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Amberlough Dossier || Trilogy Book Chat [CC]

Well hello! Welcome back to my channel– Jashana here to talk
about a couple friggen books. Today I am talking about the Amberlough Dossier
trilogy. So it’s Amberlough, Armistice and then Amnesty all by Lara
Elena Donnelly. And I mean these covers– can we just, like, what? What? What?! So
beautiful… SO beautiful. I’ve talked about these books already in wrap ups and
things but I wanted to do a whole video dedicated to it just because I feel like
not a lot of people know about it, maybe, and a lot of you I think would enjoy it.
Those of you looking for adult books that are, I don’t know, how do you know…
how to describe it–it’s categorized sometimes as fantasy but it’s really not
it’s just a totally made-up fictionalized world with made-up
countries made-up politics and governments and whatever but there’s no
magic or anything this is not like a magical fantastical world it’s just
people living in this entirely fictionalized world and it’s very heavy
on its… espionage and spies and subterfuge and some political, you know,
maneuverings but you’re not–the characters you’re following–you’re
following multiple characters who are all intertwined but some of them will
work for the government but you’re not following like the leader or anything
like that like the ruler of the country it’s not about that it’s about the
people below them, the people fighting in the revolution the people on both sides,
the people committing treason against their government because they want to
revolt and throw them over. So it just isn’t stuff I normally read–some fantasy
that I read does have political intrigue but usually it is from within, right?
You’re following the kings and the queens or the,
you know, the rulers in whatever fashion… and seeing how they backstab each other
and whatnot. So this was a little different and I’m just always a little
confused with political intrigue if it’s really heavy I get lost, I get very lost,
it’s just–I don’t know my mind doesn’t go to those places naturally… makes me
feel fucking dumb sometimes. I read this and I was I was confused I’m not gonna
lie for most of this book definitely the first 50% of Amberlough, I was like “what
the fuck is happening? Who’s working for who? Oh my god, stop getting the water, man… I was like “who’s working for who?
who’s doing–” [water noises again] Oh my god fucking stop! Yeah I really, I didn’t know who was working for who who
was doing what… I was confused about the motives and I was very… I was just lost.
But I just kept reading cuz the characters are really interesting and I
honestly feel like–and again I’m probably a dum-dum some of you maybe
have read this and you’re like “why the fuck were you so confused Jashana?”
I don’t know, whatever, I was–but I I just really liked the characters and I started to feel kind of like it was, you know… working, working the brain muscles. If you
read like spy thrillers already then this is probably not anything new to you
as far as the style you probably wouldn’t be as fucking confused as I was.
And the whole the world is very like Gilded Age-esque and the government is very reminiscent of like a Nazi Germany type
situation… the people are very oppressed you can’t be gay, you can’t be this, you
can’t that, being different races is not cool, and dating different races… like it’s a
whole thing. So yeah there’s this like revolution brewing and you’re, you’re
seeing that happening and you’re seeing key players in the revolution start to
take action and do-do shit. And then in the second book which is Armistice–and I
read Amberlough quite a while ago… I think I read it earlier last
year maybe… but yeah then Armistice–I’m not gonna give any spoilers so don’t
worry but the revolt is like fully underway now and and this one our
characters are a lot more under fire and having to make some drastic choices and
drastic decisions and you get introduced to a couple new characters who I really
liked and I don’t really want to say too much else about this because I don’t
want to give away anything with the plots but I will just say that by the
time we got to Amnesty–first of all this is my favorite cover by far because of
the pink and purple–um some drastic things had happened just, within the story
and at the beginning of this book we find out that one of the main characters
from the first two books has died and the character that died was really the
only character who wasn’t kind of a selfish greedy piece of shit because the
rest of them–they have their reasons for doing what they do but a lot of them
it’s just like survival mode times 10 that makes them end up being kind of
greedy and selfish and they just do some shitty things to people because they
don’t give a fuck they’re like “I’m trying to live, I’m trying to survive in
this world and if I have to kind of throw you over the side of the boat in
the process, I don’t really care because sorry
the you weren’t smart enough”, basically. So they’re really interesting and
complex but they’re not good people, but the one that was a good person and
altruistic… yeah they, she died. I was real upset about that and you didn’t see her
like it was off the page so that was kind of a bummer but I didn’t really
mind it all that much and I would just say with this one that I was very
satisfied with the conclusion. Not necessarily everything is all tied up in
a neat little bow… the country, the main country that you’re kind of watching,
Amberlough, is left–and Gedda, is the other one–they’re
right by each other–they’re kind of the same thing but not–anyways Gedda and Amberlough, they’re kind of left in a little bit of uh yeah you don’t really know
what what is happening as far as the government but you know what’s happening
with all the characters and that’s what made me satisfied with it. Um if they had
left everything totally open-ended if, if the author had left everything
completely open-ended–you don’t know what happens to the characters you don’t
know what happens to the government –that would have been really annoying for me
personally, but that was not the case, so I very much appreciated that. I don’t
want to get–yeah I don’t want to get too much into it further, I don’t wanna give
spoilers for anything but yeah I highly recommend this if an adult kind of spy
espionage revolution story in a made-up world with some LGBTQ and POC
representation sounds like something you might be into, then check it out! and I
will say – for those of you that you know want to say you “hate things being
forced into stories when they don’t need to be” that’s not how it felt in this
book, in these books at all, it just–this was the world and there you go. And it
was very reminiscent of our world but it was made up and it did have its own its
own issues and you know prejudices and things that is all very quick didn’t
want to get all spoilery and whatnot so yeah I just wanted to highly recommend
this series. If you’ve read any of these books let me know what your thoughts
were. I rated all of them at least four stars, I do believe… I know the last two I
did and I’m pretty sure Amberlough I did as well. As always thank you so much for
your time, hope you guys have a wonderful day and I will talk to you later! Bye bye!

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  • Christopher Mythic

    Listening to your reviews on these books, I am going to put these on my list. The political intrigue in a fantasy setting sounds interesting.

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