Barbie’s New Boutique Cash Register With Elsa And Anna From Frozen By WD Toys
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Barbie’s New Boutique Cash Register With Elsa And Anna From Frozen By WD Toys

welcome 2wd toys why okay Barbie’s New Boutique Cash Register With Elsa And Anna From Frozen By WD Toys hmm hi I came back it also show K okok guess look at bar people cash register well %ah 20 crow closer look at it wild eyes as cash
registers of some becomes a sounds a real cash register and it also place in three different
languages looks like I believe its British English here you got Spanish hand we will have to see what the other
one is and look at all the accessories it has a
purses and nail polishes got to manikin dolls a pink in a white one more perfume another purse the cash
registers boss not sky knife drawer here for the
cash let’s go ahead and take lot let’s take a
look at the back first while CE set everything up here in its
her little boutique store see a drawer Skynyrd calculator card ejector its get cash credit cards says: 15 bills and this is made by in tech wow this is a brand new one wow guys is cash registers awesome let’s
take a closer look at it and it does speak in three different
languages let’s turn it on K I know it is disappointing it’s not
barbies Boyce so there is an English it it in here Spanish it it okay let’s go ahead and put it back
in English keep okay let’s see what else was in here
there was a lot of the accessories in here okay you’ve got nail polish you’ve got a
white purse believe this is perfume see did top school are know the tops don’t
come up then you got a pink manikin here let’s check out the other side web page
you got a pink perfume bottle here you’ve got a white mannequin here and I think heard while these %ah like Barbie size now let’s check out the cash came with a
lot of cash here harnesses this cash is like cardboard it’s a it’s this much heavier quality
cash while not quite cardboard but is heavy your
quality cash is a nice big size you got wind you
gonna you get five wines you’ve got five tans and 556 okay and then you have a nice Barbie
gold credit card while in a Barbie silver credit card let’s see let’s see if everything fits into the
drawer yep everything fit in a dozen have separate
compartments like so many other cash registers which is nice by a it does fit Sol that’s a plus up let’s see I believe I Aki les try one or the credit cards only
hear a sound it makes okay that’s pretty cool let’s see what
else this cash register Hess okay this is a nice
cash register but it does have some features it doesn’t have some features a
summer the other ones do me isn’t talking boys but not barbies by its K I thoughts not there’s there’s not really that much you could actually do b-sides
just bringing up the items I’m you to change languages but it
doesn’t have a look at talk button underneath Inc but okay well in and outside gonna go shopping
also is gonna be the cashier she’s got da wand in her
hand cannot ana’s gonna go shopping for jewelry and perfume in polish in lotsa stuff look at this she’s
got a basket for stuff saw let’s go ahead and purchase these nothing that’s nice the mannequins are
for Barbie size so that you can see this one here I put a Barbie swimsuit on it so you
could pose like different Barbie or princess outfits on the manikins so okay let’s go
ahead first the law she’s gonna buy a nice necklace squall look at that one let’s go ahead to scan
it the other thing with this scanner as the
button doesn’t work you actually have to push the prop the scanner in here and then it doesn’t
have an automatic pricey there which is a little disappointing to you but it
does help you to learn the calculator so let’s say that’s a hundred anyclip plus and then she has another nice necklace here the Sun one honey and then she has I believe this is Pepe Pierre lemme say
that’s 10 then she has another nice necklace
here assay that’s fifty and then she has a purse 25 and perfumed 15 trip and nail polish 15 and another purse the Suns expensive ones a hundred okay
that he calls 435 dollars I think we are going to pay with credit
card so that blessed that’s another thing
this disappointing but this one it does it it
all added up but I won’t tell you like the totals the other Barbie want to
tell a kid told older be like okay 435 dollars how will you pay this son needs more like using your
imagination so let’s go ahead skin the card okay and then we paid then we have to clear
it Lau they bought so much stuff why they had
so much fun with teal also an Anna really like shopping a lot thank you Heights send Wow cash register was fun GS like
shopping warehouse in an hour which which one is these two characters is
your favor poet a hard choice and also which one is the items the pup was your favorite leave it in the
comments downbeat out if you have fun make sure you subscribe
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there you can leave me comments in click like
if he thought it was good every week to the deal since is awesome
and Cartier me with so many more fun videos the cash
so much more fun together lap I hope to see you


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