Be a Blogger With Me 🙏 | Live Update | Lets work together | Hindi
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Be a Blogger With Me 🙏 | Live Update | Lets work together | Hindi

Subscribe Intellectual Indies and press the bell icon and never miss any update We all want to do something in our life And later due to some situation we cant complete what we have thought Like I realized in 4-5th standard that I want to do business I didn’t know of what,but I want to do If you have not seen the video,you can watch it “my first startup story” Then I did chemical engg,then I realized I want to do business so I must have knowledge about it Then I came home and told dad thaat I want to do MBA..he said “ it” Nobody asked a question..why? Come and help in our said anything Many people in our relation said there is no need etc etc..but my father said let him do it if he wants to do it And MBA defined me..who am I..I always tell you that realize yourself and all..I did it in MBA..but everyone is not lucky like me Some do not have well financial conditions and somewhere parents do not agree Some have psychological barrier that I shuldn’t do this..Similar story has been shared to me via mail She took PCM in 12th and scored 85% But still she did BA and she is doing BA engish Hons So she asked what should I do in my career? So I asked what are your hobbies etc etc? So she said I like to write and read english and many there something striked me to open a blogging site where anyone who wants to write or become a ghost writer who thinks if someone will like it if I write Whoever is interested I am giving you a platform..mail me at [email protected] Give your name,email id and contact no..I may call you also We will shortlist among those people..we may mail everyone as will get username and password You will get every detail,you can login and you will be at the admin panel where you can post your blog This is a raw thought..this may also happen that I will tell you to mail me..I will add keywords acc to me and then upload it This may change time to time its just a thought that came to my mind so shared with you I have hosting,unlimited server so lets do it..we will select one blogger everyday And in the end of the video we will share the link of that matter whatever be the travel anything No age limit,no barrier,no quota..write anything..dont use abusive words and dont upload video directly..give link of youtube insteaad And second upfate is we will come live on friday at 6pm So be active everyone..many of you have not pressed bell icon..those who have will be notified So live,friday 6pm..will answer your questions and plz mail whoever is interested It doesnt matter you have good english or hindi..use hinglish if you want like namashkar..use doesnt matter at all But there will be one thing..I know that I have interest in marketing so will write every blog for that..will not switch to food Once in a blue moon if you have something out of the box idea,take approval from me i.e mail me..will check it and revert back to you basically I think a person thinks in a cetegory..if interested in drawing,you can explain about it,if in making food,click picyure write about it..if education write abaout it And if you cant define then pick up a tpic from our video and write about future you can add this thing to your profile that you are ablogger This is a small initiative,people will get to know about you,I will try my best that your blogs be good You write anything,I will tell you how to use keywords and all..and I will guide everyone in first 3-4 blogs Lets say 100 gets registered and I get 100-200 mails so I cannot reply instantly to everyone It may take sometime but will reply everyone for first 3-4 blogs..after that write anything as I trust everyone Dont use abusive words else will hve to report spam which I dont wanna do..and one more update none of you have told me topics I want topics to get uploaded on wed,thu..I gpt some topics which I have noted down..but I was expecting atleast 10-15 topics It may be possible that many people do not watch till end..if you are watching then please comment below So ok guys,bye good night shabba khair khuda hafiz


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