All Google Cloud Next ‘19 updates & more!
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All Google Cloud Next ‘19 updates & more!

DAN GALPIN: Hello. I’m Dan Galpin for
“The Developer Show.” This is your weekly update
on the coolest developer news from Google. There were over 120
announcements at Google Cloud Next last week, including the
new Seoul and Salt Lake City regions, along with updates
across the Google Cloud Platform, including
Hybrid Cloud, serverless, API Management, storage,
networking, security, identity, access management, analytics,
AI and machine learning, Chrome Enterprise, and much more. Learn more about all
of this from the post. Firebase announced lots of
new stuff at Cloud Next. The GCP support
plan now includes support for Firebase products. You’ll be able to filter your
Google Analytics for Firebase event reports by any number
of different user properties or audiences at the same time. And we improved
upon dynamic links to give you the
ability to create links with any custom domain you own. For all of the Firebase
Cloud Next updates, check out the post
at the link below. Cloud Run is a newly announced
fully managed compute platform that enables you to run
stateless containers that are invocable via HTTP
requests in a language and framework of your choosing. The cloud Firebased
hosting integration allows you to use
this architecture as a back end for a web app or
microservice in your Firebase project. For more details, head
on over to the post. We’re rolling out new
insights available directly in the Play Console to help
you optimize both subscriber conversion and retention. The updated subscription
retention report shows how well you are
retaining subscribers, along with how well
subscribers convert from free trial,
introductory price, and first to second payment. We have also updated the
subscription cancellations report to give more insight
into voluntary and involuntary cancellations. For more details,
head over to the post. Android app bundles simplified
delivering optimized APK, including instant delivery
by unifying uploads into a single artifact. In Gradle 3.40 and
Android Studio 3.4, we are starting the deprecation
process of the feature plug-in and instant app plug-in. If you have an existing instant
app built with a feature plug-in, migrate to
an instant enabled app bundle as soon as possible. To learn more,
check out the post. Coral is a platform for
building intelligent devices with local AI, offering a
complete local AI toolkit that makes it easy to grow your ideas
from prototype to production. We’re updating the Edge TPU
model compiler within Coral to remove the restrictions
around specific architectures, releasing a new version of
Mendel OS for the dev board, adding new capabilities
to Coral with the release of the environmental
sensor board, and expanding our distributor
network to make it easier to get Coral boards. Get all of the details
over at the post. Building upon our pledge
to provide mobile developer training to 100,000 Africans
to develop world class apps, we announced the next round
of Google Africa certification scholarships. This year we are offering
30,000 additional scholarship opportunities and 1,000 grants
for the Google Associate Android Developer Mobile Web
Specialist and Associate Cloud engineer certifications. Check out the post to learn
more about the scholarships and apply. Please remember to like,
subscribe, and share. I’m Dan Galpin for
“The Developer Show.” Thanks for watching, and
we’ll see you next week. We announced a lot of new
stuff at the Cloud Next. It’s a much better that way.


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