Blogging For Writers - How To Get It Right

Blogging For Writers – How To Get It Right

welcome to our content and style guide on blogging for writers blogging is not for all writers you need to be willing to learn new things and to want to connect with people this short video will help you identify topics for blog posts which will help you sell more books and how to make your blog appealing author blog posts should be published on an author's own site or blog whenever possible this will help you to draw people to a site with your branding and links to your books we encourage you to write book related blog posts because they are more likely to gain new readers posts about writing or about your daily life are unlikely to sell many books these guidelines are not meant to prevent you blogging about whatever you want feel free to blog on whatever subjects take your fancy just be aware that extend in your book online as described in this video is the most likely method of finding lots of new readers okay here's our suggestions for what to write about 1 the inspiration behind your book other authors other books events in your life a story overheard a link with your book should be described clearly early on the benefits of your book what readers will get from reading your book can also be described readers may learn things or benefit from new experiences too you could write a post about a main character their backstory for instance so potential readers can get a taste of the book 3 you could create a post which is a prologue or epilogue to the events of your book 4 you could write about the world of your book describing where you got your inspiration 5 you could write a post about the evil leaders in your dystopian world 6 you could write a post about the conflicts or themes featured in your book seven great lists related to your book with attention grabbing headlines eight you could post out of copyright maps pictures you own illustrations video trailers or original graphics the important thing to remember about any blog post is that it needs to be relevant to your book to help sellers on style I recommend 200 to 700 word posts all posts should be easy to read that means short paragraphs maximum four lines long longer posts can be shaped into a series which solves the problem about what to blog about next series can also contain cliffhangers and foreshadowing to keep potential readers coming back for more I recommend two images per post as a minimum a large font 14 to 18 point and a link to a purchase page for your book at the end of every post there is a lot of work involved in producing effective blog posts and please please read back over your posts and edit them for style and language before publishing them one wrong letter you can spoil the effect first parable should be particularly interested to ensure people read on avoid cliches like the plague both in the titles of your posts and in your writing be different say something new our attention span online is limited PS every blog post must include a pic of a cache just kidding for information on our book promotion services see the book promoter calm


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