• How to Start a Bible Study Journal | Christian Bullet Journal 2019
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    How to Start a Bible Study Journal | Christian Bullet Journal 2019

    How to Start a Bible Study Journal | Christian Bullet Journal 2019 today’s video I’ll show you how I use a bullet journal to do my Bible study intake sermon notes I bought a new bullet journal that’s separate from my regular bullet journal came with this elastic to keep it close and it does have an index in the beginning I bought it at Walmart and it was about eight dollars it came in several different colors but I liked purple the best and I think I’m going to do monthly themes for my Bible bullet journal this month I attempted to do lavender inspired after Amanda Rachel II…

  • Minimal Journal Idea | Life Changing Quotes!
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    Minimal Journal Idea | Life Changing Quotes!

    Hi everyone, as I was reading my daily motivational quotes for the morning and listening to my favorite podcast, I had this urge to share some of the quotes that helped change my life with you. I don’t know if you’re on the same path as I am, but I hope you’ll find one or a few that really inspire you or comforts you. I decided to add these quotes, some little drawings, and images from my travels that help reflect the mood of the quotes into my journal/sketchbook. This way, I can just flip back through to the section if I need a little push in the right direction.…

  • Бесплатное пополнение счета
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    Бесплатное пополнение счета

    The Indian entrepreneur Kunal Shah was engaged in marketing issues – how to make a person more willing to buy goods of various companies. Initially, he created a company that for each purchase charged the user with the so-called Cashback – that is, part of the money for the purchase was returned to the customer’s wallet (or account). But there is one weak point in such a scheme. In order for a person to receive Cashback, he must first force himself to buy something. But there is one kind of purchase for which a person does not need to be further pushed. He is forced to buy it, and quite…

  • Куры в аренду
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    Куры в аренду

    When I saw ready seedlings for sale in my supermarket, I thought: business can be done not only on urgent need, but also on the opportunity for someone to win something. Real gardeners, of course, grow seedlings themselves. But busy people with little knowledge of crop production may prefer to just buy seedlings. It’s easier for them and perhaps more profitable (if they are so stupid that they are able to destroy their plants and remain “on the beans”). After such an example, the chicken rental business does not seem impossible. In the US, one married couple – Jen and Phil Tompkins – just started a similar business. Moreover, he…

  • Weebly – Layout Tools
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    Weebly – Layout Tools

    Okay so now that we understand the basic building blocks and how to do drag and drop skills in Weebly what we need to do is we need to talk about the different layout options you have within this content management system, now Weebly has some really cool stuff they have dividers to separate information they also have spacers so if you wanna add a gap tp space between objects you can but what you don’t see here but a big feature the layout options in Weebly is that it actually lets you work with columns so on my home page I want to be kind of a page that…

  • Weebly: Creating the Welcome Page
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    Weebly: Creating the Welcome Page

    Hello, everyone! In this video I am going to be showing you how to set up the Welcome page on your Weebly ePortfolio. So, we’re going to go up here to the menu. We have all of the pages that we created in the last video. If you haven’t watched that video yet and made your pages for your ePortfolio you need to go back and do that. We’re going to go up here to the menu and click on Welcome. We’re on the Welcome page right now, but we’re in the Pages menu. We can’t add any content to our website. So, to build our website we need to…

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    On Brainstorm, we have already talked about the importance of building a portfolio and, of course, showcase it in a professional way. I gave you a lot of tips about this on the video that is on this card above. Today I want to be more direct and objective with you, guys. I’ll show you how you can build a professional portfolio, for free using the Wix.com platform. I’ve created a complete tutorial for you. Take a look! First of all, go to Wix.com and click on “Start Now” and create a new account if you don’t have one. You can log in with your Facebook or Google+ Account, too.…

  • How to create a website with Wix – Step by Step Tutorial
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    How to create a website with Wix – Step by Step Tutorial

    Hi guys, today I am going to show you how to create your own standing website in a few hours without having to know how to code and we are going to use a website builder called Wix. How to create a Website with Wix I have heard a lot about Wix and I know friends that used it; but I actually haven’t used it myself. My background is, I am a UX designer, I have been designing websites and apps for over 12 years. I have worked with a lot of startups, we’ve built everything from scratch. It’s very tailored for the company. Now, in many cases especially if…