Blog Content Planning (2019)
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Blog Content Planning (2019)

– I’m gonna show you our top tips for blog content planning, so that you can get the
most views on your blog. Let’s go. (dreamy music) If you’re a creative who’s looking to rapidly
relocate your business, or grow it in any market, then make sure that you
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out on any of our content, every single week. Blogging is already a pain in the butt. But with our five tips today, you’ll be able to leverage your content, get more views on your blog, and attract your ideal client. Step one, stratify your content. Other people call this having buckets. What that means, is basically,
you have thematic topics that you go through in your
blog every single month. For example, I’m a wedding photographer, so I talk about engagement sessions, wedding photography,
personal blog content, and wedding planning tips. Those are four of my buckets
that I routinely go through on my content. So, if you have these content buckets, or you’ve stratified your content, hit Yes in the comments
below to let me know that you have those figured out. Step number two, correspond
with the seasons. A great example of this is if you are writing a blog all about family portrait
photography for Christmas cards, but you’re publishing that content in May, people that come to your blog aren’t necessarily gonna
be interested in that. They’re looking for that content closer to September or August, and so, you wanna be aware of the content that you’re
producing, that it makes sense for the time that you’re publishing it in. Tip number three is
searching on Google Trends. What does that even mean? For a while, I didn’t even
know Google Trends existed, or it was a thing, when was trying to plan
out my blog schedule. Basically, what it is,
is it’s a search engine within a search engine. You go check it out and see what people are currently searching for, What topics are trending right now. And I’m not advising that when
you’re planning your content that you follow it religiously, because then your content is
gonna be really discombobulated and all over the place. Instead, if you are really
good at one particular thing, if that’s part of one of your
content planning buckets. And it is the right
season for that content, and you also googled on Google Trends, and that topic is trending, that’s a really good indication,
that this is the time to plan that particular
blog post to go out. That’s also something that lets me know, it probably will come back
around the following year, and I can expand on that Google
Trend again in 12 months. Tip number four, make it work for you. I can’t tell you how many
times someone has said, “Well, just put post it
notes all over the place!” Or, “Get a whiteboard
to plan out your blog.” But that doesn’t work for me. And what works for me
may not work for you. So find the system that will be effective in you planning out your blog, and actually getting it done. For some people, that is a whiteboard. Others, they might need
stickies hanging on their walls. Personally, that drives me crazy. Or, if you have a client
management system with a calendar, that may be a better option for you. Ultimately, find what works for you, to be able to put that plan in place, and follow it. Tip number five, always be
at least two weeks ahead. By that I mean, things happen. Stuff gets chaotic, children get sick. All hell breaks loose, literally! And then you find yourself
writing about Thanksgiving, and turkeys in July, because everything just kind of blew up. So, what you wanna do
is plan the content out and have it created at
least two weeks in advance. Then, when those turkeys are still frozen, or you forgot to take
down your Christmas tree, or whatever it may be, you can still be ahead of schedule and be a little less stressed, and your content still goes out on time. Now that you have an idea of
how to plan out your blog, you may still be wondering,
what do I even write about? I need topic ideas. We’ve got you guys. Head to the show notes below, we have a PDF download
of a ton of blog ideas and topics to get you started. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you liked this content, let us know by hitting the Like button, and of course, the Subscribe button, so you don’t miss any new content that we have every single week. If you have a friend that is struggling to write blog content, and plan it out as well,
share this video with them. Share the love. And as always, thank you
so much for watching.


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