Amway UK | Amway UK Secrets Exposed

Amway UK | Amway UK Secrets Exposed

hi there my name is Paul Evans on country today to my home and commentary in the UK shoot this video stay for the people that are looking into the opportunity and we're UK or maybe you're already a distribution where UK and you'll you basically come to roadblock you know you'll do the traditional methods of marketing probably what your up wide song is to do and that's going out and making a list of your friends and family prospects into people in the street put the flyers on car windows whatever they're telling you to do and it's not working for you I'm not supplies because actually try to do this in my opportunity when i first started on a network marketing business now i'm not actually involved with I'm a UK but I do use a system which has allowed me to become full time work from home within a few short months now since using this system it's allowed me to bring more business to the online world so this is what I'm here today to show you how to do for free basically how to bring your own way UK business to the online world because you are going to run out of people to talk to you are going to run out your friends and family to talk to and you are going out of prospects to speak to and you're just going to get embarrassed by asking people to draw the business that they're not interested in basically why do i'll show you how to market on the online world so i'll show you how to leverage the internet to your advantage to get in front of highly targeted prospects now i've done an eight-game video series we're going to show you exactly how to do this for free so it's not going to cost you anything and it's going to show you how to target highly highly targeted prospects where they're going to be hunting you down look if you'd basically if you to help them and you're going to get them signed up into your business now you know if they not interested in sauna up in your business that's perfectly fine because the system I use it allows you to earn money off people that do not even join you in your primary business now our I to earn hundreds and commissions through the system that i actually use and it's allowed me to take more business to the next level basically i've only been involved in this opportunity for less than a year now and it's already allowed me within a few short months to work for far from home this was more my main goal basically Ellis to get away from a corporate world now if you're looking to maybe join my UK and you want to make a great success of it or maybe you've already joined that where UK and you know you've come to a roadblock don't give up on yourself because I'm here to help you and i'm going to show you over the next eight days exactly how to mark online how to get traffic to your website how to get leads from that traffic and then how to get money from their needs and as i said in from the lisa don't join you in your own way UK business now if you click the link below this video it's going to take you to another web page of mine where i'm going to ask you a bestie email address once you do that you're going to get day one with volume video series direct your inbox not only that you can get my telephone back more personal mobile number my skype address my email address now we always make myself as accessible as possible and always make myself as transparent as possible so you can always get in touch with me if you have any questions at all on how to take your arm a UK business to the next level you have to bring it to the internet guys i'm going to show you how to do is for free today so you know you might be stuck anymore so if you want to click the link knows but blood this video I'd love to see on the inside I've been poor lemons bye bye for now


  • Alan Heath

    Here is a judgement from the High Court of Justice in the UK to a petition to have Amway wound up.
    The judgement notes that Amway has a turnover of GBP10m but 33.000 users.  That gives a total of GBP300 per Amway business user in turnover.  As bad as this is, it is better than in the US.  Only 90 Amway IBOs in the UK cover their costs.

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