Black Widow Solo Movie Begins Filming

Black Widow Solo Movie Begins Filming


  • WookiesYaUncle

    Should of been done like ten years ago or even a TV series which the others could feature especially Hawkeye.

  • Simon Obiago

    I can confirm guys budapest is defo happening an engineer for the movie came into my work 3 days ago and said he's flying to Budapest to do more work on the movie

  • DrHardlyKummsz

    Why? Just why? With literally all the super powered beings they could be making movies of they decide to make a movie about literally the most mundane avenger? I dont want no bullshit marvel spy flick, if they wanted to do a solo super heroine film they couldve done she-hulk, or scarlet witch, or hell I'd even take a squirrel girl movie…

  • Nate Evans

    Knowing that she will die in the future will make this hard to watch. Almost pointless unless it's an alternate reality

  • David Beppler

    Remember when we all saw Black Widow for the first time and screamed at Hollywood, "WE WANT A BLACK WIDOW MOVIE WITH SCARLET JOHANSSON!" Hollywood listened and made Red Sparrow with Jenifer Lawrence. It bombed. Hollywood cried, "We did what you wanted?! We made a spy movie with a leading woman!" They honestly thought they did what was asked and had no idea why it failed so hard. Hollywood is not very smart sometimes. I hope several Executives were fired for that.

  • Westley Rage

    Training another Black Widow theory is such a bullshit theory. So you want me to think that Natasha, a very traumatized person, who was robbed of her childhood, trained to be an assassin in her teenage years, sterilized, and possibly had to kill other recruits in order to survive, and who has finally escaped the fate she was promised, is going to create another assassin? BULLSHIT

  • Jimmy De Guzman

    This will be about Black Widow from another universe moving to the current universe. So she is alive again.

  • Sagastar

    I don’t know why but I thought because this was set before endgame scarlet wouldn’t be playing her. But since there’s proof I’m so happy she’s still playing the role.

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