Barbie Shopping Time Cash Register With Princess Anna From  Frozen  By WD Toys
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Barbie Shopping Time Cash Register With Princess Anna From Frozen By WD Toys

welcome 2wd toys okays a pic here Barbie Shopping Time Cash Register With Princess Anna From Frozen By WD Toys why I wouldn’t have increased episode
today today we have by Reese love to shop cash
register desist cool cash register really go shopping week I’m not for to my yeah by told July she’s gonna be sOooo much fun kid hunch Wow okay still for to to come take a look at it in stop call okay I’m getting ahead and turn it
on first had a really cool screen too has a nice
big screen that has like words numbers and
everything right there has lotta accessories you could buy being done I guess a reflection here gotta lotta accessories you could buy ya you can’t you can p you pay cash or credit it has a lot to
different phrases this says to: and if you push the button here cash
register drawer pops I’ll you’ve got points in their you gotta are winds you get dollars ones fives
tens and twenties you got a lot according to Karen gift
card credit card here you got it costs keener look here you get %ah stylists style is
here to like sign her signature wall let’s go shopping for something
this is gonna be fun Edgar 575 let’s see what she gets but she has a
dog toy here me for me and if you push the scared automatically put a price in there which is kinda call
doing and then you hit and tear and here’s
another try me government and you hit and tear and then here is a mermaid toys she’s
gonna buy near great pantech she’s gonna buy a Bratz doll meal 3 think lookin out tho to let yeah heating like you think I thank you any hazardous %ah Swiper here to swipe your savings
card your credit card for current we’re gonna pay credit I mean bring a pair a cash this time
never here ok what was our total i for got it let’s
see it’s just an air you yeah two hundred fifty dollars p current it okay my Paris feel let you open this up your foot up your account now 168
dollars and you would pay for it Wow this cash register as a lot of fun also
has a scanner here on the side if you know on his the one they’re you
can skiing here on that side you say I CE scandia automatically okay then %ah if you do pay credit card that it’s gonna ask you to sign so you
just sign your name right here then you click the OK button and here’s a clear button because this
is like it gel pad here so he could clear your signature of I
like the scanner because of luck 3 see if if he actually push it if you
scan something near for me and you push it actually skids a price
which is really call think I haven’t run into cash
register a toy cash register their did a yeah near for me okay then you hit entered for me any go ahead and pay for it and this
also has different categories you could shop at let’s go ahead and clear this
I’ll and the second look at it that’s really
call okay let’s see cada you push category free yeah he took her in thank you doctor king
then you could push up and down to take a store let’s go to the beauty
store so we’ll press enter think menu press upper down to pick different I don’t see
okay let pick a hairbrush done okay let’s fix up the house current here a que llegue a hair gel located hit told all 3 I thank you making current group thank you okay so a press Enter crime yeah I pay cash again your Sun 9 you couple it’s clear that that
was wrong you okay go ahead and enter the a mile
County three but OK then you pay for it with the money have
been here with the dollars are the clients
whatever its your choice Wow guy says such a cold cash register ethanol everyone but it is a lot of fun and it comes with a lot of accessories I
really liked the wand that you press it up it automatically it automatically a great price me me PKC great clashes to dress like that rail me scanner why wall okay well guys this registers of some okay it’s why such also cash register we had so much fun buying toys with %ah did you guys have fun if you guys have
fun with just a toy was your favourite let
me know in the comments section shall be thou Nicki did like the show she could cry if you add to the video ensues awesome
card hey has so much fun videos we could have so much fun together yeah a well I hope to see you soon fun


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