ster Gangster together So I didn’t say it But film became Came out People liked it Now I have started saying it It’s a first time I’ve done a Gangster genre and I am so happy This is my Gangs of Wasseypur Real actor! Please accept me! It always is every film, anything I’ll do Okay, the second part is This is over Not even three days yet People are liking it too Do a love story na Yeah but you know I just did that one then you said don’t do love stories Again there’s a… Yeah but do a love story na takes like a one and a half year to do a No! You do a love story! So… I’m like you know I’m doing a film with Karan that’s a love- No, not with him! What? Matlab I get so confused I get so confused that what should I do? Yesterday, there was a friend Well meaning person and he told me I asked whether he liked Raees Yeah, the story was bad I said oh… What did you like? You saved it So I said Does that mean I acted well? No but people love you a lot Brutal Wow! I think this officially answers our question of being surrounded by yes-men Yeah yeah I don’t know what should I do next I’m for God’s sake I’m going to be dwarf in the next film and I want everybody on your podcast If anybody ever comes to me and tells me anything like ki Yeah, reminded of Chak De The small girl I’ll kill them I will kill them I will kill people I will kill them and then lock myself in my padded room and scream It’s so stupid That small girl Yeah Is there a line called Jaa dikha de uss launde ko (Go show it to that brat!) It… But genuinely I am telling you it is sometimes it gets too much What should I do? What I should I not do? Try different or same Okay, if I try something off Doesn’t work Then a barrage comes His stardom is over He’s over He’s done with He’s old, he’s working I’m the only hero who’s wherever Whenever I am working with a young girl because there are only young girls working now I am really sorry I mean I can’t go and tell them ki grow up So Alia comes to me Can I do a film? No! First grow up That would be kind of personal So I don’t say anything Suddenly Oh he’s working with girls half his age They’re the ones who are working now so what can you do They’re working so I can’t send them back home or break their heart or tell the director No Choose by age Not by talent You can’t do that So I have to work with whatever is offered to me Because I play a lover am I not supposed to age? Am I supposed to age? I have kept a beard too I have tried everything So it becomes really awkward when people ask me So that’s why when Anupama asked me I said these 4-5 questions Don’t ask them That have you now decided that you’re going to change your whole image No! This is coincidental It happened This got delayed I broke a knee VFX took too long and Dear Zindagi was meant to be that time All three films have come But I’m enjoying this I’m enjoying this also secretly somewhere I’m enjoying it that people, some people somewhere are thinking He’s acting well He’s acting well No! It’s the same as Don Reminded me of Don you know So I have this big problem and I want to maybe you know the other issue what we started this show with Is that when we all don’t take ourselves seriously Then people don’t take you seriously Now the same thing I started doing with a a little more gap and like Nawaz bhai Yeah yeah Just took time So this happens I thought about it Deeply into I thought you know I haven’t done a movie where I put kohl in my eyes I… You know when I was doing Dilwale The one with Rohit Shetty The amount of internalization I had to do for you know, when the car twists That was difficult to do I… I got admitted into a hospital for 3 months, it’s tragically affected me so much But… I can’t talk about it anymore Can we end this interview please? If I start doing this Maybe they’ll take me seriously, you know Do seven… By the way, just to let you let me tell you We nearly broke the world record with that twist 8 and a half is the biggest We got 7 and a half Not that I was in it I’ll take the credit though Yes, I was in the car But you know when you roll a car apparently I didn’t know but action directors know it The biggest 8 and a half times We got 7 and a half times in that one You’re a geek Yeah yeah yeah We saw We explored your library We saw a statue of Far Cry IV ka villain
-Yeah Yeah Video game which not a lot of people… Let’s not talk video games You’re not coming for Far Cry either! Not going to happen! FIFA, Far Cry When your heart breaks That is multiplayer I can connect Give me your PlayStation… Give me your PlayStation id We’ll all be in our own houses and can play from there itself We won’t even come to your lane When you look at When you look at wax statues that are made of you Do you just go like this is not me This is not me at all But you have to like… Have you Do you have to It’s a thing, right The first time we were in LA We saw that Walk of fame, and I remember Both of us looked at each other This is it? When they called me for it it was very big As in, Delhi type First time London Maa went We didn’t even go Those are the days when you put notes when they went, I don’t know you guys are too young maybe But the first time someone went abroad they were given a garland of money Then a talisman here would be tied The entire family would be at the airport viewing gallery Yeah yeah Up Standing up and we would wave at our maa inside the plane The plane would be far away But that’s maa! I can see her! Yeah, she’s waving too Maa is waving from there God knows where maa was in some economy seat having the same peanuts But yet all of us would wave Wave at her So maa had gone to London then and when she came back The first thing she said that Go to Madame Tussaud! It’s really good So many good things So you were like Madame Tussauds was I don’t know how to compare in today’s time You know Sunil’s wax museum in Lonavla On the way to Pune There is a place called Sunil’s wax museum Okay Sunil’s wax museum The hoarding says Why go to London? When you can come to Sunil’s wax museum Yes, why? If anyone from there is watching I believe that should be the place I’ll go You must immortalize yourself That’s the 25th brand Yeah Sunil wax Please keep me there But once they made it And they make a very big thing out of it They do all the 3D mapping You stand on this round thing and you have to hold your stomach in because people have seen you with a six pack and now you can tell them that No, I don’t have a six pack Then you’re thinking My face is looking wrong right now so You get relaxed and all But I think by the time they’re through with it Let me just tell you Wax is wax Real is real It is very different With the hair I’m really happy I’m in Grevin which is really beautiful The six pack comes out well The face is also very nice but you know The hair is really bad and I take hair very personally Very very personally I don’t know if you saw Fan That great movie in which I acted wonderfully and got no award for In that In that I go in you know beat up the wax thing and all At one time I’d asked them and please I think they will get very angry with me We wanted to break it and they don’t allow So they said no Even Now this act of vandalism which is so prevalent in our country regularly We do to real people Don’t know who What? I have no clue! Hypothetically speaking somewhere when somebody slapped but in that they said We won’t allow because it may encourage someone to do it So I said but it’s me and it’s my statue but they were very righteous They said not even you and your statue I was secretly hoping that if I break it they’ll make a new one because now I think No, I’ll be honest I really really think You know when they did that statue I didn’t know how to do the wax pose You know Yeah There’s a look This is my serious interview look This is my AIB interview look So I have looks for this So I think I know the The look for making my statue look very nice I think that time I also became Yeah Alright, most important question Extremely serious question Which is when you’re walking through Bandra You know Are you sometimes worried that Baba Siddique will come and hug you for no reason Because you don’t know You cannot predict when this will happen I have to tell you this that Baba Siddique is my friend and I regularly meet him for the hugs Just nice hugs Nice hugs Don’t want to be accosted or taken by surprise So I plan it I plan it on Eid Of course I’m always there at nights during Ramzan I have and I want to tell you that Baba Siddique’s hugs are the best when planned Let’s do this before we go Let’s do You’re very active on twitter nowadays Do you read your mentions at all? I do I’ll tell you the time I am traveling is the time I really am on twitter I see lots of them But there are lots of repetitive ones so I know Now I recognize It must sound strange but if suppose genuinely there are 22-23 million people I do recognize most of them now Oh! Superfans that you keep seeing every now and then I can just keep seeing it and I know this ones this… Names I know some of them There are some who abuse me regularly Regularly So now you’re friends with them also I’m friends with them I know them also Name all those critics All of them I can do I can name all of them and the other thing is that because I am so self obsessed You know even the ones if the abuses also lessen Has my stardom gone down? Bilal… Just check, man This guy’s not abused me for 4-5 days What’s happening? I go and check and sometimes I go What do you call them? Haters? I go and check because sometimes I feel maybe they’re busy I really go and check their timeline that okay his exams are going on No stress But I do read mentions There was a time I went into this overactive block mode You know where people It’s a big… Okay… I’ll be honest Capital letter abuses I can’t take because the Delhite in me comes out I want to do it live Yeah I mean I really really You know I’ve hands I’ve become very humble I used to first say Who ever abuses I’ll slap them and all I’m not saying that I request and want to say to everyone I beg that please On Twitter Do not use capital letters to abuse Don’t Doesn’t feel good It’s not fun Do it in real life Come up to me You know They have reduced abuses to nothing I feel so bad for abuses I want to start an association of Help the abuses Yes on social media please and then I really want to tell you, you know Can I say these words? I don’t know if I can Some of the spellings of the abuses It takes the feel away I mean You know sister is S-I-S-T-E-R Not S-I-S It isn’t! Correct Sis It doesn’t work It’s a Bombay-Delhi thing of pronunciation I don’t know U needs to be pronounced Double O doesn’t do the trick It takes away the feeling It becomes like Shoot You understand my… I do You are from Delhi, you understand Exactly I know exactly It’s that Delhi vibe which has Punjabiness inherently built in I mean, your mother’s the one with U not O So this I I beg of all of you I just want those young boys and girls also not to do it wrong Yeah If you’re going to do it Do it right Save abuses Respect the abuses Save abuses This is like Swades for abuses He’s come back to India to rescue abuses I’m just imagining an old woman with a bulb going So abuses have to be right This can be the Delhi wedding show Will be a big hit Alright But genuinely I am telling you You should do it I really get disturbed by that Nothing else disturbs me Yeah, sometimes people criticize me a lot That is alright Sometimes they say Okay, one more because we are here Please Guys and girls and everybody Don’t send me collections of films I make the films Yeah I know the collection! This is the business I’m in! Produce and distribute films What the film is doing on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday Inflated, deflated I know! People send me figures! Fools! They send me figures that Tuesday collection is… No! I know my Tuesday collection to the last penny! I hate seeing it in my office You have wrong figures I know it Ask me I’m going to start Can we start that also? Yes Save the collection and Save the abuses Save the abuses Save the collection One petition One of you guys watching this, please start this With hashtag Wipe Taran Adarsh’s tears But I’m genuinely telling you people going Also It’s really nice that you guys like my films Like your shows But sometimes they tell me Like for Raees the ending shouldn’t have been so Yeah Now the ending shouldn’t have been so Well, the movie’s made and how do I change it? It’s difficult Ladies and gentleman Once the film is in the hall It’s not exactly very interactive It’s not like Change it! I’m really sorry We’ll reach there One day it will come there Alternative endings will be there Press of a button on your phone You send an SMS to Tweet to me Say put Ending number C I will tweet back Ending number C on in your theater now and then you send me the collection This we’ll edit the podcast to reveal the ending So people will think that in the end aunty is cussing Alright We don’t have anymore time Thank you very much for watching Shah Rukh thank you so much Don’t use bad language It’s not a good thing to do Completely agree Really disgusting I I was disgusted You used the B word twice Bajirao and Brand manager is the worst You are a cheap man I’m disgusted Don’t make him sit next to me next time Sir, I am from UP I travel in first class I don’t want to be sitting I’m peanut sir Thank you very much Shah Rukh Thank you so much Honestly yaar You know when a movie releases You’re very tense and stuff I love being with you guys Yeah Check out the film Check out Shah Rukh in the film and like, comment and subscribe and see you guys next time And also I want to tell you AIB has not sold themselves out They’re here because they’re my friends Not here because they’re plugging a film with a 50 year old movie star- This friendship will be tested on FIFA night Let’s see We’ll do FIFA On record! Yes! On record! Yes! The afternoon was a trap to just get you to say that Come tomorrow night at 11 I’ll call y’all Not funny guys Not funny, okay As a young boy my feelings were hurt Thank you very much Thank you guys, bye bye!


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