ATEEZ Answer ATINY Questions From Twitter
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ATEEZ Answer ATINY Questions From Twitter

Eight makes one team! We are ATEEZ! Yey ATINY! We are back again with good news through MyMusicTaste! Wow! Right! After announcing our US tour, we are happy to announce our European tour. A lot of our ATINY from Europe made us via MyMusicTaste. So, we have something special prepared for our ATINY! Right? Our ATINYs had a lot of questions for us! True. Now we are here to answer some of these questions. Yahoo! I am really curious about the questions we got! Let’s start then! Yeah! Help ATINY make a playlist! Can you please recommend a song that you are really enjoying right now? Who will start first? I will be the first to give a recommendation. These days I am into Kyle’s music. Especially “Moment”! It is really amazing! Me too, I have one! Yes, go ahead San! I recommend ATEEZ songs. Ahhhh! What song are you enjoying these days? I like “Promise” and “Light” I really love them. Can you sing a verse? I think all our songs are great. “My Shine light, true light came with destiny” That’s so good! If you could get a group pet, what would it be? Lion! Yeosang! What pet would you like to have in our dorm? I am into cats these days. Oh! Cat I want to have Guinea pigs! Oh! I second this! I want to raise a Golden Retriever who looks like Yunho. Wow~ Here is one! I think we’ll have our dorm become a zoo soon. Animal kingdom? Tell me TMI about yourselves. Does anyone have any special TMI? Seonghwa! You don’t have a TMI? I have a habit I always do before going on stage. What is it? You’ve probably seen me running to relax. This is my only TMI. One more TMI! When I warm up, I make a sound like Seonghwa. Right! Like this. (brrrrrrrrrrrrr) Yeah, this is how you relax. Show us! (warming up the voice) Yes, I have this habit. Ah! Good! Hongjoong, who’s your inspirations when it comes to producing and lyrics?
So far, y’all have the sickest beats I’ve heard in a while Ohhhhh! It’s me! you you? First, thank you so much! Thank you for your praise. I’m very inspired by the stories from ATINYs, that they tell me in many different ways.
These days, I am interested in clothes alteration, and I get a lot of inspiration from that too. Really, thank you so much! He’s our leader! woah! If you are stranded on a deserted island, which member will you want to be with? Personally, I want to go with Yunho. First I chose him because he is my roommate, but seriously this guy knows how to survive. Yes, right! Yes, Yunho is this kind of kid. I’d like to take Jongho with me. Me too Jongho! Why is that? Because he is strong? We have to hunt, cut down trees, and build a house! Oh! Anyway, the best thing to have in these situations is strength. And since Jongho is the strongest, he is my first choice! Do you want to join me, Jongho? Oh, so you and I…? You two can go! We’re going to go. If these two go, we will have a lot of food. Because you two eat a lot! Do you put milk or cereal in first? How about you, Hongjoong? This is a deep question. I put milk first. What? Milk first? I like to keep it a little more crispy. For “cereal first” right hand, “milk first” left hand! Cereal, right hand? Ok, one, two, three! Why do you put cereal in first? You have to put it in first so you can eat more. Really? I like that feeling of cereal. I’ll start eating it like that next time. Got it. Next question! Do you guys like soccer? Do you know any team from European league? I have loved Chelsea in the Premier League for almost seven years. I love you, Chelsea! In my case, Son Heung-min of the English Premier League! He’s the pride of Korea. I like Tottenham Hotspur! If you ever come to London is there any places you want to visit? Let’s have Hongjoong answer this question! Stamford Bridge…right? I really want to go there. Good! You guys are coming to Europe and is there anything you are particularly looking forward to in Europe?
Like visiting a sightseeing place, trying out food? I want to try traditional food in every country in Europe. Schweinshaxe! Yes!!! Right! German pig’s feet! Woow! Germany’s sausages! We got a lot of questions from our ATINY! Too bad we couldn’t answer all of them. Right. How do you feel about answering our fans’ questions, Wooyoung? Now that I answered ATINY questions, I want to see them! That’s right. We’re going to Europe soon, so we look forward to seeing our ATINY! Yes, ATINY in London, Lisbon, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam Milan, Budapest, Stockholm, Warsaw and Moscow!
See you soon! It was ATEEZ! Stop wishing, start making! Bye bye~~ Thank you


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