Best Blogging Platform Medium Blog Or WordPress Blog?
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Best Blogging Platform Medium Blog Or WordPress Blog?

Hi there, my name is Paul Profitt And in this video I’m going to show you. The difference between publishing your blog post on
Medium.Which is free to use. And… Publishing your blog post on a WordPress self-
hosted website. Which is the paid option For the purpose of this video. I’m going to be using my own post. That I have published here on Medium… as an
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Downloaded OK. I’m now going to show you the article. That I have published on Medium. So… I’m just gonna click on where it says
published. Then I click on the title of my article. And now you see my published article. I have chosen to use a big image at the top of my
post. And the reason why I’ve done this is because I want to capture the attention of my reader. So I used a bold, bright, and large image To draw my readers in and make them want to read
more. As I scroll further down. You see that I use lots of short sentences and
paragraphs… With a little bit of bold text thrown in for good
measure. And the reason why I have done this is because It makes my post more mobile-friendly and easier to
read. I made a conscious decision quite some time ago. To format and write my articles… for people who spend most of their time on mobile
devices. Now I know that this style of writing and formatting. Will probably annoy the heck out of most traditional
content writers and educators out there. But to tell you the truth. I really don’t care because I’m not writing for them. I’m writing to my target audience which hopefully is
you… and other people online. Who prefer digesting information on their mobile
devices. So… as I continue scrolling down the page. We arrive at the first video by Brian Dean. I have used 3 videos on this copy of my article YES! I said copy. I originally posted this article on my WordPress
blog in… July 2018 I will show you that later. But for now. All you need to know is that… You can publish a copy of your blog post on
Medium at this moment in time. So long as you are the original content creator. And don’t worry. You won’t get a duplicate content penalty from
Google. Anyway, let’s continue. I’ve used this Brian Dean video because he is one of
the bloggers that I have featured in my post. Video is also a great way of getting your readers to
stay on your page and read more of your content. As I scroll still further down the page. We arrive at the second video That features an interview by Jon Morrow Who is also featured in this article And as I explained in my previous video Adding text and images on Medium is very easy to
do. So you will have no trouble creating a post like this. I’m going to quickly scroll down the page now and
show you the final video. Because I really want you to see how this post
looks on my WordPress blog. And then make a comparison. This video is one that I made myself. And in this section of the blog post. I am explaining to the reader the reasons why I post
so infrequently. I’m rushing along now. So all I want you to see is this image here. Which is the one that I use on my WordPress blog And then. I’m just gonna scroll down to the bottom of the post.
Where you see my bio box with a small image of
me.. a little description about who I am and what I do. And that’s basically it. Now I’m going to quickly show you how this post looks
on my WordPress blog. The first thing that you see is a totally different
headline And the reason why I did this is because… I want visitors to subscribe to my list first… before
they do anything else. So I’m trying to entice them by offering them this
free ebook. As I scroll down into the main body of the article You notice that there are no images or videos in this
post. I rarely use YouTube video code or multiple images
on any of my blog posts… because they tend to slow down my page loading
times. And what you see in the sidebar are my social
media profile buttons. Which are there just in case visitors to my blog
want to follow me on social media As I continue scrolling down towards the bottom of
the post. You see more text and a few contextual outbound
links that I’ve highlighted in blue. And when you do eventually come to the end of my
post You see my bio box, social media share buttons… And another box where you can leave your
comments. Publishing this post on my own site gives me far
greater control. I can basically do whatever I want with my content. However. If I were to write and publish exclusively on Medium. Medium could potentially give me far greater
exposure. But the downside is that I would have far less
control. Medium would own and control my content Which for me personally is totally unacceptable. So is Medium really the best option for you? That is a discussion for another time and another
video Because I don’t want to take up any more of your
valuable time. So I’m gonna wrap up this video now. But before I go Let’s do a quick recap. Of what you’ve learned so far Providing of course. That you watched all of my other videos about
starting your first blog on Medium. You should know… How to sign up for your free Medium account. How to write your first blog post How to add text, images, and videos to your blog
post The difference between a free blogging platform and
a self-hosted blogging platform If you don’t understand or can’t do all of the above. Then my advice to you is to watch these 3 videos
again right to the very end. And while you’re doing that Please don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. Click on the thumbs up icon and share this video. I would also appreciate it if you leave a comment If you want me to make more videos about Medium. Also Check out the links inside of the video description
below. To find out… The Real Cost Of Starting And Running A Business
Blog How To Sell Your 1st Digital Product And how to stop your Digital Products… from being illegally downloaded. OK. This video is a wrap now. Thanks for watching and listening. Bye for now.

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