Are Phones & Social Media Bad For Kids? Juhi Chawla Asks Sadhguru
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Are Phones & Social Media Bad For Kids? Juhi Chawla Asks Sadhguru

Juhi: Namaskaram, this is Juhi Chawla Mehta. Nowadays, all kids are glued to their
mobile phones, tablets, iPads, all day. So what is to happen to them? One – because of this whole exposure to radiation,
and two – the pressure of social media. Sadhguru: Namaskaram, Juhi (Laughs)! Technology is the tremendous enabler in our lives. How many things have become easy, and our lives have become so enhanced because technology facilitates so many things in our lives. Well, what you’re actually complaining of
is not technology, you are complaining of human compulsiveness. If they start eating (Laughs), they don’t
know when to stop eating. If they start drinking, they don’t know
when to stop drinking. So whatever they start doing, they become
compulsively addictive to it. So right now, the thrill is about the gadgets,
for this generation. So, technology is not to be blamed, we’ve
not addressed human compulsive nature. Human compulsiveness can only be addressed
with consciousness, more conscious way of existing. To become conscious, there are many tools. We have not propagated this large-scale in our society. It has to become a part of our existence. At a very early age,
children should learn to live consciously. Once they are conscious, they know
when to use what, and how much to use. It’s individual choice. About radiation (Laughs), I want you understand,
most probably it is like, you know we initially used to think only those who are smoking are
going to get affected but then we realized passive smokers may be more affected than the smoker himself or herself. So similarly, somebody else may be using technology
around you, there is Wi-Fi in your house, people are using telephones all around you,
so you cannot escape that radiation. Yes it has some consequences, but at the same
time, the amount of life that it facilitates, we are willing to make a trade-off with it,
to some extent. But to what extent you wish to use technology,
must be your personal choice. Coming to social media, social media is much
easier to handle than a live society (Laughs). When live society was there – your friends,
your family, your mother-in-law, your husband, wife, this, that, everything – when they
cling to you, you can’t switch them off. Social media, if you don’t like it,
you can turn off your phone. So I think, this mode of interaction gives
you much more freedom than the ancient way of interacting with society, because if you went about the town making lot of friends, you got entangled in so many ways. Today you are making friends
only by sending messages. When you don’t want,
you can keep your phone off, and it’s a done thing! So, these are all wonderful
conveniences that have come into our life. But many people are making this also into
a great problem and a disease, an illness in their lives. Recently, you must have heard in Andhra Pradesh,
a few months ago, a television anchor, an young woman, of some thirty-four years of
age, jumped off the fifth floor balcony and she killed herself. She left a note saying that, “Nobody is
responsible for my death, but my brain is my enemy.” So the greatest things that are given to you
can become your enemy, if you don’t learn how to use it responsibly. This goes for everything,
not just for gadgets in your hand. This goes for your car, this goes for your
food, this goes for your… everything that you’re using in your life,
including your brain. If you don’t realize how to use it, if it
becomes a compulsive process, then it can take your life.


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