Best Mailing List For Direct Mail- Explode Your Results

Best Mailing List For Direct Mail- Explode Your Results

hey folks Timothy Thomas here want to record a quick video guys talking about how to get traffic and targeted traffic hordes of hungry buyers to any home base opportunity or mail order program that you're currently in guys I want to talk about a company I've been in melt order guys for going on 15 years now and folks I have seen lists come and let's go I've seen list work unless not because I've got a program I've got a list company that I partnered with gods over the last few years and it has the results have been nothing short of amazing if you're Melanie melt order program and if you're not having success I would encourage you to try these these are backed by money-back guarantee guys that if you get a Nixie that you're gonna get 49 cents I mean the cost of us damn they will pay for the cost of a stamp to replace that lead that's how great the offer is and that's how they will back their leads and that they're fresh and undeniably they work I have used this list guys and it has helped me create a popular income from the comfort of home and they have email leads on pressurized killing stick labels or you can choose email leads on a CVS file however you see fit guys the leads absolutely work we're gonna look at some of the testimonials some of the testimonials that people have from sharing their testimonial about this program and about this system of leads and where you can get them I will go over the system and let me go over the prices and the testimonials and we'll go from there direct marketing leads it's called Wilson's list God's people can say what the will about Wilson discuss I haven't used Wilson list and they have made me a successful male or marketer and a work at home also my online programs but the email leads these are direct marketing leads the people who are actively seeking money-making businesses to help increase their income the prospects are eager and willing to look at what you have to offer them your offers can really pay off up to the minute when you get an up-to-the-minute super excited opportunity seekers that have a good money-making network or marketing offer but if you got a good making network or marketing offer folks you can find top-notch leads here at unbeatable prices let's look at the direct mailings if you're in direct mail guys and you're not having success in your program I would encourage you to try this list company here of course guys always partner with your sponsor partner with the Hooksett but guys at the same time though you are responsible for your success you know your company may recommend a certain list at the same time there's nothing wrong with that get that list but put some of this whip that and watch the results and nothing short of amazing before I found out that's any mail order program will work for any mail order program that's out there on the market today folks the people that are on these lists are a combination of buyers and Inquirer's that have responded to a wide variety of money-making business opportunities by direct mail and they have expressed a desire to increase their income through the mail and money making offers every name on the list folks has come from the direct mail list so that makes every person a qualified person with a strong desire to join a mail order program folks do you think you can win they have spent their money on past products and services to help grow their income and folks these names will fill your mailbox let me say it again feel your mailbox with cash folks list brokers have so many names such as one one hundred fifty dollars for a thousand names but their minimal is usually five thousand leads folks the names of this list are less than 30 days old they're fresh they're alive they're eager to receive your offers and as many you can order as few as two hundred names and you can give them a try without a big wrist or big investment this Mel list is campaign and updated on a daily basis folks to ensure that you have the very best direct mail leads for your offer and hopes Wilson's List stand by their names they stand by their names and we're gonna see what they're offering as far as them standing by their names and providing when you provide proof that you get an Ixion how much they'll give you back in most instance I'll direct marketing campaigns we really understand is vital importance to get well-qualified responsive names to ensure your success we know that we've been out there doing business for a long time guys and we won't repeat businesses the bulk of ourselves gases are coming for reorders reorders and reorders see our testimonial page we're gonna go down testimonial line in just the mud folks you're gonna get excited about that guys hang on tight we're going her body is super direct marketing Mel unless guys at a reasonable price folks we only sell fresh update list we can supply you with memo 30,000 leads each with a maximum of thirty thousand Direct Mail leads each month we sell strictly limited numbers to each name on the list though so the list is never over work we sell strictly so we your orders rushed to you and when your orders rush to you guys you can start making profits as early as the next day whether you need chilies or thirty thousand your order will be processed and promptly filled and it will be carefully recorded to a board to prevent any duplication of future orders when you go over your Gaza you're gonna see the order form and we're gonna talk about the different leads that you can get of course here's the order form guys you go to the bottom and you saw what you want to order but before we get there guys I want to go to the testimonials in just a moment and this is what you get with the direct mail leads you can get 200 names for 28 you can get 500 names for 48 you can get 1,000 names for 68 you can get 5000 for 240 10,000 for 348 20,000 for 640 and 30,000 for eight hundred and eighty dollars now guys I have ordered leads up to 30 thousand at one single time and they send them to me it being a box bump that big guys it's a pretty good sized box and you're gonna get 30,000 people that are wanting to buy from you they have raised their hand folks you can't get a more targeted you can't get a more responsive part of buyers names of people that are wanting to win from home whether it be you get get them up elastic labels or whether you get them by email folks that's incredible you can get them guys on pressured Rus pill and stick labels or you can get them via email in the standard text file easily converts to excel CVS and the instructions are included folks you come on down here people on the email list are individuals that have responded to a robbery of money making and business opportunities by email this is when you bond the email list we just talked about the pillow stick these are the email ease they have responded to an online promotion dealing with the subject on how to increase their income these people can be classified as income seekers these are la prospects and you can use them for promoting MLM money-making business opportunities of all types they're excellent prospects God's and and they have responded to a variety of money-making opportunities affiliate programs pewter based online opportunities books that is incredible and here are the prices guys for the leads the email leads you can get a thousand for twenty you can get 2036 5,000 476 10000 for 120 for 5000 for 340 800,000 for 450 – all these leads folks and it goes all alone guys you can get you can get the three different lists here out of the email leads list number one contains biz op seekers and email addresses only list number two contains email addresses first and last name list number three contains email lists plus the first last name and postal address three different lists Gus here are some bonuses when you partner in this program you're gonna get some bonuses and in these bonuses let's go from Gus they're included with their included free with all email orders you're gonna get a copy of the electronic got to email marketing folks up is an absolute powerful God if you're new to direct marketing by email this guide will give you an excellent understanding of the whole process tips tricks what to look for what you're uh what to look out for this is a must-have for anybody who wants to release and leash the power of email marketing you're gonna get a fully functional copy of the check printer software which allows you to accept checks by fax by mail email over the phone easy to use just input the details print checks on your computer and deposit in your bank like a regular check absolutely incredible software guys some more additional bonuses you're gonna get your full functional copy of the email server software which turned your computer into a bulk email server bypassing your IPS mail server it delivers emails directly into your computer mailbox of each recipient verifies the emails before sending them it is an industrial-strength email service and folks that is powerful that is a bonus that you get when you order the email leads also you're going to get a full featured copy of the list manager software powerful easy-to-use program enabling you to duplicate clean and and sort the email list absolutely absolutely incredible so so so excited about this guy's these bonuses with the email with email list now guys these additional bonus pay special note guys you get these one through number two free now for the additional bonus you're going to get those free but however you must have an order of 5000 email leads or more to get number three and four and got that right there getting the 5000 it's worth the price of a mission alone let's go back to the testimonials the testimonial page I'm almost done guys and closing out here are the testimonials guys you got to see what the testimonial page says and and and what the results people are getting when you get a chance to read it in your leisure guys ordered 500 names 30 days later we received over 100 plus absolutely no Nyx's never experienced such high growth rate always receive excellent response of your mail list our mailing list response have rocketed skyrocketed to over 12% with our less mailing folks that's incredible the last time I use your list we received a 6% response folks anything over 1% into right now is absolutely powerful your names are great they written over a 15 percent response rate folks do you get the picture folks in order to get started with the leads you decide how many won't you click on the bottom you go down to the bottom guys you're putting your information here where to send the leads your payment information you click order guys you're off to the races to building your future with people that are looking for what you have to offer they will to partner with you on these lists and you have the goods God again if you enjoy the video subscribe to the channel hit the like button smash that like button on the video guys I would appreciate that and we're uploading videos on a daily basis to help you achieve a lifetime of financial freedom and success I'm Timothy Thomas closing out bye for now guys until the next video links below have a wonderful day guys

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    I always wondered about Wilsonlists. I want to get into direct mail, but the postage is sooo expensive. I see Sam Randle’s link on here. I remember him from some other businesses.

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