• Willington Marbaniang

    Is big Shame to the state of Karnataka.when this politicians was elected by the people of Karnataka.but often weaning RSS will decide who will be the CM.not the people what a shame.this what this non register organization RSS is fooling people of this country by hiding behind hindu religions and political party Bjp.and play all their dirty ideology to divide and rule this country.👎👎👎.

  • Babu babu

    Why all this political Game, we all know that Mr Yedurappa is going to become the Chief Minister, stop this nonsense and go ahead,

  • gail dj

    So basically BJP is a puppet on the string , RSS is their main backbone and their vote bank , so they have to dance according to RSS. That was known long ago , but they deny it all the time. In government offices retirement age is 58 , but how come in politics in Parliament and even the post of a Prime Minister and President and even CM No limitation for age. If age is just a number then the same applies to other offices . Some age limit should come up at least 65 or may be 68 , 70 and 70+ age group is very different and their way of thinking and mindset , I wish something is done about it .

  • sivan

    Since no one have the people's mandate, the state assembly should be dissolved and fresh election should be conducted so that the people could decide who should govern them.

    People are really fed up with horse trading and unethical politics.

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