Barbie Cash Register App Toy Disney Princess Rapunzel Shopping Surprise Egg And Visitor By WD Toys
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Barbie Cash Register App Toy Disney Princess Rapunzel Shopping Surprise Egg And Visitor By WD Toys

welcome 2wd toys WD Toys Presents This Barbie App Cash Register App Tastic Toy Review . hi kids welcome back loud it’s great to
see you guys again look what I have here today its barbies cash register and you could use it with
a nap you download Mahler’s so much fun it’s
so much fun rip uncle came to show you you guys what’s in that package and we’re going
to have lots of fun with it today let’s go ahead and open it
up home while let’s see what Sen here but here’s a bunch of accessories K signs luck you’ve got the money you got the coal mines here wallace’s all but see how Percy Watson year hey let’s go ahead and
open this up of by a a up but to remove this scanner school this is a nice a cardboard sign and this is actually
what’s in the package still ahead and open it up while up a
let’s see what’s in the bag now appear you have a close sign you’ve got and open sign braniff shaking the for the cash register this is cash register with ap you could download the app for your
iPhone for your iPod Lawal this looks awesome was so many different things a good deal
look here’s the car swap the card swipes lot the hand scanner the microphone button got the money whole the a so awesome first look at the money hearts of cool a lot is up ones and fis hands taiwanese then you have credit card you’ve got a gift card ha that is so cool when the new that
clients till just look at the bust let’s see you guy he’s a 25-cent these ir ten-cent of looks like yet $25.5 and 10 I don’t think you got any pennies now
they don’t wanna go that small okay let’s go ahead and put the money n lucky got the tense here we’ve got the
20s of and then you’ve got the ones the end you got the 5’s and we have to go ahead but the change
in here till but while this is fun let’s buy some stuff okay let’s go shopping we have to put up the
open sign and what are we gonna buy today let’s see what I mean yeah what does
were pawns all want to buy fuck she’s gonna buy LEGO Friends okay let’s go ahead and scan it for it okay and what else is she gonna buy I’ll
look another leg of friends set while missus bunnies in babies what she’s
gonna have fun today for for in like she has another LEGO
Friends set this one is puppy training are call I like poppies d like poppies for authors is a big one this is LEGO Friends that ambulance let’s see how much that one is alright 0 yeah way up on staten okay she has another one till look at this
one is sleeping beauties royal bedroom let’s see how much at once alright the rap okay our way for these you have to
actually put in the price like if you want ten dollars
you put in 10 and you know it automatically say ten
dollars okay what else is she buying today what
she’s doing a lot of shopping let keep up she’s buying a pizza home why alright dollar and some grapes home ship cue our way and the dow not kiddo cue way and she’s buying some party
favors for Party Shop alright or LA of alright or lol I’ll look and let all now saying in a book or alright alright our way okayish into a couple more look at this toy while else and Hannah maze to life alright alright our way in the ring wall highs diamond ring you cue way you have a that okay 10 percent wild 10 percent
discount RK let’s see how much it has you say 25 okay on your okay get play for me alright it said yes say it 20 set kiddo said placate get crack I say we pay with credit card okay so let’s go ahead scan the card here then we have to sign the farm and ready to go all but we have to pay okay luck let’s count our money here okay and then for we need our change up K while that was fun why she did a lot of shopping now let’s
go ahead and I downloaded the app to my i phone
you could download it to your iPhone are your iPad but you have to ask your
mom and dad for PIM permission because they have to add it
to their car and then we could have what’s a fun was check it out okay let’s
go shopping fire be which store do we want to go to K okay okay let’s see which one this is K Kyle that’s a pet shops K all the fashion boutique okay let’s buy
some dresses let’s see it’s nice pink line here and how bob the
G one here okay I think that’s good for this star just checked out okay okay okay okay okay know they have to sign it okay cap the check mark K K K can diced red pesto are you get by today Paul let’s see it let’s buy a pack bad sparky caged and then we’ll all by a lot of PARs for the doggie K miss checked out okay okay the okay K let’s say the other store s K policy check outside easy access to
resolve boots we need boots Plaza call Park a white house casting as China by help on a hat K and even if some jewelry %ah awesome a range and we need a Paris okay K krik K let’s check out the other stars all II scheme cupcake shop que la jolla CJS hi K dashing chocolates there yeah cheese K am and ice cream and how Obama big K for her party K scored the K the catalyst that will pay cash can now now we have to get the cached we have to
pay for it the leaky are change the and the cost hey we’re beginning to shop next let’s check out the other stores cruel
to them k we’ll get some patterns changed up high now of K some lauter keenan K some now K kitchen juice all we need potatoes for french fries we need bananas for potassium and Obama Cup home on a pair k we have to select our credit card cast now we have to sign K Wallace is so much
fun he could buy so many things kids this is of saddam the while we had
lotsa fun with this cash register and statehood because after this we’re gonna have a surprise guest is
gonna bring a surprise eg wow who’s it gonna be what’s gonna be
in BK why all I can hardly wait also which Barbie is your favor go ahead leave the answer in the
comments section dont feel all must check out the microphone the up hopes hello cleanup in Aisle three cleanup I’ll 3 haha that’s pretty cool
let’s check out the other buttons on here how much you like Paul cleanup in Aisle four year free get 50 percent or free enterprise at K action potential blackshot more okay this store is closed for today let’s go see who are surprise guest is
gonna be today and what is gonna be in the surprise egg okay guys let’s see who are surprise
visitor is K and who do you think it is says our luck its Sophie yeah all luck she prop your Ag wow what a big egg that’s bigger than she is I look it’s a
rabbit all he looks cool take a closer look at
him it’s mister rabbit okay ever gonna go
ahead and open a mop armory gonna have to take him apart that’s too bad all I feel bad taking in
a bar he was happy okay but let’s see what’s inside lewis’s call cool purple eggs inside see what’s inside the egg and it’s another egg and lock that looks
like it’s going key inside let’s look at it all it’s a mermaid’s
going key what is not Ariel ariel’s got red hair this must be one of her friends maybe
it’s her cousin how she looks ok you and this a
squeezable they’re fun just squeezing these things what kids I had lotsa fun with you and I hope you come back soon to see
some of my other videos and if you like this video go ahead
leave me a comment that’s toys,Barbie,Suprise Egg,Huevos Sorpresa,Playing,app,iphone,ipad,tablet,iTunes,Ipod,Apple,Apple app,Barbie app,Ipod Touch,Mickey,Mickey Mouse,Nickelodeon,Peppa Pig,Peppa Pig (TV Program),Chocolate,Kinder,toy,MLP,My Little Pony,Disney Princess,Princess Anna,Rapunzle,disneycollector,DCTC,Disney Cars,Review,Shopping,Barbie Anna Elsa,FunToyzCollector WD Toys


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