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When thinking about Johnny’s, you think crappy costumes Don’t pretend you don’t understand, you know exactly what I mean When a JE stylist grabs her sewing machine… charity fairs better watch out! That’s why I’m sporting a K-pop T-shirt…to pretend this fashion has nothing to do with me Even though that design is a complete rip off of Kis-my-fteu-too but…. In order to be fair, and because there’s way too much material on this subject, I’ve picked only 5 groups and only 1 costume per group, otherwise we’re still here tomorow But not to worry, there are way more than these groups and outfits, they all have their horror gallery because a proper Johnny’s is defined not only by his pretty face, no my good Sir He’s also defined by his Burning-Your-Retina’s outfit Especially during Junior days Let’s start with Number 5 KAT-TUN In a nutshell they’re King of the Butt cloth If you need to re-use a mop, fear not they’re working full on it! Customized with spikes, chains, fur, anything you want That’s not even shocking to be honest, no no I won’t attack the Junior days, too easy! They had an excuse: no budget, no debut yet… so we won’t talk about these amazing leathery red outfits lined with leopard prints or about these fugly pink and blue satin costumes on a dodgy Pirate theme Let’s start directly with the Cartoon KAT-TUN II You Fashion show In tulle and what looks like crepe-paper What’s the excuse? Don’t tell me they didn’t have budget on this one When you can afford giant bulldogs mascots, you don’t do crepe-paper outfits fashion show! Especially for a group that’s supposed to be “Wild and Dark” Dafuq is Dark here? WHY? Someone please explain to me! Who lost a game of Truth or Dare? Who got a forfeit and dragged everyone else down? Whose fault is this? WHO DID THIS? Seriously, I mean the show is supposed to be all “Hey look at us, we’re hardcore rebeeels” I’ve learned a lesson here! Wow! No. Moreover, this DVD is the first one I showed to Kiko, I swear to God when she saw THIS coming on stage… She seriously questioned my taste Maybe I came out too hard with this concert. I don’t know what I was thinking tbh, I mean it’s horrendous… Horrendous Instead of JWEST I can just say Junta He’s committed to it! Whenever there’s a shitty costume, his will still be the worst Even when outfits are normal, his will still be ugly af I won’t mention this beautiful puffed-out panty pirate costume. That alone deserves a gold star! To serve you Ladies and Gents, a team effort made by the whole group on Akan Love Man, is that full of crap! Boa, Tapestry (how else am I suppose to call this fabric?), fancy glasses If that wasn’t enough, some even wear headband. Mickey on the top being of course Junta! with a fabulous cape-lined vest, coupled with a top hat. Everything in the same ugly tapestry… Can we take a second to appreciate Kami-chan going the extra mile here? Not only the headband that hides half of his face, but he’s wearing pants coupled with a swaggy cargo short He’s already short, now he’s literally drowning in fabrics! That reminds me a lot of a popular Drag Queen song, when I was younger ~Let me be a Drag Queen, Extravaganza~ They already have a head start with a masterly advantage in their group Massu! Again, who thought it was a good idea to leave him in charge of costumes? Who, when seeing one of his design, said ” Amazing! He’ll do all of them, I LOVE IT!” Whoever is responsible: You have a problem! Therefore, with a guy like Massu taking care of your costumes, where to start? There’s such a wide selection. Chumu Chumu? Too simple Let’s go straight to live costumes. It’s not an easy choice We can talk about the Sequin Boubou-Poncho, the flowery nightshirt… See? That’s the Fashion Police coming right up! And they’d be right! I think we can only go with… *smaks* the Bambina costumes! Wait, the video might get flagged for this so I’m gonna show you a snippet… There you go! One more… Hopla! Enough, stop Theme is very Leather and Moustache ~Leather, leather and Moustache~ Where to start? Should we go with Koyama and this fabulous Hard Gay inspired Uncovering Nipple cardigan? You can feel Shige trying to veto as he may be more modest and is sporting therefore an outfit largely inspired by Sailor Stars He got lucky to get a pant, he could have ended up with a short Tegoshi wins the jackpot, I don’t want to talk about Massu seriously, what’s the deal with that pregnancy dress? You’re tiring, Massu! Who saw this and told him “Hey Massu, dat potato sack is looking hot on you, man! I can barely control myself!” That is not exciting my leggings! So, the Grand Finale! What’s happening backstage with Tegomass? I mean Tegoshi’s outfit…missing only a horsewhip! I feel like Massu is trying to convey a message in a very unsubtle way Need I say more? Between the leather sports bra and the holed pants… There’s a time to tell Massu “this is going too far”. High level or what? Arashi are not newbies. They’ve been in the business for a while They may have toned it down a bit now but we all remember the younger days It’ a new level, they’re not even joking, we have guys who dressed up as Popcorn. Yes, Sir. This isn’t a printed outfit, they’re POP-CORN They’re committed, they go all the way! I can talk about a lot of things such as this Saturday Night Fever inspiration But come on, we all know where this is going, there’s a legendary outfit Mythical! One that even Arashi would rather forget Those transparent plastic suits I know, they didn’t have a choice. People need to eat I don’t know they were inspired by JYP or if JYP copied them, but at least Arashi are being more decent with long white shorts instead of this…suggestive beam pants, that JYP is wearing proudly So much sensuality is moving me…. The undisputable Masters They’re so shameless they broke all barriers Throwing away all Fashion victims They’re going further, it’s a costume dedicated to its own art Think of something, they did it They dressed up as veggies, sushis, schoolgirls, rangers as…Johnny’s? What’s that? Okay, stop, STOP! You’d think they’d be over it after all the crazy stuff they’ve done Absolutely not, Sir, Absolutely not! Kanjani set the bar even higher. Better than this, I don’t think it’s possible For the same decency reasons, I won’t put any video snippets, I won’t even show the back of the costume We’re talking Japanese traditional underwear, yup That’s exactly what you think it is. I’m putting a picture quickly, enjoy the beauty. Ready? And…BAM! Stop, that’s enough! Not too much my good Sir, keep it PG13…At least try… I recommend you research these fantastic outfits It was hard getting over these! How could anyone top this costume? Who would dare? Apart from walking around with a vine leaf…actually it’s been done Not by Johnny’s but we won’t talk about Japanese TV classics Need I say more? I don’t think so It speaks for itself, one last time, ready? BAM You must appreciate the beauty and not overindulge in it Otherwise, you get used to Kanjani’s cute tushies There you go, I hope you enjoyed the video and your retina survived If you did, please give the video a thumbs up and share it around you Tell me about your favourite costumes and if you want a part 2 of this type of video For suggestions/comment, I’m available on TW, FB, IG all links are in the description box I’ll also put links to playlists if you want to see more Johnny’s videos If you missed last week’s video it’s right here! Go check it and let me know if you liked it *prfft* Hair! And as usual don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss next week’s video! That’s it for me this week, see you soon~


  • Churun Kookies

    les johnny's et leur costume de merde puree si t'avais pas fait un classement sinon elle aurait durer 3 heure mon dieux XD

  • Aline Fie

    Ahaha pour Arashi je le savais en même temps on va pas se mentir c'est THE tenue d'Arashi quoi pourtant oui ils ont fait dans le moche mais là XD et le paralèlle JYP OMG j'ai ris et j'ai eu le même vieux réflexe de JYP en mode whisper XD
    ah lala ces Jojo ils nous en font voir des sacrés trucs quand même et franchement je sais que j'en ai loupé beaucoup mais ils font fort tous les ans XD

  • Oliver7 Maunoury

    Alors, je viens de voir la notification de cette new vidéo sur Youtube et je me suis dit "oh excellente idée". Et je vais regarder ça en mangeant tiens.

    PS : D'avance, je préfère le dire, je trouve généralement les fans très durs sur certains costumes qui pour moi sont pas si horribles.

  • Oliver7 Maunoury

    Massu aussi, j'avais deviné avant que tu le dises mdr et ouais là c dur de critiquer la Johnny's quand on sait que c Massu en fait qui a designé "ça" et "ça" lol

  • Oliver7 Maunoury

    Ehhhhh ils sont très bien les costumes de Chumu chumu !!!! pas content Bah et Bambina, ça collait bien le cuir style XDD C pas la première fois que les Johnny's se la jouent "chaudasses de la mort", surtout quand on voit les paroles de certaines chansons aussi. 8D
    Ps : Oui bon Massu là y a rien dire, il a porté des "robes" pendant tout ce concert U.U Même pendant le clip de Chankapaana c pour dire…

  • Oliver7 Maunoury

    Pour THE costume Arashi, les Kanjas l'ont repris pendant leur concert Juusai au fait. XDDD Pendant leur medley où ils reprenaient des chansons de chaque groupe de l'agence, y a eu A R A S H I à un moment et ils étaient habillés pareil.

  • Meryem BENBRAHIM

    mon dieu!!! hhhhhh c'est flippant les costumes de la JE!! c'est vraiment de la merde, moi, je vais quand mm pleurer pour toute une semaine avant de porter un en public, je comprend pas comment ils font pour les mettre!!! et parlons pas des gens qui, dans leur vie normal d'idol dans les mags et sur télé, ont un style de NON, le NON absolu!!! bien comme massu, yasuda et mon chéri d'amour Tsuyoshi qui me rend aveugle avec ces fringues de 2 francs xDD (ben quoi, il s'est un peu, PEU calmé ces jours mais bon….)

    merci pour la video, c'etait super drole, ah et oui, le truc en plastique d'Arashi, là, c'est la légende, quoi!! xDD


  • Aude Pautrat

    Le costume pour Arashi je m'en remettrais jamais je pense XDDD
    Mais ne m'intéressant pas à News je suis juste choquée par le costume de Tego et je confirme donc le côté SM !!
    Ah et les Kanja que dire …. xD Merci encore pour cette vidéo !

  • Ophelie Bureau

    Tee-shirt très inspiré de la coupe de Mitsu non ? lol
    Les costumes il y en, a toujours des douteux !! Arashi et leur disco perruques afro hideuses … xD Mais ils se sont calmé les costumières j'ai l'impression.
    Chez les news malheureusement plus les années passent, plus Massu en fait et plus c'est moche je trouve .. .xD Au point dans faire pour les Jumps … faut arrêter là !
    Mais oui sinon j'en veux plus . c'est tellement marrant
    J'ai l'impression que chez les Kisumai ont est pas trop mal servi en général ! Bon il y a un costume douteux pour moi mais en général ça passe plutôt pas mal je trouve . c'est pas pour rien que c'est mes chéris .
    Merci comme toujours ^^

  • véronique bellamy

    Et c'est quand ça ne te choque plus que tu comprends que tu es sérieusement biaisées >> Merci pour ce parfait résumé du stylisme à la Johnny's (Et Shingo en cowboy vêtu d'un slip nuage, d'un chapeau et de boots on en parle?)

  • Fanny martinez

    Halala c'est pire que les kisumai XD. Masu se cacher derrière ces vêtements, c'est pas juste !!! XD, Oui se sujet est vaste XXD

  • ʕ; •`ᴥ• ́ʔ

    All I can say about this video is…. THAT I AGREE. SO MUCH. LIKE WTF. WHO ALLOWS THESE HORRID CREATIONS?!! Okay, I don't have good fashion sense either, so I kinda feel Massu in some way BUT COME ON SRSLY. WHY?!?!?!?!!? The only things I felt like they're missing were umm.. any and every occasions Jin was wearing that disgustingly neon-pink boa of his; the latest JWEST hit-costume, THE FUCKING ICE CREAM CONE THINGS. YES THEY DID IT. THEY DRESSED UP AS ICE CREAM. GENIUSES; ummm Kisumai's flower garden outfit, Kisumai's opening outfit from I SCREAM (not the colorful ones, the silver one with the octopus-balloon-whatever-arms-on the back one),… basically half of Kisumai's outfit collection especially Gaya's Think u x/3D Girl outfit; and to add, Kanjani stepped even further as in their latest con, I think Yoko was wearing traditional SUMO "dress". Which means exactly what you were thinking about. Bare buttcheeks. I'll try to search the pictures, I saw them on weibo. It was glorious, trust me.

    Also, that Tego in that outfit is like that one meme. "When you have a con at 11pm but you have to be at the BDSM club at 11:30"

  • Colleen Deruelle

    Oh mon dieu! C'était exellent. J'ai pleuré du début à la fin. C'était trop drôle.
    Je pense que les costumes des JW étaient quand même moins pire que ceux des KAT-TUN mais ca reste n'importe quoi xD
    Autre costume de KAT-TUN qui vaut le détour: le live de GOLD ~ ballad ver au SC…les tenues…-surtout celle de Ueda- c'était d'une laideur xD
    Le pire pour moi c'est les NEWS! Tego est une prostituée là je suis désolée, pis Massu c'est pas possible. Pourquoi!? Mais pourquoi?! Quelqu'un est encore surpris par les tenues des Kanjani8? Je m'attends à les voir nu un jour perso xD
    Bref, c'était génial-comme d'habitude- et tu es vraiment trop drôle 🙂

  • Veronika Turekova

    LOL 😀 Amazing ! 😀 I want to say to KAT-TUN´s costumes I can´t get over it 😀 and I will be asking myself "why?" everytime I see it 😀 It´s so horrible I don´t have words 😀 😀 JWest – well Tackey&Tsubasa did similiar thing so I kind of get it 😀 😀 NEWS – it was always hard to take their costumes seriously 😀 😀 Arashi oh yes 😀 That is legendary and I doubt people stop harrashing them with pictures of them 😀 😀 😀 and Kanjani8 – actually I don´t mind 😀 They are bakas and it suits them ♥…. Thank you for video ♥

  • LePsychicSidekick

    Such a fun video! You could've had some honorary mentions like KisMyFt2's concert outfits! xD Their weird flower outfits from Kis-My-Mint Tour and of course their debut concert outfit in which Kanjani8 had the honor to wear during Johnny's New Year Countdown! xDD

  • SaintAntRox

    I don't know how they agree to wear some of these outfits. I wonder if they actually feel cool or confident. And now you have Massu to keep the tradition alive for many years to come. You probably have to bring a portfolio of the most horrendous outfits you have created to be hire at Johnny's.

  • emie demhaye

    rohhhhh mes petit popcorn Man 💜 je les adore xD franchement ils se son grave calmé xDD maintenant ils son toujours trop classe et j'avoue le transparent c trop la honte xDD
    parce conte je proteste non non non comment sa junta c'est le pire 😂😂😂😂!junjun c'est la classe incarné même 😆😆😆😂😂😂
    Super vidéo encore merci 😙😙😙😙😍😍😍😍😍😍


    J'adore toujours autant tes vidéos ! je m'éclate à chaque fois x'D !
    Et on est d'accord… les goûts vestimentaires de la Johnny's font saigner les yeux x'D !

  • melxrockz

    I've never thought of the sailor stars with Shige's outfit!! I'm gonna remember it everytime I watch the DVD xDD I actually kinda like Massu's outfits because in the countdowns NEWS really stood out of other groups, well most of the costumes x) I really hate with all my soul the flourescents one in Quartetto concert, I mean ugh xD I know you want everyone in the arena see you properly but damn, did he even think of the people in the front rows? Kanjani, well, it really doesn't matter how awful the costumes are they wear it with all the attituted xD I remember in one con they used for the medley the legendary Arashi's raincoat costume and they look better than Arashi xD I'm surprised that kisumai are not in this top xD or maybe they need a whole video for their costumes jajajaja xD I really would like to see a video before the debut, I mean, I remember one time that Yuto and Yamada in a NEWS concert they used a really terrible pink costume with fur in the soulders ugh xD poor kids xD and KAT-TUN before the debut, well, they let me speachless jajaja xD

  • Aurélie Vidrequin

    Et me voilà comme promis !
    Je savais TELLEMENT que Akan love allait se retrouver dans le top Mdrrr
    Et merci pour la petite allusion à YATTA mdrr

  • Emilie . Chloé

    Encore une super vidéo ! Pour ma part, les costumes les plus wtf qui m'ont marqué (à part ceux que tu as cités) c'est ceux des Kis-my-ft2 pendant le concert Kis-My-MINT. J'ai l'impression de voir des pots de fleurs à roulettes, c'est assez perturbant ahah

  • Japan no discover

    Ah les costumes… Depuis 7 ans que je suis Johnnysienne, je me suis toujours demandé ce que fumaient les costumiers et stylistes de l'agence, parce qu'entre les paillettes, les plumes, les morceaux de tissu qui pendouillent de partout, les imprimés, les rayures, les pois, les matières chelous… il y aurait de quoi faire des procès à lac pelle ma bonne dame XD Et effectivement, s'ils ont la palme quand ils sont Juniors, ça se calme pas forcément après (je parlerais pas des Kanja qui sont hors compétition XD) J'en rigole assez souvent dans mes fics d'ailleurs (oui c'est facile, je sais XD)
    Quand tu parlais de la feuille de vigne… tu parlais des allumés qui ont fait "yatta !" nan ? Cette chanson on l'avait pris comme blague à faire en costume Star Wars avec ma bande de potes il y a quelques années : où qu'on aille en sortie, on faisait toujours "yatta !" à un moment donné XD Mais je suis hors sujet là, désolée ^^

  • Rika Kazushi

    This video is gold! XDDDD
    I actually have a folder on my PC called "the best of Johnny's costumes", where I collect a whole gallery of photos/evidence of hideous Johnny's costumes XDDDD
    Wish I could share it with you… too bad you can't share photos on youtube.. XD

    You killed me with Massu's "pregnancy dress" XDDD
    Thanks as always for a wonderful video! 😀

  • Purple Storm

    putain c'est juste excellent 😂😂 Bon je ne suis que Arashi mais j'ai vraiment adoré cette vidéo xD Les costumes sont vraiment le grand mystère des Johnnys xD

  • Marie Renuit

    xDD J'avoue que les costumes sont trop fort xDDD Et pourtant, étant fan des Kisumai, je me pensais immunisé xDD Mais nooon xDD Mais la tenue de princesse de Tama n'est pas à la hauteur xDD (Le mini-short rose humhum) En fait, je me rends compte que les Kisumai sont classe par rapport aux autres groupes cités xDD

  • Sh E

    Tu es trop drôle x) Je suis surtout Hsj et j'aime en général leurs costumes mais ceux là que tu as dénichés sont vraiment trop bizarres

  • Amara Infinite

    Superbe vidéo , trop drôle ! Dans arashi c'est Nino qui s'habille bizarrement lors de l'émission Vs Arashi !!! Nino est ce que est masu pour NEWS!!!^^

  • purpleahaze

    Its strange that you think JE's best of worst is shocking. I know that you are familiar with Super Junior; these guys not only dress strange on-stage but thy do it as fan service off-stage too. Cross dressing, marvel chara, veggies, and power rangers are just few examples of their wide repertoire. .

  • Lua

    I just can not stop laughing with your videos lol
    JE and his peculiar style … This video certainly deserves a second part XD

  • Hela Dreams

    Ces erreurs et fautes de goûts font tout de même qu'on passe de bons moments en mode fou rire et critiques ! 😂

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