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Better alternatives to selling on eBay and amazon – best websites to sell – J.R. Fisher

better alternatives to selling on eBay
and Amazon hey have you been selling on eBay and Amazon you just don’t want to
do it anymore I mean maybe the fees are too high maybe you lost your account or
maybe you’re just tired of competing with people that don’t even carefully
make a profit well in this video I’m gonna give you the best alternatives to
selling on Amazon eBay and we’re starting right now hey J.R. Fisher
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it been bad what have you found that’s work for you and do you have
alternatives to selling on the Amazon and eBay I’d like to hear all your
comments put them in the comment section below and I’d love to talk to you about
it okay the first alternative on the tell you is Etsy now Etsy started in
2005 and it was more of a Parsi kind of crafty website and they’ve grown since
then and I mean they’ve grown in a big way to where they have 1.6 million
sellers on there now all kinds of products both new and
crafted products they also have 26 point 1 million buyers on there now which is
amazing so that’s a great site for you to try out and sell your products on
there’s all kinds of cool gadgets and t-shirts and mugs and all kinds of stuff
and if you use one of those print-on-demand companies you can
actually sell it on Etsy now both Etsy and eBay both have a
listing fee that’s required eBay listings will last you 10 days unless
it’s a fixed price and then the last up to 30 days when selling on Etsy your
listings last up to four months which is a lot longer and it’s going to save you
some money in listing fees Etsy is also a lot cheaper when you’re selling
something it’s only a three and a half percent sales fee now if you’ve ever
tried to contact eBay support you know that can be a challenge
Etsy has much better support much easier to get ahold of somebody and get the
help you need now Etsy certainly is more geared
towards handmade and vintage products so if you have something that fits in that
area you’re gonna do really well on hep-c
something that’s more unique now this next site that i would recommend to you
is bonanza now bonanza even has a catchphrase that says find everything
but the ordinary one bonanza you’re allowed to sell a much wider variety of
wholesale products which opens up more opportunities for you the next one
that’s available is called Ruby Lane Ruby Lane is more on the antique side
and vintage type items if you have items that are antiques or that are vintage
those are really good products for Ruby Lane okay here we are at Bonanza they
are headquartered in Seattle and they’re kind of new to the e-commerce scene but
they’re doing incredibly well right now the marketplace encompasses more than 22
million items ranging from Godzilla garden gnomes to taxidermy alligators
all kinds of crazy stuff a lot of the sellers would make
good money on Bonanza site has merchants and shoppers in nearly every country
around the world and there’s more than 40,000 sellers that have already created
businesses here so Bonanza is one of the easiest selling platforms to use and as
popularity is on the rise amongst almost all sellers matter of fact Bonanza has
taken out the top rating for communication once again they were just
voted the most recommended selling venue there is on the Internet according to
entrepreneurs 360 best companies lists now as we compare the Manza to eBay
Bonanza is similar to eBay and there’s a huge range of different products that
are being sold on both but the sky’s the limit for what you can sell unlike eBay
however many items of banan’s are quirky and unique extraordinary items that
really do well here because Bonanza doesn’t make money until it’s sellers do
you’ll see much higher profit margins it’s absolutely free to list things on
Bonanza which is really cool because they charge your feet on eBay and the
average fee per sale can be as little as three and a half percent which is
considerably less than a Bay Bonanza is also a fixed price marketplace meaning
that buyers pay the listed price as opposed to bidding like eBay auction
style ones are bonanza also sends every item listening to Google and Bing and
sellers have the option to get more exposure by advertising their listings
and other channels such as price grabber next tag and bonanzas affiliate
advertising program also many online sellers like to list their items on
multiple platforms which is why Bonanza has easy-to-use import features for
listings on eBay Etsy and Amazon now although bonanzas monthly traffic is
lower than eBay’s the ratio of shoppers to sellers on Bonanza is much higher
it’s like 1,300 to 1 on banana versus less than ten to one on eBay this
means far less competition between sellers and far more chances for buyers
to see your products now if you’re trying to decide if Bonanza is best for
you it’s really for unique products products that you’re not going to find
in other places products that are really kind of out of the ordinary that’s where
you’d want to go is Bonanza some of the top categories would be collectibles
that’s a big category on Bonanza also home-and-garden women’s fashion is also
very big and of course health and beauty now the next place that’s available is
Craigslist people forget all of the possibilities that you can use
Craigslist for you can sell almost anything on Craigslist well including
yourself in the personal section it’s kind of like a no-frills thing that has
no listing fees no selling fees but it’s also super basic and designed you’re not
going to get a lot of the bells and whistles you get with the other sites
you know after all it’s really just a forum it looks like something that was
written in the 90s but keep in mind this is free to you and being able to sell on
Craigslist for free will it’s pretty good deal how does Craigslist directly
compared to something like eBay or Amazon
well eBay charges to list and sell items Craigslist only charges for a small
handful of post type so like if you’re listing a job or vehicle something like
that they are gonna charge a fee for those products are actually free to list
now eBay will get involved in disputes if necessary while you’re on your own on
Craigslist so there’s kind of a higher risk there Craigslist requires you to
sell locally and often you arrange for pickup or drop-off of the items so
you’re not shipping them out this also limits your market place compared to
eBay which usually involves shipping to a wider market area unlike eBay
Craigslist has a free section where people who aren’t looking to make money
yep that’s right they just are trying to get rid of things they don’t want a lot
of this will be junked but you can keep an eye out for anything that you can get
maybe resell for a decent profit especially if you’re skilled at fixing
things up now the next place I’m going to look at
is D bit that’s number four is evid EBIT is like another sell anything
marketplace it’s similar to eBay and Amazon in at its platform for selling is
almost anything still but it’s not as well-known you’re gonna be selling to a
smaller pool of buyers there’s not quite as many people you could sell to but
it’s definitely a lower-cost option that eBay or Amazon but the probability
rating is also a lot lower the absence of listing fees and a low three percent
commission charge per sale does make this a low risk market place to test out
so if you’re looking for a change and you’ve got little or nothing to lose by
putting them there now keep in mind me bid is similar to eBay in that they both
have an auction style format for product listings eBay is a larger platform that
he bid and receives more traffic a bid is a much cheaper alternative than eBay
and it’s a lower risk option but they’re both trusted marketplaces with a wide
variety of product categories next up on the list
number five is Rakatan now they’re doing a lot of advertising on TV now they’re
getting a lot of press Dragutin was formerly known as
and they were considered the Amazon of Japan now Japan is not the first country
that comes to mind when you’re thinking about e-commerce but get this Japan’s
population is more than 126 million and more than 90 percent of Japan’s Internet
users are registered at record time so that tells you something right there
that’s a big market place one benefit of Rakatan is that you’re not competing
with the website itself now that’s really different unlike Amazon which
sells dozens of its own brands on the site and if you’re selling really well
in a particular area they’ll probably come up with their own brand Rakuten
does not compete with its sellers you also have more power to customize your
store within the platform and something that other e-commerce websites don’t
allow is that customization that you’re going to get over there there are some
really big names like Dell Lenovo Office Depot air weed and
and they use Rakatan macro 10 is more like Amazon than eBay it’s more of a
traditional online retail site not an auction type platform now believe it or
not the fees on Rakatan are actually higher than eBay and they’re calculated
in a different way you’re gonna pay a $33 a month fee just to be able to sell
on the site and then on top of that you’re gonna pay between 8 and 15
percent for a category fee and a 99 cent fee every time you sell something
our next site we want to look at is new a new egg is an online marketplace that
really claims to be number one in a marketplace for everything technology so
if you’re in a technology-based type thing new egg is going to be the site
you’re gonna want to be on now on new egg sellers can list products on the
marketplace which reaches up to get this 36 million customers new egg is based in
California and has distribution facilities all across North America and
also in Canada is a global reach of more than 50 countries at this point but
you’re gonna be a lot more restricted in terms of what products you sell new eggs
is really for tech products so if you’re not in tech products you’re not gonna be
able do it now the flip side is if you’re going to sell on new egg
understand that everybody coming to new egg is looking for tech products so
you’ve got a much more defined and targeted audience
new egg also does offer fulfillment service and they’re gonna be shipped by
new egg similar to Amazon FBA new egg also offers a fulfillment service called
SBN shipped by new egg it’s similar to amazon’s FBA which is fulfillment by
amazon but ebay doesn’t do anything filament at all so you couldn’t do that
on that site now new egg provides account managers who can help you set up
your business and guide you along the journey new egg offers tiered membership
options so they’ve got a free one they’ve got a 29.95 a month and they’ve
got a ninety nine ninety-five a month the more you pay the more support tools
flexibility and list that you’re gonna get they also take a
commission and don’t forget that that’s a rate of between eight and fifteen
percent the next site I want to talk about is equator comm and that equator
is 100% free online marketplace the main appeal of equator is that it’s free to
set up a store and it even has templates that you can use to easily create an
attractive store it is possible to import your listings from eBay which is
good if you’re looking for a transition entirely there’s not a lot of
information on ich rate or online but it’s said to be at least sixty-five
thousand active stores on the site in the number of customers and the amount
of traffic pales in comparison to the larger ecommerce platform so it’s
probably best used as a complementary marketplace we can sell a little bit
more extra goods rather than one that you solely rely on to run your business
so how does ich Reiter work well it’s 100 percent free to open and run a store
an e crater however if a creator brings us a litlle Stu point nine percent of
the total sale you keep a hundred percent of the sales that you bring to
your store through your own SEO and marketing offers while there’s no recent
data available the number of users and visitors on ich rater will be much fewer
than a base number z crater provides online store templates which does help
you out but you can also customize your store to include your own branding the
next one we’re going to talk about and we mentioned a little bit was Ruby Lane
now what’s Ruby Lane well Ruby Lane is really a legitimate alternative to
selling on eBay it’s been designed to bring buyers and sellers of antiques art
vintage collectibles and all kinds of different jewelry together it’s similar
to ones on Bonanza and Etsy Ruby Lane currently has 1.1 million unique
visitors per month which is impressive really for a niche market place
the majority of the people who are on the site are either from the UK
Australia Canada and the USA some also in Germany but it has a global reach of
eighty-five percent of women users aged over 40 which is pretty darn
good almost all describe themselves as
collecting enthusiasts so if your product is something that people can
collect and they can buy more of it would be a great product on review lane
it seems to attract more purposeful educated buyers who may be willing to
spend more money so your profits could be much higher there Ruby Lane is a
fixed-price marketplace it that has no bidding on it it’s much more niche than
eBay focusing only on antiques arts collectibles jewelry that type of thing
which means your visitors to your store are more targeted that’s a good thing if
you have those products while there’s no commission Ruby Lane charges 19 cents
per listing and a tiered maintenance fee that ranges from $69 a month
for smaller sellers to 0.01 cents per item for major sellers there’s also a
one-off 100 dollar set-up cost that you’re going to have to incur when you
start your store there there’s also a greater quality control or Ruby Lane and
sellers are much more vetted the next one I want to talk about is Walmart
Walmart can you sell your products or in Walmart you sure can we have our
products listed on Walmart it’s not widely known that Walmart one of the
largest retail corporations on the planet has entered into e-commerce
marketplace world see Walmart marketplace is a platform where select
sellers can list and sell their products it’s very similar to Amazon because
you’re going to be competing with Walmart that’s just the way it is it’s
definitely worth considering though as an alternative to selling on ebay you’re
going to take advantage of Walmart’s massive reach in customer base and it’s
free and easy to get to set up Walmart seems to be taking the e-commerce space
more seriously lately so it’s likely to be investing heavily in this area which
who knows maybe we’ll bring you more business there are no setup or
maintenance fees merchants just pay a referral fee of between
in 20% for successful sales now that’s a pretty high percentage there’s no
auction option it’s just fixed price listings depending
on your product and meesh you could be competing against some Walmart own
brands which may be given priority on the platform of course it’s their
website Walmart online sales are lagging behind
eBay and Amazon but it’s in the early days and they’re just getting started
you’re gonna have to expect lower margins there because of their fees
Walmart prioritizes competitively priced products which means you might get
caught up in a race to the bottom which is never good in the last place I want
to talk about yep your on-line store that’s right your store you can sell
stuff with your store you can have your own website hey the cool thing is
there’s no competition you can sell on your very own website you can set up
some type of e-commerce plugin if you have a WordPress website and it’s really
one of the easiest ways to go when selling on your own website you know
you’ve got to establish your own traffic people aren’t going to just be coming
there you’re gonna have to drive traffic through ads social media or by some
other means maybe email marketing but once you’re set up and running you don’t
have to compete with anybody you don’t have to worry about cost of fees you
don’t have to worry about listing fees you have your own site so how does your
own site compared to these other sites well if you were selling on eBay you
know you would have to be competing you’d be building your own brand if
you’re selling on your own site you can choose things like which payment forms
to accept or you can tweak the design of your store to suit your own preferences
you’re not competing with anybody if you’re on your own site and that’s a
pretty cool thing this means you don’t have to lose sales to other people it
also means you don’t have to compete on your pricing because yours is the only
price on the site okay so there’s ten top alternatives to selling on Amazon
in eBay and they’re all great alternatives and they fit different
people based on their products so you kind of got to look at your product what
they offer I would suggest you do a little bit more research on each one of
them before you actually invest your time and money and putting your products
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