Auto Transport Intel: Car Shipping Social Media & Referral Marketing

Auto Transport Intel: Car Shipping Social Media & Referral Marketing

okay so you guys know here's the Auto Transport Intel site right okay so you go to Auto Transport in telecom now where you normally go is you go to youtube right you go to youtube and that's where you're watching me now and that's where the main channel is that on YouTube but you guys know that I do a lot of I do a lot of Facebook posts right a lot of Facebook posts is probably several a day sharing articles and whatnot and it's great I love the Facebook page then the other big area is the auto transport that's the blog site now what's interesting is before I launched this channel I've all I've been I've been a blogger I've been a writer for a long time as far as different articles and whatnot and then I was doing some blogging that was 2 or 3 years ago when I started to getting into blogging and auto transport and then then I took my blogging to auto transport and so I've got a lot of blog posts up here so this is my latest one auto transport Intel YouTube channel gift that's the name of the blog post and so for folks that have if you've got any kind of business prospect where you want to set up an affiliate a referral network situation with me this is this is basically we move that over here this is where we're gonna be we're gonna be in this blog post and what this blog post is is this is the auto transport Intel YouTube channel gift language that helps understand anybody if people have not heard of this channel before there's there's always somebody that hasn't heard of it I mean there's gonna be and hopefully hopefully that never stops and then you know you know somewhere in 10 years you know guys in the in the jungle and Guyana and he says Auto Transport in telling the guy says wow really for me and then you know and and then there's you know a bonfire and that'd be great so auto transport Intel youtube car hauling video channel the gift from me to you alright but why you ask what goes wrong when shipping a car could be a question could be who cares it could be oh yeah I shipped a car could be oh yeah my brother's a car hauler but whatever that question is whatever the thought that happens after listen if you don't know you need to and that's why we talk car hauling on Tuesday nights live at 9:00 p.m. Eastern 8 p.m. Central time live and on-demand because if you eventually you're gonna you're gonna interact with a car hauler I think it's kind of like different things in life where you didn't realize that you were gonna need that service it's gonna come around the time will come and so I ask you are you giving your customers the gift of auto transport Intel this year whether you're a car shipping customer auto transport broker Carling dispatcher vehicle shipping company or car carrier service provider auto transport intel is the recommended youtube video channel for you ever think about how much there is to know about shipping a car educating the car shipper finding the right auto transport or working with an auto transport broker negotiating as a car hauling dispatcher interacting with the auto haul or insurance agent or understanding the auto transport lead generator just to name a few what about car shipping basic knowledge such as using a load board picking up at an auto auction dispatcher training starting a car hauling business shopping for trucks trailers and insurance learning Auto Transport software or calculating cost per mile are you doing it you should be you should be if you are a car hauler you need to know your cost per mile maybe you don't know it today you know it's like when you talk to your tax professional sometimes he throws things out then you're like you know what I really should do that I'm not doing it now but I want to do that next year so much car hauling info to learn and so little time every Tuesday night 9 p.m. eastern a p.m. central car haulers around the country are interacting with Auto Transport Intel on YouTube with their mobile devices if you're not subscribed now is the time visit Auto Transport Intel on click the subscribe button in the notification Bell to never miss a video join the live chat become part of the auto transport in tow car hauling ecosystem auto transport in tell us where car haulers work together and we can't wait to see you there CTS car transport services transport business coaching so CTS stands for car transport services we just call it CTS it's easier to refer to it that way a common question in auto transport is can I make money car only I get asked all the time really I mean not every day but at least once a week it sounds simple right you low drive unload and get the money and what could go wrong yes I'm reading the whole blog post it's okay join the auto transport Intel car hauling affiliate and referral partner program and I'm talking to you listen if you have a car hauling service of some type whether you're a service provider or you're building your business if you're me if you meet new car shipping customers but lack time to gain their trust are you an auto transport business with no room for social media serving car shippers and searching for new ways to generate leads growing your car hauling business or running out of new ideas grow your audience network and influence by connecting with the Auto Transport Intel car Hall and YouTube video channel ecosystem it's here we're right here right now if you've seen the live chat during the show then you already know there are new people joining every week and asking questions by becoming an auto transport until car along affiliate and car shipping services referral partner you have the opportunity to market your transport industry services to a growing community of future customers and potential partners the best way to get started and find out if this really is for you it's to become my next live guest interact with the audience promote your company and services simply watch a show now live or on-demand jot down some ideas and contact me visit my auto transport Intel links listed below think of the many ways we can benefit each other by working together through social media and I'll talk to you soon I mean you got Auto Transport intercom blog site YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter I'm on Pinterest I'm on and I'm still building my patreon page so there it is listen there one of the reasons I read that to you guys is even if you're not building a business and setting up a referral system with Auto Transport Intel you are part of the ecosystem and I want you to know what I'm telling other people and I'm not afraid to read that blog post right to you because I want a good ecosystem I think we've already got a good start I want to keep building it and yeah just like CTS man I mean we're just we're telling you you know people talk about transparency I'm trying to be transparent trying my eld kool-aid is transparent right there

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