Arkham Horror LCG - Union and Disillusion Seeker Card Review

Arkham Horror LCG – Union and Disillusion Seeker Card Review

the stars are right and that means it's time for another episode of the Whisperer in darkness I'm your host the man from Lange thank you very much for joining me today on this episode I am reviewing the seeker cards in Union and disillusioned the fourth mythos pack in the circle undone cycle there are spoilers throat if you care about that sort of thing if you enjoy what you hear remember to Like comment and subscribe I'd also like to thank the patrons of this channel of further tremendous support if you'd like to become a patron to support the channels goals and see your name on this list follow the link down below and sign up for a tier of your choice and claim your rewards the first seeker cart in the pack is knowledge is power it's a free event with willpower and intellect skill icons and the insight trait it's fast and you may play it only during your turn it has the following game text choose a tome or spell asset you control or reveal a tome or spell asset from your hand resolve an action or free triggered ability on that asset ignoring all costs including its action cost if any then if that asset was in your hand you may discard it to draw one card my cohost over at the great old ones gaming podcast innkeeper vase Odin is pretty excited about this card and it's easy to understand why knowledge is power is the type of card that will get you out of a jam and it's a fantastic addition to any seeker or off class secret investigator who uses assets with thee tome or spell traits Daisy Walker is the obvious choice here since she regularly plays tomes and spells other investigators who may be interested in this card include Carolyn Fern Marie Lambeau and Norman withers all of whom may draw cards from the seeker or End mystic card pools why is this card so good well first it's free everyone loves free cards second it's fast basically knowledge is power gives you a free action that you may trigger during a player window at any point during your turn without provo an attack of opportunity do you need to boost your willpower skill value with encyclopedias so you can kill in the enemy engaged with you that's done do you need to kill an enemy with shriveling so you can move three times that's done remember you may play knowledge is power during any player window during a skill test so you could use it to trigger old to old book of lore grab a card from your deck and then commit that card to a skill test better get to the tome or spell asset doesn't even need to be in play as long as that asset is in your hand you can use its ability with knowledge is power the third reason knowledge is power is great is that it ignores all costs including its action cost examples of costs on tome and spell assets include spending secrets or charges exhausting an asset releasing a chaos token sealed on an asset discarding the top card of your deck or in the case of blood pact placing a doom on it if your asset has run out of secrets or charges or it happens to be exhausted you can still leverage it with that knowledge is power and that is simply incredible there are 16 assets with the tome trait some of the more interesting options to play in combination with knowledge as power is include encyclopedia and old book of lore from the corset necrotic manuscripts from shattered Aeon Zenda vermis mysterious from this miss those pack there are 26 assets with the spell trait some of the more interesting options to play in combination with knowledge and power include archaic glyphs guiding stones from a phantom of truth blood pact from blood on the altar feed the mind from the depths of yothe mists have really a from the forgotten age right of seeking from the Dunwich legacy and of course a shriveling from the corset don't forget that knowledge is power has the insight trait so if it's in your discard pile you may copy it with eidetic memory The Seeker event from dim Carcosa knowledge is power is a powerful versatile card that is a fantastic addition to the seeker toolbox one game you might use it to trigger your shriveling spell despite the fact that you ran out of charges ages ago the next game you might use it to trigger the old book of lore that's been stuck in your hand to grab said copy of shriveling perhaps you desperately need to evade an enemy so you trigger them as Siviglia in your hand there are so many useful things that you can do with knowledge is power that it's impossible to list them all here needless to say I'm really looking forward to playing this card in the future the second seeker card in the pack is esoteric Atlas it's a three cost seeker asset that costs one experience point it has a single agility skill icon and the item in tome traits it enters play with four secrets as an action you may spend one secret and exhaust esoteric Atlas to choose a revealed location that is exactly two connections away from your location move to that location esoteric Atlas takes up a hand slot esoteric Atlas was spoiled months ago in FF T's preview article for union and disillusion so a lot of what I have to say here is it going to sound familiar esoteric atlas didn't exactly dazzle me the first time I reviewed it and not much has changed it has it is a potential target for knowledge is power but the card is a still very scenario specific seekers already have several strong movement tools at their disposal so esoteric Atlas had a pretty high bar to clear shortcut has been a staple since its release in the Dunwich legacy besides being fast it lets you move to move any investigator at your location to any connecting location shortcut – which was released in the pallid mass can generate a tremendous amount of action advantage in solo or multiplayer if you drop it on a high-traffic location and then there's Pathfinder an absolutely stunning card released in the Miskatonic Museum that lets you move to any connecting location for free during your turn as long as you are not engaged with any enemy which is rarely an issue Pathfinder is also non unique so you can have two copies on the table I have managed to pull that trick off once while playing Ursula downs and the results were spectacular as the Terra catalyst costs one experience point and three resources just like Pathfinder but that's where the similarities end esoteric atlas enters play with four secrets which means it's more limited than Pathfinder you can work around that limitation by playing hesitate countless in combination with cards such as enraptured and truth from fiction from the boundary beyond so that's that not a major concern unlike either shortcut and Pathfinder esoteric Atlas requires an action that's a big strike against it in my book speaking of books esoteric Atlas has the tome trait so Daisy Walker may trigger it with her additional action without taking a tempo hit as a Terra catalyst is that better in Daisy Dex although it is worth mentioning that Daisy can also play pathfinder saving her free action to trigger another tome such as old book of lore finally as a Taric Atlas is more of a restrictive than either shortcut or Pathfinder since your only option is to move to a revealed location exactly two connections away both of those caveats make esoteric Atlas less flexible than Pathfinder but I think about Lee I can think of at least one situation where it's helpful and that's in scenarios where you need to backtrack there are many scenarios in the Arkham Horror LCG that require investigators to backtrack scenarios that immediately come to mind include two extracurricular activity blood on the altar and lost in time and space in the Dunwich legacy the unspeakable oath a phantom of truth and the pallid mask in the path to Carcosa and the doom of ste and heart of the elders in the Forgotten Age backtracking can be a real pain since you usually encounter a bunch of the enemies along the way that you need to fight or evade those enemies aren't necessarily deadly they're just there to slow you down and prevent you from reaching your objective esoteric atlas lets you bypass those enemies and keep on trucking the atlas also lets you bypass the abilities on the intervening location cards themselves lost in time and space for example includes several locations with nasty effects as does the doom of Esley bypassing those locations as well as any enemies that happen to be on them is a win-win if you're playing a scenario that forces you to push forward relentlessly into the unknown esoteric atlas isn't going to be much help however if you do need to return to a certain location to complete a scenario the Atlas will help you find your way back that much quicker I mentioned at the beginning of this review that a shortcut and Pathfinder set the bar pretty high for movement related cards and esoteric Atlas doesn't quite clear it in my opinion I might consider playing as a Tarek Atlas in dayz because she can use her additional action to trigger it I might also consider it if I know I'm going to face it a lot of scenarios that require a lot of backtracking otherwise I will probably just stick with shortcut and/or Pathfinder they are simply more versatile and useful in a wide range of situations I know recently when I was playing the doom of Esley with Roland banks and Joe diamond I did consider using this card instead of Pathfinder and shortcut however shortcut and Pathfinder to a lesser extent were absolutely amazing in that scenario and so I am glad I kept them rather than going with the esoteric atlas that's gonna do it for my review of the seeker cards in union and disillusion knowledge is power is a fantastic addition to the seeker class this is the type of car that has the power to become whatever effect you need it to be at a moment's notice that makes it incredibly versatile if you're playing a deck packing tomes or spells this card should be on your wish lists I'm not less convinced about the power of esoteric Atlas that's a double move is great in a few scenarios but shortcut and Pathfinder are a lot more versatile I haven't had a chance to play many of the scenarios in the circle undone yet so perhaps it will make a stronger case for itself in that campaign that's gonna do it for this review if you enjoy what you hear remember to Like comment and subscribe consider becoming a patron of the channel and getting your name on the list at the front of these videos if you need to contact me I can be reached at men from Ling at i'm also on twitter at men from lang until the stars are right keep your shotgun close and you're all there sign closer take care out there and happy investigating


  • Maxim Baker

    Not a fan of Esoteric Atlas either, but in multiplayer you can let other investigators explore and follow them once you get all clues on your location. Best part about it, is bringing monsters engaged with you to that location for the others to manage. Always happy to see new content from you.

  • Adrian Joed Perez Cachay

    The Knowledge is power card reads "Play only during your turn"; when you said it could be used during any player window in a skill tests that means while your performing an skill test during your turn in the Investigator phase, right?

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