Behind the Scenes – Budget Deck Flip Day 5 – The Easiest & Best Cushions EVER!
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Behind the Scenes – Budget Deck Flip Day 5 – The Easiest & Best Cushions EVER!

hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog Hollow so today is a little bit different kind of video and what I want
you to show you is how I created those really cute pillows for the deck project
I recently did with Wagner’s free tech now I did a really super simple pillow
because I didn’t want to be setting in zips or doing anything like that and I
want to do it that I could get them off quickly wash them because hey they’re
gonna be on the deck we’re gonna get covered in drinks and food they’re gonna
get rained on all of those kinds of things and I want you to share with you
my super simple recipe for summing those up so the pillow itself here you can see
it’s a 14 by 20 inch pillow and so it’s a feather fill I got this one I think on
Amazon or Joanne’s or something so I’ll link some of these in the description I
also used some square ones which I’ll show you and this is how I work out my
recipe and we’ll do this a bit larger so you can see so it’s a 20 inch across I’m
going to add half an inch for my seam allowances so it’s gonna be 20 and a
half this way this is an off cut from the upholstery and then you’re going to
need to double whatever your depth is so that’s going to be 28 inches and then
you’re going to add on an extra inch for seam allowances plus you’re going to add
on four inches for the flap then we’re going to need so you’re going to add 14
plus 14 plus one plus four which gets us to 33 inches this way and then when I
did my square ones I had an 18 inch square so it’s 18 across plus my 1/2 so
it’s 18 and a half across and you’ve got 18 plus 18 which is 36 plus my 1 plus my
4 which gets me up to 41 inches so that’s my cutting recipe so super simple
so just double whatever your depth is and then add 5 to it and here I folded
my fabric and my fold is on my zero and half of my thing is 33 so 33 so half of
that is 16 and a half so I have this across here at 16 and 1/2 and I have my
lovely chula pink rotary cutter which you saw in my recent
Photoshop unboxing if you haven’t seen that you can check the top right hand
corner and I’m just going to turn this slightly so it’s towards me just to make
it a little bit easier so this is how I prefer to cut just like this I’m gonna
hold this down something you can use if you want extra pressure on your cutting
mat is if you get one of the suction disability handles from Lowe’s or again
I can link them up for Amazon for you and you can just put them on top of your
rulers you don’t need to buy the expensive ones just get the ones from
the hardware store see how easy that cut through so we’ve got this off cut we can
use for something else and then we’re going to turn this back again you know I
like a nice big map you can use whatever size mat works best for you again I’ve
still got my fold on zero so first of all I’m going to take off my salvage
edge and I’m gonna line that up here on the four like so pull that away and then we need to be 20
and a half across I’m going to go to 24 and a half line everything perfectly and
again so I’m ambidextrous you can cut whichever way is easiest for you here we
go so that is your cushion vase how easy was that now the next thing we’re gonna
do is put this so we line up and I’m going to pull this down till we are at
four inches down so one two three four we have a quarter inch so you can see
there so that’s actually where our cushions going to be so you can see this
is going to be our flap that folds in here so what we’re going to do is fold
our flap in so one two three four and that’s where our flap goes what I like
to do is mark this now you can use pins personally I’m not a pin person I like
these little red clips and I’m going to place that clip here and I’m gonna place
a clip here which is exactly my four inch mark so that is where my piece is
going to be and then I’m going to do is I’m going to over lock this edge so it’s
going to have a nice neat edge to it and then what we’ll do is we’ll end up
sewing just like this so I’m going to cut out my other cushions and then we
can get something so now I have them all cut out and
clipped I’m now going to use this cold over so this one’s a little bit
different because what you do is you feed your fabric through this and it
creates a really nice edge super simple so you want to put your zig-zag stitch
on so if I tilt this over a little bit you can see here the cycle through
selecting my zig-zag stitch and we’re going to pop off foot on so we just pop
this under here I’m doing white thread so when the pink is gonna give me a
little bit of a contrast stitch all right everything is not going to see I’m
doing it on the opposite end to my clip so this is where we’re gonna have our
pillow end and I’m doing it on this end so what you do is you pop your fabric
under here and we’ll pop off it down I’m just gonna start curling and you’re
gonna see this is gonna just feed through a little bit what it does is it
curls over our edge and I’ll start feeding this one through and then I’ll
show you what it looks like so I’m just folding over as I go through
and then I stop I fold over the next piece and it folds through the spiral as
I go you want to have your wrong side facing
up to the back of your fabric facing up and so what this gives you as you can
see here I now have a really nice neat edge so nothing’s going to fray on my
cushions and it just rolls it over super simple you don’t need a serger or a
cover stitch machine or anything special you can just get this little spiral foot
and we’ll add a link in the video description I can’t remember the
technical term off the top of my head it’s just one of those feet I have kept
in my sewing kit for so many years but it makes it super simple so I’m going to
zip all of my pillows through and then I’m going to show you how to create that
special fold so you don’t need any buttons or zips or anything special in
your cushions either so we’re now going to take that
reference clip that we’ve cut over here and it’s on the wrong side so we’re
going to marry up this edge and all I did was put a zig zag stitch across this
edge so it won’t fray and we’re gonna marry this up like so and I’m gonna take
some more of these cuts and I like these clips as opposed to pins because you
can’t stitch over these clips so they’re not going to ruin your machine you’re
not going to break a needle one of those things that we have a habit of doing
and so I’m clipped on the wrong side and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna finger
press so no I don’t have an iron or any of those things out here I’m just gonna
do a light finger press and as needed I’ll just rearrange my clips and I’m
gonna then bring right size together so with my pouch facing outwards I’m gonna
bring my two right sides together so this is my nice rolled edge that we did
I’m pretty sure it’s called a rolled edge but to again I’m gonna take some of
my clips and I’m just gonna bring them together here on the top like this and
I’m not gonna make sure that my corners align so I’ve got one of my corners here
one on my corners here and what we want to do is just straighten these pieces
out so you can see how that goes like so and on my machine I have my quarter edge
seen fur so this foot has a little bit of a piece on here so you can see it’s
got this metal edge and what I do is I make sure my fabric goes up to that edge
and my alignment is on a straight stitch with my needle in the middle and that
means I get exactly a quarter inch seam which is exactly what we put into our
measurements that’s how we added our half inch a quarter inch on either side
which of course adds up to our half in so I’m going to do again contrast
stitching on my pink I’m gonna pop this under here like this and I’m gonna go
forward I’m also going to go back because it’s
right on the edge where it’s going to get some stress and you can see I can’t go over these
clips so that’s why I like them a lot more than I like using pins and I’m
making sure my two edges are nicely aligned and just as I go down making
sure all my layers a nicely lined up keep it against your guide so you get a
nice quarter inch even seam again when you get to the end we’re
going to go down go back over at just a couple of times
just strengthen that scene because the corners is where your pillows are really
going to take the most stress and you can do that I have these really cute
little tulip ink snips just to snip off my little ends again as always we’ll
link everything in the description for you so you can find it nice and easily
and then I’m going to do the same on the opposite side so take off your first
clip pop it under make sure everything is lined up nicely make sure all your layers are nicely
lined up to you could also do a little forward and
back where your cuff ends if you wanted to and then all I do once I get to the
end of my cuff I go and I pull that fold so this is the fold I thought I had I’ll
go a little bit further down essentially what I was doing back there
was I was taking this fold and I’m pulling it like this and that just keeps
those two layers together and you can see how I can rattle on through I’m gonna pull this out trim off my
threads and then I’m going to go through all my other cushion so here we have our finished pillowcase
and you can see how easy was that to put together so all you need to do is slide
your finished pillow in like this and then we’re going to pop it under this
flap here and no zips no buttons no anything and these are also going to be
really easy to wash it’s in an outdoor fabric and you can see here and of
course that flap fits under really nicely that’ll be on the bottom and the
back and that’s our front and it’s gonna match in I’ve got these ones I have two
flamingos you saw me make and then I also have these pink ones and you can
see now a finished picture of the deck and how it looks on the screen did it
come out great I love my deck and you can check out the blog for all the other
pictures how we put it together and some of the other projects on the deck as
well don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and ring the bell for all of our
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tomorrow with another video in the meantime happy crafting and have a great
day bye


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