Good Morning!. G’Morning!. This is– Car. This is? Black Backpack!. black backpack!. Tonight, we’re going to Bintaro, Ninth Sector. To Deddy Cobuzier’s Headquarter. And in there, we’re going to introduce Garaga, The King Cobra with the character that’s unpredictable. To Deddy, in there. Ok, we’re going to leave our basecamp in Purwakarta. And, we’re going there and it comes that… we have Nathan, He’s coming with us, but he’s not going to the ninth sector. But he’s going to his family’s house in Bekasi. And then, In Bekasi, he’ll start to ride a bicycle to Medan. Right?. Of course, it has to be. Thank you, Bro. For backing me up. Hehehe. No problem. We must meet again. Let me know when you reach Medan. Also when you haven’t reach Medan too. ok, let’s get going. So, because Nathan is going to… his family’s house first. So, we’re making our stop here, guys.
And then, we’re going to continue our journey. We’re finally arrived in… the house of… what is it…”The Father of YouTube”.
Sir Deddy Cobuzier, let’s just get out of the car now. He says that the security is already outside. Deddy, right?. Just go straight to his studio. Hmmm… it’s actually not in here, guys. But in… Excuse me, sir. So, I gotta go straight first?. And the first intersection, you turn left, and on another intersection, you gotta turn right. This is the intersection, right?. Oh, this one. Where should I park my car?. there?. Or maybe I should just back away a little, bro?. [He’s seeing the cage just like seeing a devil] Bro, how are ya?. Assalamualaikum. That one, bro. okay
[Does your friends really likes to hide like that, ma’am] [That’s how he behave when he’s out of medication] [The cage is scary, bruh] It’s actually pretty far. What time did you go from Purwakarta?. At… 9 AM. And we arrived at this time. right now??. yeah. what took you so long?. because we had traffic jam. in Purwakarta. It’s because there is a new tol road under construction. The new Tol on… what was it?. How’s in Bintaro?. it was only an hour and a half on Bintaro. It was from The East Cikarang until… here, I mean, Cawang. Whoah! It’s a heavy traffic. beep-beep. Where should I ride through??. -Oh, sorry. I didn’t know.
-Nah, It’s cool, Bruh. whoa, what is this one?. Sure, you can hold it. The Ball Python is friendly. This one. …whoa this is so cute!. ehehehe the one below that bites. [once again, please ignore the hiding guy.] how old is this one?. About a year. because this is innately small, it couldn’t grow significantly. just about a meter or so. The one that you brought before is the huge one, right?. [The snake that Deddy was talking about is Dewi Python which have been brought to The Hitam Putih Talk Show]
-yeah. it’s in our house.
-The one you brought before is huge. I’m afraid that I’ll be eaten. That one was huge and this is small. Now it is already 6 meters long, I think. I have no idea how I could take it. -How about this one?. How long is it?
-It’s about 4 meters. And it’s beginning to be able to be taken anywhere. because it’s already getting used (to interact) with the humans, right?. But it is still a king cobra. -ok, then. Come in.
-Yeah, ok. we should take the king cobra here. hello, there. hehe. This one is good, here. hm. hehe. -Is that venomous?
-no, it’s not. This is Ball Python. -This is the mini one, right?
-Yeah. It’s mini-sized. It is the species– which is small-sized.
and. The most easy-going snake. -aww I’m scared
-…In the world. That won’t bite, right?. yeah. this one still won’t bite. it’ll just balling up, sist. The huge one, how long is it now?. in the world there is The Reticulatus Python. well, this is from Asia, from Indonesia. -but this one is already tame.
-Why don’t you brough the huge one?. Ah, it won’t be easy to bring that one. For my friends who wants to review that snake, I’ll just invite them home. I can’t handle taking it. Needs 6 men to lift it up, bro. -How long does that one??
-6 and a half meters. This one is tame with you, but probably not with me, right?. -oh, not!. because eventhough–
-Well, it’s been two years ago… -or is it a year?
-about a year. it is growing rapidly. and it’s already breeding!. -It is?
-yeah, it’s already have. Well, If you brought the huge one, I wonder how huge it’s now. Come here, There’s a snake here. yeah, right. [He’s actually just paying attention to the snake since the beginning] this snake is safe. isn’t too hot headed. don’t, bro. That’s mainly for display. No! I– [Hysterical screaming] -You’re still trading in OctaFx, right?.
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Firstly, Yoga– –just have to download it on PlayStore. OctaFx Copytrading app. And then, Yoga, sign up. Yeah. Yoga sign up, make an account. You can use your facebook and you can use your email. And after that, you– Deposit, yeah. Deposit.
$50, for example. or $10, like that. You just gotta deposit it there. after you Top up, or deposit. You just gotta pick the trader that match with your need, and wait. wait until you’re rich. -That’s cool
-The bright algorithm… will copying the steps of the professional trader, Yoga. Like that. So, the principle is pretty simple. the bigger the benefit of the trader, the bigger your benefit too. like that. Really??. why is it so easy?. yeah!. Yog. See it by yourself. yesterday, I deposited $50. and now, see it by yourself. This is my real account!.
How much do I have?. whoa!. So, you just gotta click the link on description below. to get 50% when you deposit, on the first top up. what are you waiting for, Yog?. start to make a high income… by… OctaFx Copy Trading starts from now on. -ok?. Download it, Yog
-Okay!. Alright!. Warning. This is a dangerous action. After having conversations with Deddy, The desk that got dripped by Garaga’s venom is bleached. I’m trying to clean it up but it won’t fade away. look. Deddy’s desk. “I don’t care! My desk is broken!”, he thoughts. his table is broken now. sorry, bro. no, it’s ok, chill. I swear, bro. Ever since I got bite by the king cobra’s venom. It has never dripped like this. on a table. And I thought, “Dang, it’s bleaching”. I just realize. This is the cause… it means that it is wrong to say that it’s ok if the venom touched the skin. What I get after all this time is that it is okay if it’s got onto your skin. Just wash it immediately. mhm. That’s what I get. But then, It’s dropping down like this. -..but the venom isn’t hot when it is out from its’ fands. It isn’t hot?..
-no, it’s not!. It is okay. Look. yeah, nope. But. No. It’s dangerous. -just like an egg yolk. it’s my signature. I just know about it now!. Me too, Ba. I just realize that The King Cobra’s venom can be like that. -yeah, bro. it’s broken.
-nah. it’s dried!. oh?. it is dried?. oh. yeah. it ‘aint making the table broken. Thanks for inviting me into this podcast, bro. He’s taking the king cobra and makes the people in the house terrified. and that’s… really… I mean… I don’t know what to say.
That snake… …it really knows the snake. and the snake know him. he isn’t a tamer or using magics… -it is really a chemistry/bond.
-yeah. it’s trough our hearts. it is not easy and… yeah. don’t copy this at home. So, Panji– let him handle the snake. He knows the safe way, how to handle it. what other people don’t know…and… this is crazy. To have someone like this in Indonesia. -it is worth to be appreciated and worth to be maintained.
-thank you so much, bro. -I hope a bright success ahead of you
-Bro, I’m wishing a bright for you. Thank you. -That’s so cool. I swear.
-Thank you so much!. -we’re going to take the snake on Hitam Putih.
-for the full content, you just gotta watch it on Deddy’s channel. Salam Lestari!

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