Blackboard Tutorial - Blogs

Blackboard Tutorial – Blogs

welcome to the teaching and learning centers blackboard tutorial in this tutorial we will introduce the use of blogs within the blackboard learning system through this tutorial you will learn the basics of the blog tool how to create a blog entry how to comment on a blog entry how to edit and delete blog entries and how to view grades on a blog entry a blog is a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended for public consumption blogs are an excellent social learning tool allowing instructors to gain insight into student activities blogs also provide a way to share knowledge and information between instructors and students as well as among the students themselves blackboards blog entries can include text images links multimedia and attachments only students enrolled within the course can view the blogs of others a blog can have one or several authors the owner or owners of the blog can post entries on which other course members can comment to access the blog tool open your chosen course select the course menu followed by tools and finally select blogs as the course instructor only you can create a blog select create blog to create the blog begin by naming the blog and providing instructions you can now define blog availability date restrictions participation blog settings and grade settings once you have defined all your blog settings select submit to create a blog entry select course menu followed by tools and finally blogs select your chosen blog and select create blog entry enter a title and type in the entry message box students can attach files to their blogs by selecting blog entry files and then browse my computer or browse course once the blog entry is complete select post entry when creating a blog the instructor chooses whether comments will be made anonymously instructors also have the ability to delete inappropriate comments to comment on a blog entry select the blog from the blog's listing page once the blog has opened locate the blog entry that you would like to comment on locate the comment button enter comment select spellcheck and click Add when creating a blog the instructor can choose whether students will be able to edit and delete their blog entries to edit a blog access the blog that you wish to edit locate the entry that you would like to edit or delete and select the drop down arrow to the right of the blog title from this menu you can edit or delete the blog entry once you have greater two blog entry students can view the grade in two places the grade appears in the blog topic page as well as in the students my grades tool thank you for watching this teaching and learning center blackboard tutorial

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